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THURSDAY DIVAS ! (Read 19 times)


    Good morning, ladies!


    RR: Got in 7 just now. ST tonight.


    NRR: Drank a beer last night and felt kind of hung over this morning, which isn't cool. Really not much is going on..trying to relax and enjoy all the free time because I know work will be crazy in a month or so.


      Morning DIVAs! Happy Almost Friday! (thank goodness)


      RR - Trainer tonight at the gym!


      DR - My team captain asked me if I'd be her co-captain last night after practice! I happily accepted! It has to go through the coach and our executive committee first, but it was nice to be asked!


      NRR - So I found out yesterday the job I applied for back in January has been re-posted at a higher paygrade. I had found out I made the eligible list on the previous posting but I guess they A) want to fill it at a higher grade; B) can't fill it because of sequestration but keep re-posting it so they don't lose it; or C) have someone in mind and are re-posting it to get that person on the eligible list. At any rate, I'm disappointed to have lost the opportunity. It was pretty much my dream job.


      No time for personals right now, have to get some work done. Hope you're having a great day so far!

      San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

      Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


        Athena - sorry about the job posting!


        We've been severely affected by the sequestration (the NIH budget was cut drastically). We  had a grant that was accepted and we were supposed to the get the award notification on March 3 ... two days after the sequestration. now it's in limbo and we have no idea if the funding will ever come through. I've had friends lose their jobs because of it.


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          Good morning ladies, quick hellos!


          Sassy - saw on FB that you are doing a combination of cloth/disposable diapers, DH and I are thinking of doing something similar, I may have to send you message... glad you got some feedback on the grant, at least now you know how to direct your efforts, is your half marathon this Sunday?? I've seen that the training has been going great, excited for you!


          Jewel - hope you are able to get the mani/pedi, that sounds fantastic


          MA - nice job on the run/walk!  I'm hoping to get in ~4 on Saturday, might be wishing I had a support band...


          PO - wow, that sounds like a fantastic shower and how great that you were able to go in together to get the crib!  Good for you for just doing what you can with the running/walking, best wishes as you continue with treatment and recovery.


          gsd - good luck at your race this weekend!


          meli - glad the T session was helpful last night and, although I'm not Catholic, I'm very interested to see what type of leader the new Pope will be, most of what I've read is very positive


          rltw - so excited for you with your race this weekend!  Good luck getting everything done at work with a minimum of distractions. Smile


          taylor - hope the time without DBF has been passing by quickly, sounds like you're excited to see him again - just over a week away


          monk - sounds like you must be settled into a pretty good routine as a family of four Smile



          RR:  just under 3 mi run/walk planned with a coworker friend this evening


          NRR:  The ILs have been visiting since Sunday and tonight is their last night here.  It's been a really nice visit and they've helped us with a ton of stuff around the house (painting nursery and a hallway, assembling nursery furniture), so I'm both sad to see them go, but also a little ready to have some time alone with DH before my parents come to visit starting next weekend.  Grilling out tonight for the first time this spring. Smile


            Hello hello.


            RR: Did JM Shred last night. Used 6 lb weights and I'm not very sore today. May need to invest in heavier hand weights. I have 2 miles on the schedule today but it's super cold and really windy and I might be a wimp. So I'll either hit the TM, or do cardio XT and run tomorrow.


            NRR: Stupid sick co-worker came in yesterday. Hopefully I did a good enough job of avoiding him and hopefully I won't get sick. Today is just chores, working out, working on wedding stuff, and one meeting for work. I wish the warmer spring weather would be here to stay! It "feels like" 10 degrees right now and winds are gusting. Yuck.


            Jewel/Sassy: Have you checked out LOFT? They have some cute options that I've been eyeing.






            The second pair are on sale for $25 with an extra 30% off at checkout! I feel like I should work for them, that's how much I love them.


            For a non-denim colored pants option:








              I am totally a LOFT enabler.


                Well I think I'm mildly allergic to tuna fish. I ate a tuna fish patty last night, and my upper chest and throat feel slightly tight.  Same thing happened a few weeks ago when I ate tuna fish. Hmm.



                Sassy - We're kind of concerned about sequestration as well, because we do a lot of work that's funded with government money.


                Lucy - That sucks about your sick coworker. If it makes you feel any better, the guy behind me is always LOUD on the phone, and he's always on the phone. I know those aren't directly comparable, though.


                  Sassy again - I think I would be incredibly hard to deal with during a taper week.


                  MA - So when are you do? Like.. 1.5 weeks?


                  PO - Keeping you in my thoughts. Sounds like you still have a way to go. That baby shower sounds fun, though! I'm sure people will understand about the no-talking.


                  GSD - Sleeping in sounds like fun.


                  Mel - If you're wearing your hair up, go ahead and get a trim! Maybe just 1.5 inches? I bet if you talk to your hair stylist, he/she will be able to come up with a compromise.


                  Monk - Glad to hear the price of the repair isn't so bad.


                    outwest - boo to feeling slightly hungover and to the mild tunafish allergy and to worries about sequestration, yay for 7 miles and ST!


                    Athena - so sorry to hear that you are no longer eligible for the job.  Sounds like you're really getting back into derby and it's going awesome, you have your first real bout coming up, yes?


                    Lucy - ugh, I've spent a lot of this winter avoiding sick coworkers, hope you don't get sick!


                    re: sequestration - ugh, I'm going to be on the job hunt in the next few months and I'm really hoping that I don't run into too much trouble because of it.  I'm looking at writing grants and I'm nervous about it - hoping to save a facility that I built/create a job for myself.  But, there are a few opportunities from private donations or with industry too, so I'm hoping something will pan out by this fall!


                      OWR that's how I feel when I have a glass of wine! I guess a trim for me will do me wonders!


                      Athena sorry about the job. That stinks.


                      Jewel I got a gap email! 30% friends and family starting today until Sunday march 17. Enter GAPFRIENDS at checkout!


                      Lucy it's still cold?? We have gorgeous 70-75 degree nice no cloudy weather today! I have to check out etsy and go veil shopping there!


                      Taylor Rothenburg was also in the list. Now that we were watching the Popes conclave we want to both go back to Italy!! Good luck on Monday!!


                      Monk glad the expense for the car was a little less.


                      Dr T for us Hispanics its mega huge since they've always had a European Pope. And he's a Jesuit. Jesuits live a very simple and humble lifestyle and they do a lot to the poor community. Rnjoy the visit with your inlaws and the help!!!


                      Im adding some more products on or registry. Fun fun fun!!!

                      MA runner girl

                        Outwest - I'm due 3/24.. so 10 days from today!

                        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                          Meli: Well we had "warmer" weather the past few days, like high 40s, low 50s, but right now it is 24 degrees with gusting winds, so it "feels like" 10 degrees. YUCK! I need to come up with more stuff to add to our registry...