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    RR - back from my workout.  She worked me hard today!  I told her she took it easy on me last Monday.  Lots of good core moves though which I need!  My ankle started hurting 3 miles into my run.  Walked a little and then ran when it felt better, then it didn't hurt at all after my gym workout.  Hope it was nothing.


    KR - when I got home DD1 was making pancakes and DD3 lost her first tooth!  I'm kind of sad to see her baby teeth go, kids are kind of funny looking for a while until they grow into their permanent teeth.


    rg - my MIL is a lefty and she likes to say she's the only one in her right mind.  my oldest DD writes right handed but does everything else like a left handed person so I had to have MIL teach her how to tie her shoes because I could not figure out how to do it like a left handed person!


    zorbs - I'd love to see your polish collection.  Mine is pretty pathetic!


    ernie - I used to have a cleaning lady but couldn't justify the cost anymore because our house would be a mess again just a couple days after she'd clean it.  I hate having to clean it myself but at least I don't feel like I'm throwing my money away anymore.


    eh - good idea to keep the sickies away.  I'm sure she will still appreciate the help later on when they are healthy!


    jen - what is your mpw right now?  You are always running lots of miles!  Sorry you won't see J today.  Sad  I hope he doesn't get an ear infection, I'm worried about that with L right now because he's so snotty and that seems to bring them on sometimes.  Bummer you had school today with the weather.  Ours likes to cancel at the threat of bad weather!


    bermy - way to go with all the stroller miles!  I'm not sure L would last that long.  DH took him yesterday for 4 and he was fine, but much more than that and he's screaming to get out.  That is so strange to me that you can run out of groceries.  A couple of our friends in the medical field were telling us about how if they are sick or hungover they will give each other an IV and instantly feel better.  Kind of wish my DH was a doctor instead of a banker!  Smile


    mer - which half are you signing up for?  We don't usually have anything more than 5Ks once the weather heats up so I'm hoping to run a half in MN or WI this summer.


    mrszm - I hadn't heard from my mom in a couple days so I emailed her this morning and asked if she was frozen.  I think weather.com said it was -14 and "feels like" -30.  Ouch!  I can't complain about my run in 36˚ sun this morning.


    cx2 - sounds like you'll have a walker before you know it!  L was pretty cautious and took a while to go from cruising to walking but once he got it he got it.


    shelby - yay for STTN!  He must be feeling better.  Sorry DH is leaving so soon but that's great he'll be back in a few weeks!


    CA - good luck finding a preschool/childcare.  Is this for when you go back to work?

    running eh

      arm - I agree about the adult teeth.  DD has a few now and they look so strange!  Glad you had a great workout today.


      mjen - boo on PT conferences.  hope yours go well.  my FIL always used to say that it was the parents who needed to be at the interviews that never ever came.  good running this weekend!  sounds like you had a busy weekend, it's always great to know there are meals in the freezer!


      bermy - what did the doc say about DS's eye?  That shepherd's pie sounds good.  I can do vegetarian one or two times a week, but after that I'd feel bad for DH - he never complains, but I know he would miss his meat a lot.  I made a veggie burger out of chickpeas on the weekend and DS had one for lunch today.  It was packed full of things he doesn't really like, but he was convinced he was eating meat!  Wow on those stroller miles - guess the BOB was a great investment for you!


      mzm - yay for girls night!!  So fun!  DS's hair gets some cute wave when we let it grow out a bit, but I really love it short.  Yikes on those temps.  Is it sunny at least?


      CX2 - good luck with the speech writing!  That is not something I do well with.  Is your sister's wedding local?  Hope you can get rid of that cold soon.  Daycare is so stressful!!!!


      shelby - sounds like DS is on the mend.  So glad you had a nice time with DH - single mom until mid-feb, that is tough!  Way to get that long run done.  I forget, what kind of dog do you have?  I took my dog for 14k on Saturday and I was a little worried about it, but it sounds like your dog when 14 miles!!


      CA - you're thinking about daycare already?!?  That is so sad!  I hated that part of mat leave.  What did you do with M last year?  What game did you play last night?


      beskirted & manicured

        ernie - hope your long run went well. I think going up to 15 or 16 miles for HM training really helped break through plateaus.


        eh - I'm the opposite, B looks like he's gonna be right handed, and I don't know how I'm going to hold my hand over his to teach him how to write, etc.  I didn't quite have B at home, but went to the hospital reeeeeeeeally late (got there and I was dilated to a 9) - that was not my plan.


        jen - I get manis once in awhile because I hate cleaning up the dead skin, but with practice and good quality polish really makes a difference in how your manis look.  last week I used a polish that was particularly smooth, even DH noticed how tidy everything was.


        bermy - not sure where to find farro either.  Maybe whole foods? I haven't had much luck with the chopsticks yet, B does like to stab things with them.


        mer - great job on your race!


        mrszm - pretty much all modern polish dries to the touch in about a minute.


        arm - did you use some Vicks?


        shelby - maybe it was the same pin I pinned last week.  There is this ikea cabinet that all the polish crazy girls have, but I've put off buying one because I feel like that would put me over the line to "really fcking obsessed".  I should take a picture of my current polish stash though.


        CA - wow, 4 is the age for full day kindergarten here.

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          CA - Enjoy the rest day.  Sorry O was fussy last night.  Sounds like you managed everything well last night for a win in your game.  Ugh...I hate searching for daycare options.  I hope you can find an ideal solution.


          Arm - Glad the trainer worked you hard.  Hope your ankle is fine...gotta love weird pains out of nowhere.  I am running about 35-40mpw...that's a good stable weekly mileage for me.  I am planning to run a 1/2 in April, a 25K in May, and another 1/2 the weekend after the 25K.  I hope my body holds up.


          Zorbs - What is the best kind of polish I could get to start with?  I have lots of OPI but I suck at putting that on too so if there is something better I am willing to try.  I hate giving myself manicures but would like some polish.  I think my nails look like a dudes...really short with no grooming...lol.


          beskirted & manicured

            jen - cremes are really hard to deal with, something shimmery is a lot more forgiving. All brands are hit and miss with the formula.  I have some 1.99 wet & wilds that are awesome and some with a brush that is like a broken broom.


            try this: http://www.audreydao.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/how-to-paint-nails-diagram.jpg

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              zorbs - Yeah my nephew was in preK in hamilton. most preschool starts at 3, some not till 4.

              r-eh - I'm mostly thinking preschool and registration for them starts soon for next sept, but to decide what preschool I want I need to know who or where they'll be for daycare. My MIL watched M 3 days, and we had her in a dayhome for 2. We played Settlers of Catan.

              arm - yes for when I go back to work - I'll be back at work next september ish.

              RG - I've only ever taken one spin class, but used the spin bike at the gym a lot last year for xtraining. I hated it at first but then found I could get a good workout and started to enjoy it - but only w/ tv or my ipod for entertainment. M looked like she might be a lefty for a while but now is mostly using her right. my mom is left handed and I'm pretty ambidexterous, my dh would have been a lefty if his dad would have let him, but he is left handed in sports. Interesting though is that his dad wanted him to be a lefty for sports he thought it would make him better in hockey.

              ernie - hope the run goes well! aRe you training for a full or a half?

              Jen - boo on not seeing DS today Sad and on the roads! School is basically never cancelled here for weather. I hope you get out of your cranky funk and feel better. A gym trip would probably help!!

              bermy - wow on the stroller miles!! I've only run twice with it since O was born... it's bad that I have a treadmill I think, I just can't get the will power to get everyone organized... maybe once it warms up, and once my RP is running also. Oh and I made my OB appt, 2 weeks today you'll be happy to know! I am still hoping for June-ish to have it removed, if my body cooperates.

              mer - awesome job on the 5k!! Was it a pr? what's your pr?

              mzm - bummer on the cold weather! It's cold here also but warming up by the end of the week, yay!

              cx2 - yay! Now you can stop worrying about her crawling - she's skipping it!

              shel - yay for STTN!! Nice work on the running last week, seriously impressive for all that was going on.

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                DS's Doc said eye was just something viral and it will clear. He has no other symptoms. She said just keep expressing breastmilk into it for antibacterial properties. Sounds good to me. And I am glad that was all it is.


                Plank – I did 1min 30 secs and 20 crunches last night.


                Arm – thanks for sharing details of your workout – sounds great. I love my coach. She is playing volleyball off island right now but will be back tomorrow I think. At my dive club, the hungover guys would take a good swig from the oxygen tanks to make themselves feel better. Probably daily occurrence for some people.


                Zorbs – yes, there was some stabbing going on. Cute on midwife and seeing B. Hope you felt kinda proud of what you have grown.


                Rg – what you consider you suck at is probably another instructor’s best. It’s all relative. I bet you rock, you just don’t enjoy it and that’s why it feels like it sucks. Nice on your 11m run – thanks for sharing the details. I enjoyed reading that. Interesting on lefty. My DS shows no preference yet and my DH is also a lefty.


                Ernie – ha ha on house cleaning. I just turn a blind eye on weekends as it gets such heavy use and then I sort it out in the week. I am very excited for you with your longest run ever of your LIFE. You know this is the bug of running longer and longer as you will be GLOWING when you finish!!!


                Eh – sorry you had bathroom issues but still, 2x2m is brutal. Nice on LR! Whatcha training for? Glad you were on the tm so you could go to bathroom! Yes, keep all those kids healthy even though that mom could do with a break. Poor lady – new mom and sick kids.


                Jen – yeah for your 12 and 8 – great job. My DS is right there with your DS on the tall and skinny. I feel so naïve. What is lake effect? I have so much to learn. Excellent job on your cooking – nice Jen! Good luck with yoru PT conferences. I find them very emotionally draining as you have to be so ‘on the ball’ and ready for anything so quickly. DH chose DS’s name. I gave him free full choice. I told DH it was only fair as I got to decide so much during PG like what I ate and how I exercised that DH could choose name and whether to find out gender. We didn’t know we were having a boy til DS arrived!


                Mer – GREAT JOB on your 4th in AG! That’s WONDERFUL! All your training paid off. Time?!


                Mrszm – hope you are ok inside with your DD – I get cabin fever too. DH starts work at 4-5am so he can come home at 5-6pm. Then it’s an hour of dinner/talking and bedtime. I figure if I have all the day to ourselves, then an hour out to run and shower won’t take time away from DH. I also promised DH that if I train for a fm, I would not take any time away from him. I also promised him that if I can run a run with the stroller I would so he does help me out with speedwork and tempos on Tues/Sats although this week I have my coaching session and no tempo.


                Cx2 – your job sounds very official like you will wear structured tailored clothing, have your hair pinned up and not leave your dirty lunch items on your desk.


                Shelby – thanks for sharing that you trained with stroller for your last fm. I think I might get a tm in Nashville as the weather was pretty cold for me and I can do speedwork on it too with DS napping. Would you mind telling me your paces (miles per minute goals) for 5k/10/hm and fm? I want to shoot for a bq at some point – maybe not this cycle but soon and wondered what paces you train at. Dying to know if you ttc’d on the one day that your DH was back for a month – that’s gotta be lucky timing Shelby?!


                CA – nice on winning the game with a fussy nursing baby! You rock supermom! Glad to hear your pain is a little better. Very glad to hear you have a plan for that as I was worried about you.

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                  bermy - My goal pace for my FM is 8:12 min/mi.  My current race paces are as follows:  5k:  6:55 min/mile, 10k:  7:20 min/mi, 1/2 7:50 min/mi  and FM 8:16 min/mi.  I haven't raced a 10k or 1/2 in ages so those are mostly just training runs.  I do most of my training runs between 8:00-9:15 min pace, unless they call for speed or tempo.

                  And no TTC here.  We will be waiting until the fall.  Although we did convieve H on the day he came back from his year long deployment.

                  5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                    bermy - i know you asked jen, but lake effect is the effect living near the great lakes has on storms.  most notably winter storms.  I don't know all the science technical stuff but in real terms it means this.  If a storm was going to be cold and snowy normally, then living by the lake means you get even MORE snow, and MORE cold mostly from the wind chill effect and something about the body of water making more snow or something like that?  Anyway.  It's usually a belt of land surrounding said lake that is effected by the lake effect and then suddenly outside that ban the cold and snow totals are significantly less, like, as abruptly as a one minute drive from one side of the line to another.  Also amplifies things like thunderstorms.    I lived right on the edge of the lake effect band for lake erie.  some storms we'd get pummeled (3 weeks off school in winter of  1997?, blizzard of '95 shut down highways for weeks at a time) other times we'd get an inch and that was it.


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                      RR: I think I will run tonight since DH is at fire training tomorrow. I'm getting really sick of this 20*F/10*F windchill weather. I wore my new lulu tights on my last two runs and the verdict is they are crazy comfortable and flattering but not as warm as my brooks or UA tights, so I have to layer up with my dorky windpants in this weather and you can't see how cute they are.


                      BR: R's godmother came over to play with him yesterday and he got suspicious and grabbed two binkies and his lovey and firmly planted himself on my lap- mama is not going anywhere!  Loves to play outside and throws a fit if I make him go straight inside or to the car. Yesterday he rolled down the back cement steps (3 steps, lengthwise log roll style), tripped and caught his fall with his forehead and got knocked over by the dog while playing, but didn't get hurt because I had him majorly bundled up, like little brother on A Christmas Story style.


                      FR: yesterday was leftovers. I think tonight I'll do the roasted bnut squash with stuffing (DH can have eggs and toast if he doesn't want it). Need to make some carrot & apple turkey fingers for R while I have the oven hot too. I like to make a batch of something for R and freeze in individual portions.


                      NRR:  Bossman in Thailand this week, need to get caught up from my vacation. DH must not have let the dog out when he got up for work and there was a lake of dog piss on the carpet right in the middle of R's play area this morning.. grrrr. Not exactly DH's fault, but I think Hallie is starting to get up there in age (7) where she can't hold it as long.

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                        WOW, came back from vacation to a pretty big mess to cleanup. Bad enough that bossman logged in remote access so he could message me to follow up from Thailand.


                        Runnergirl- R uses both hands a ton, but he seems to use utensils in his left hand more. I don't mind cold temps as long as its not windy, but we've been having both lately and it sucks!


                        zorbs- how did your outfit work out today? I wore a LS top with just a fleece over it yesterday (10*F with windchill) and managed to break a sweat when the wind was at my back, then got chilled when it was in my face.


                        Ernie- R can reach up on the table and counter and stuff so I need to be more careful about not leaving dangerous things that way and turning the pot handles in. He also knows how to use the stepstool too... scary!


                        eh!- I wouldn't have watched the kids either.


                        Jen- I hope your PT conferences go well! My Early morning RP is a teacher and today is a teacher in-service day in our school district but not the one she teaches in so she took it off since her kids are sick and there's no school here. Hope the plows get busy and make your drive more pleasant!


                        Bermy- I might have to look up that elmo skype app. R looooves skype. That sounds like you have a good network for making friends. Back when DH and I were considering moving to a different state, I looked up running clubs and volunteer fire departments for DH and I to make friends.


                        Mer- I need to look and see if there are any baby art classes through our parks and rec dept, that sounds fun. Knowing my town they will be in the middle of the day argh.


                        mzm- hope you survive the cabin fever. R ran around outside for like 20 minutes until his nose was pink and runny yesterday.


                        armama- you are a rockstar! I think I would ST if I had a trainer to help me come up with a plan.


                        cx2- glad you are feeling better. Yay for C cruising!


                        shelbyjo- glad you and your DH are making plans to have lots of visits, that sounds much more bearable. Yay for STTN! Hopefully he doesn't revert with daddy gone.


                        CA- where I live, only super low income people qualify for public preschool, all the other ones are church run. I'm not going to put R in preschool because its a 30 minute RT to his daycare and I can't do that two extra times a day.

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                          Good afternoonSmile

                          Crazy day back at work after being out sick and then MLK Day yesterday.  Just NOW opening FB and RA.


                          RR:  Did a wonderful 9 yesterday, and I feel almost completely better.  It was so weird, b/c I didn't cough once during the run, but then started coughing uncontrollably as soon as I stopped.   Yoga today.  Not sure if I will make the class or will just do it on my own tonight.  One of my playgroup friends organized a yoga retreat for next month that sounds awesome.  It is 2 hours at a local yoga place and include 2013 goals, an hour of yoga and then wine and cheese.  Yum!


                          FR:  made Carolina barbecue chicken in the slow cooker on Sunday, and it was wonderful.  Favorite barbecue ever!   Not sure what I will do tonight, but probably leftovers.


                          BR:   I was sneezing so much with my bronchitis, that D must have noticed b/c I sneezed the other day, and she walked over, grabbed me a tissue, and said, "here you mama".


                          KR:  Speaking of cute kids, A was sitting with me on the couch and said, "mommy, you look tired, want me to scratch your back?"


                          Runnergirl:  I find spin very boring too!  They have a new class at our gym now called Spin and Pump, where they combine the bike with weight lifting and core work.  That one was much better.


                          Spike:  your tukey fingers sound great!  Good idea for kids.


                          Be back shortly when I browse page 1...

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                            Jen, I didn't know you were a teacher!  What do you teach?  So many teachers on here.

                            Mer:  Congrats on your 5KSmile  You are so speedy, and I'm not surprised you placed with your fast training runs.  Good job.

                            Patty:  Your midwife story reminded me of when we went to our 1 year NICU reunion a few years ago.  We saw the NICU nurse who took care of Allison, and Allison saw her and reached out her hands for a hug.  It was amazing b/c she was only 6 weeks old when she left the NICU, and it was as if she remembered her nurse.  NICU nurses are angels in my book.


                            Bermy:  bummer on the dock workers.  I can't imagine!  Luckily, you won't have that issue in Nashville.  Looked at your house pics on FB, and they are beautiful!

                            5K:  25:52; 10K: 57:53; HM:  2:01.10


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                                FYI this is the Monday thread and today is Tuesday Smile

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