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beskirted & manicured

    mer - can you find a non wheeled chair to use at the table?


    jmm - are you gonna go back to the doctor?


    shelby - May 5.


    spike - if you've read Harry Potter, they have a summoning spell.  If I could have any superpower, I would totally want to be able to summon stuff, the hours I've wasted searching wildly for stuff.  Once B lost his shoe and we found it in the drawer under the stove, where you keep cookie sheets and oven mitts.


    uphill - I almost don't do anything for DH's bday...last year he turned 40 and he is a low key kind of guy so it suited him well.

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    running eh

      shelby - you were woken up multiple times and you still got up at 5 to get your run in!?!?  You are amazing!  What and when is your next big race?  I hope that with time you will feel betteer about school.  Sometimes it just takes time to warm up to change Smile


      mzm - yikes!  that is a cold run!  I think I need an RP to help get me out the door in the morning.


      arm - the eye doctor gave us a few ideas of what it could be, but he wasn't concerned at all.  I hate falling behind on bills.  I used to be on top of everything, now it seems I am on top of nothing.


      bermy - I have never had this Panera business that you are talking about....Enjoy day 5!


      now to page 2...

      running eh

        mer - what did you have for dinner?  I love coupons!  How'd the job discussion go??


        jm - hope that yeast infection clears soon!  Are you doing probiotocs?  Hope DH survives the craziness!!  Oh, and DH and I don't really run together - we sometimes run in the same race, but he is WAY  faster than I am!


        CA - hope you make it to yoga.  I did a yoga class last week and I really enjoyed it.  It didn't have all the spirituality stuff that makes me uncomfortable - it was basically a great stretching program.  Have a good date night.


        spike - good deal on Vegas!  I am laughing at your morning, but only because it wasn't my kid!  There are days when I can't leave early enough for work.  Hope the house business works out!!


        uphill - keep posting no matter what,, its great to hear from you!  Pizza and cupcakes sound great to me.  Low-key birthdays are my style!


        Freckle face

          Zorbs- accio toddler shoe!!! I'm a Harry Potter nerd, I own them all  and have read them multiple times and endure the eternal teasing of my husband.

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          Freckle face

            RunningUphill- Homemade pizza and a BJ? Probably neither of those are things you want to do while pregnant and exhausted...

            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




            beskirted & manicured

              YES. ACCIO TODDLER SHOE!  ACCIO Thomas Train! Accio Dee Dee! Accio Smartwool sock! life would be so much sweeter...

              5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 4:10:28


                Spike/uphill: seriously laughing out loud at the homemade pizza and a BJ!!! one of my friends had her dh come home for an "emergency" during his birthday lunch hour...


                  Spike: You just made me gag up my breakfast.


                  Freckle face

                    LOL the Birthday BJ is very well received here... cheap and uh, thoughtful?


                    I decided not to run today, its really cold so I think I'm going to take Reid out for a Reid and Mommy date to the burger joint for chicken strips and ice cream after work.

                    2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                      I just ran in 30* in Nashville in shorts and a t-shirt...


                      In the hotel gym. I had you all there for a minute didn't I?! I did 3m on treadmill watching Bruce Almighty. I got bored and started racing the numbers and racing my legs to see just how fast they would go and was a good girl and set it on 1.5 incline. Does a PR count on a hotel treadmill?!!


                      Back for personals when I get out of my sweaty clothes.

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                        Rg – I was thinking about you telling me you bought a house just moments before you had your DS – that must have been pretty stressful! That headwind will definitely make you stronger. We are planning on closing on 15th but DH will come back to Nashville on 8th and do a walk through as there is a lot of stuff that needs to be finished/sorted (there was a downspout missing, the sod needed laying etc etc).


                        Zorbs – every time I see a nail salon I think of you. Hope you are loving your new car. Thanks for the restaurant tips. Did you find running partners on daily mile?


                        Eh – NICE job on your running! Lots to read on your RR for you! Great job. How do I go about finding a track club? I just want a track meet once or twice a week where I can do speedwork? I think you should run with DH – you are very lucky to have a running buddy that you love. Enjoy those new shoes!


                        Ernie – when I started 1000m repeats I started with 3 and 2min30sec intervals and worked my way to 6x1000m with 1.45intervals. I normally use the first as the guage and then keep the others within 15 secs. As soon as I start to go slower than 15 secs more then I stop. I have been doing 5 repeats on hilly trails and 6 on the flat. Would love to hear how you get on. Ernie – my legs felt like I was a rock star today.


                        Jen – your TTC plan sounds just like ours. We are very casual about it and it makes DTD much less stressful and my training and life in general very relaxed and laid back.


                        Spike – the house is 95% finished. We met with the builder, engineer and designer to decide on a few last final things – like the colour of the carpets upstairs, the stain of the hardwood floors, designed a laundry room, I wanted an additional spot over the island prep area in the kitchen, there is a “bonus” room with another room off it that is unfinished and DH wants it as his office/man cave/technology haven etc etc. There is some drainage work that needed to be done on the lot so DH made them talk to the city planning and other bits. There is also a basement which we are going to eventually make into a gym but not right now. We needed it as there was a tornado watch when we were looking at it! I don’t mind you stalking me. I think it is cute. And totally expected it from you all! OOOHHH good luck with family on Sat. DH has read every report I think. He is on the ball. Will ask if there’s anything I need help with.


                        Shelby – if you can make it through these nights as well as go to school then you can make it through anything. Hang in there, it will get easier and just keep reminding yourself why you are doing it. Still waiting on green card. But I can still travel to the US and stay here in our house, I just have to stay in Bermuda for more time. We talked to US immigration at the airport about it all and are legal. The green card should not take long now.


                        Mrszm – great job on getting out and running. Funny on hair. Hope you are ok. No idea on csa. Let me know what you decide though.


                        Arm – ha ha on TM feeling awkward – I feel the same way! Nice on 16mo pp for AF! Way to go! Impressive! How do I go about finding a running club here?


                        Mer – I am glad you are going to talk about the job. I laughed at you googling house. Very funny.


                        Jm – hope your DD gets better soon poor thing. That has really got to hurt.


                        Jen – yes, we have found a house. It’s a new house on Sonoma subdivision in Brentwood, TN. It’s by a creek and is lovely. I am so excited! We hope to close on 15th of Feb and then I just need my green card. Found time for tm. It only took a tiny bit of time. I was surprised at how convenient tm running is.


                        CA – well done for getting your run done even though you had to break it up. Hang in there mama with the gettups – lots of napping is required!


                        Uphill – present for your DH – I asked my DH what he would tell you and he said he would love “advanced driving school” class. Keep reporting you feel sick and then I can stop worrying so much about you. How many wks now?

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                          Bermy - my local running club (Mississippi Track Club) has links to other nearby running clubs and has a link to Nashville Striders www.nashvillestriders.com or else I would find a local running store and I bet they'd know!  Mine organizes a lot of group runs.


                          Bad Ass Mother Runner

                            I've decided to scrap rushing out to the yoga class w/ the baby and to do a online course at home. It wasn't good timing w/ O's napping and seemed easier to just do my own thing.

                            RG - it's been really windy here as well, it often is in the winter when warm spells are rolling in.

                            zorbs - M looooves the bath and stays in till the last drop of water is gone. She hasn't thought to sit on the drain though, that's hilarious!

                            eh - trail run w/ DH sounds really fun! I really miss good yoga classes, i love it.

                            ernie - nice work on the speedwork! Mmm on your FR!!!

                            Jen - oh how great that you and DH had a chance to talk! I'll keep your TTC'ing in my prayers, I hope that the next one comes without any intervention.

                            shel - ugh sorry about the bad night Sad Amazing that you got up at 5 to do half your run, you are dedicated!

                            mzm - we do a CSA in the summer, one thing to think about is pickup day/location. We switched CSA's last year because the pickup was Friday instead of Saturday, and that was just easier... but I liked the variety of produce in the first one more, not sure what we'll do this year.

                            arm - I hope you can get outside to run! Our work gym also only had 2 treadmills so I was always trying to time my lunch break so I'd get a treadmill.

                            bermy - nice work on the run, I lol'ed at the shirt and shorts comment. I don't get many chances to nap w/ M around also, plus trying to run during her naps, I also suck at napping, I'm much better at just going to bed super duper early. It really hasn't been that bad yet luckily.

                            mer - Sounds like a fun day! M is quiet at story time but really warms up and enjoys it. Good luck with the talk w/ the bosses.

                            jm - Sad on the redness, that's super sad and hard when they are in pain. I hope you figure it out.

                            spike - lol on selling R to gypsies! What hotel are you in? Have fun in Vegas, I always enjoy myself for about 4-5 days and then get bored of all the flashiness. Are you going to run there? I've gone for a number of runs up and down the strip in the wee hours, and have driven to a sub division, and have run in the red rock canyon - the latter was the best most interesting place to run near vegas, but you need a car to get there.

                            Uphill - keep posting, and don't feel guilty! We want to hear how you're doing and could care less how active you are. We dont' ever do anything for bdays, my dh doesn't like having a big deal made of it. I had to lOL at all the talk of bj's though!

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                            Freckle face

                              CA- Flamingo. I don't plan on running while I'm there. I leave here tomorrow afternoon and get back Sat morning so I'm just going to do a longish run tomorrow and run Sunday/Monday a tad on the long side since its a holiday weekend for me.

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