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Tantalising Thursday... (Preggos) (Read 26 times)


    Good afternoon ladies!


    Ozzy - Glad you were able to get some more sleep this morning. Sounds like you could really have that baby anytime now!


    MA - Wow, just two months to go! That will fly by. Dinner sounds great, you'll definitely have to share the recipe.


    TNesq - Your yoga class sounds like it was the perfect solution for your back pain. Hopefully you can continue to find some relief from the pain and get some good rest at night. Sounds like you're making the right decision about the state tournament for the girls.


    Liz - Bummer on the ankle, but good to know it's nothing too serious. Definitely sounds like it might need a few days, but should be back at it fairly soon. Does Old Navy have some cute maternity suits? I'm sure I'll be needing one this summer, maybe I'll have to check them out.


    sasha - Sounds like you got a great night of sleep and needed it! We got a light dusting of snow overnight and are supposed to get 2-4" tomorrow. I don't mind the snow, but it's no fun with my 45 minute commute to and from work.


    schmett - Sounds like you might have to try propping your feet up more regularly. I was luck with my last pregnancy and didn't have any issues with swelling (until after I had DS), but who knows every pregnancy sure is different. How old is your DS?


    yogi - I'm jealous of your Southern living. We're working to break temps above 0 this weekSmile I laughed at your comment about imagining what DH would pack in your hospital bag. That is a scary thought.


    Laura - It seems like you've been waiting to hear back from your midwife for some time. What if it was something serious? Do you think that she'd get back to you a little quicker? Glad to hear you're finally on the mend! You sure had a rough go at that flu!


    RR - Got a good 3 mile run in this morning which felt great, but I have some discomfort in my groin now, I hope it will go away quickly.


    PGR - I had an u/s and dr. appointment this morning. I was so nervous going into it as I explained yesterday, but everything went great! We saw the baby right away and he/she was VERY active. Didn't stay still the whole time, which made getting some of the measurements a little difficult. Which was okay with me because it just meant more time to see my peanut! We hadn't told anyone but my mom and DH's mom so we now feel okay to start telling people which is exciting. I am most excited to tell DS. Does anyone have any fun suggestions on ways to tell him? I got a few "big brother" books that I was planning to wrap up and give to him tonight. He can't read yet, but he'll get it when we explain it.


    NPGR - Yesterday's phone interview was interesting. I found out at the END of the interview that they were actually interviewing me for a different position than I thought and had prepared for! I had applied for two different positions at this company and when the HR person called to schedule they said it was for one position. Well, the HR person that I interviewed with (different than the one who scheduled the interview) informed me that it was actually for the other position that I had applied for. Not sure what to think. I know that I answered some of the questions based on the position that I "thought" I was interviewing for so that may not have helped me. Next step is to see if they want to bring me in for an in-person interview, so we'll see if I get there.


      Laura - Sounds like you're on the mend. Sorry the midwife's office has been less than efficient though it sounds like you have things under control. I'm having similar problems going from warm to cold air, though I want to sneeze all the time with that transition.


      Ozzy - Sounds promising! Hope if this is it for you you're handling things well. If it isn't it yet, well, I hope you got your haircut in! Smile


      trozy - Yes, I was totally bad about putting my feet up last time, and I was moving at 7 months and finishing up a summer class, in hindsight not probably helping the situation. I'm more proactive about it now, knowing what I know. DS is a few days away from 16 months, his birthday is Sept 29th. So glad you had a good dr. appointment! Though I'm sorry the phone interview wasn't what you were expecting. Hope it all works out for you.

      Laura G in Idaho

        MA:  I missed your comment yesterday about my having home births.  Yes, I've had a few at home.  It's not a rule of mine, though.  I'm open to changing plans if I feel the need, or if my condition/baby's condition merits a change.  Afraid?  I would never have considered a home birth, much less an unassisted home birth with my first child.  Things change.  Not only have I had a lot of personal experience, but I've also had a lot of professional education and experience.  I still have a lot to learn, but I am not afraid.


        If you'll indulge me, I'll tell you a little story.  My son, L, was born at home, unassisted, and required immediate transport to the hospital for respiratory distress.  He was blue/gray, and struggling to get every breath.  All babies come out bluish, but turn pink pretty quickly.  He didn't.  He couldn't nurse (because it was taking all he had just to breathe).  In my exhausted state, after having just given birth, I really wanted to sleep.  I wanted to sleep so badly, that I nearly decided to cuddle my new little bundle next to me and just deal with whatever it was in the morning.  It took us nearly 3 hours to make the transport.  He really should have been transported within minutes.  The local hospital had him flown to a bigger hospital, which has the biggest and best NICU in our state.  When he arrived there, he was THE SICKEST BABY ON THE NICU.  It takes a lot to be the sickest newborn in the state!  The next 24 hours were very scary.  This hospital was going to send him out of state, to a NICU which had the most state-of-the-art specialized care so that he could have heart and lung bypass.  Thankfully, he started to show improvement, and in 5 days, my assessment was that he was well enough to go home.  He had to stay another 5 days for IV antibiotics, just in case.


        If I would have fallen asleep, rather than take him to the hospital, I surely would have woken up to a dead baby.  Later, I took the neonatal rescuscitation course (NRP), and while reading the textbook, I realized that L should have died, before making it to the hospital.  By all human knowledge and understanding, he should not have made it.  Today, he is a healthy, normal 5 year old boy.


        Fast forward to my next birth...  E was born apparently healthy, midwives en route.  They arrived a few minutes after the birth.  Everything fine, and normal.  Life goes on.  Until one day in March. E was 19.5 months old.  He was not sick.  He was apparently healthy and normal.  I had gone to see my midwife (I had 7.5 weeks until my due date), so I slipped out of the house before anyone was awake.  My husband had stayed home with the kids.  It was DH's responsibility to drive two of our children to certain classes, so he did what I always did... left the 12 yr old in charge for a few minutes while doing this taxiing.  While he was driving, E had gotten up, played, walked around, talked, and was set at the table for breakfast by his older siblings.  My 12 yr old son, M, looked over and saw that E appeared to be asleep, but he was blue.  He went to him to check on him, and he was cold.  He died at the breakfast table.  M administered CPR, to no avail.  He didn't choke.  In fact, we don't know what caused his death.  The coroner spent 7.5 weeks (the day after my new baby was born, the death certificate came) trying to determine the cause of death.  There was an autopsy, we were all hauled down to the sheriff's office and questioned.  Our computers and phones were confiscated.  The case remains open to this day, and I haven't been allowed to see a copy of the autopsy report.  When the death certificate came, it stated that E had an electrolyte imbalance:  too much sodium and too much chloride.  Table salt.  It says he died of dehydration.  Really, this isn't a very satisfying answer.  I've seen calves die of dehydration.  They can't walk and act normal a few minutes before they die.  Talked with my pediatrician and she agrees, no one who is dying of dehydration is apparently normal a few minutes before.  So, my answer is that God took him home, because he had a mission to serve on the other side of the veil of mortality.  I don't need to know the physical cause.  And M?  He's got a lot of guilt and it's very painful for him.  He doesn't like to discuss it.  We've been to counseling.  We're praying for his healing.


        So, in matters of life and death, we humans are rather puny.  We can and should do the best we know how, but in the end, it's really up to God who lives and who dies.  L should have died, and E should still be here, according to human reasoning.  God's in control, so I'm not afraid.  I am open to inspiration from Him as to where and with whom I should give birth, AND I am willing to submit to whatever he sees fit to inflict upon me or bless me with.  I trust Him completely.  No one can guarantee anything.  No birth setting is an automatic guarantee of the outcome that I want.  I'm okay with that.  I believe in learning as much as possible, keeping a close relationship with God, doing my best, and giving the end results to the Lord.  He is the author of life and death.  He decides, and I have come to accept that.


        Ozzy:  I know you knew I was serious, lol.  And yeah, I blow the minds of most hospital personnel because I know more than the average person.  BUT, I'm always asking a lot of questions, too.  I'm sure they actually find me annoying.  I hope you find yourself in labor this evening!


        trozy:  I don't know if my midwife's office would respond faster if I had a serious condition.  I'm just glad I don't, since it's not easy to get ahold of a real human being.


          trozy - weird on the job interview, I hope it all turns out okay and you get one of those jobs!! So very excellent that the u/s went so well, yippee!!


          LauraG - I'm floored by your post to MA about 2 of your births and your faith, absolutely speechless with emotion. Thankyou.




          PGR Update - yeah, pretty sure every last ounce of plug protecting LO from gravity is out Smile  Good news is my hair is styled and ready to go...!! Now, just the small matter of officially starting labor, it "feels" very close...my Mum said with all 3 of her births that she had little leadup in contractions until the water broke and then she was well and truly on her way (5hrs, 3hrs, 2hrs) ...I am actually hoping for this...excuse me whilst i go bounce on my swiss ball a while. Perhaps I'll still be bouncing when i check in tomorrow...  Wink

          MA runner girl

            Laura - Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write that post. You have been through so much and your faith is amazing. Like Ozzy, I'm speechless.


            Ozzy - The timing of my mom's three births were similar, very quick and each one even faster. Her doctor said if she was pregnant again she'd have to get to the hospital REALLY quickly. I'm also hoping for the same. Good luck with the ball bouncing Smile

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              Laura, I really appreciate your insight and honesty. That was a beautifully written statement of faith, I know it comes from the heart.


              Ozzy, if you're not here in the morning, we'll know why! Smile