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    Crazy tech integrator guy is officially gone!  Yay!  I am SO glad I don't ever have to deal with him again.  Now if they would only make a decision about that position things would fall nicely in to place! Smile

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      Shel - a locum is a dr who's done med and residency but doesn't have a practice yet so works temporarily at any clinic that will take them.  I think they just lack experience.  She prescribed the meds incase it develops since I'm going to be away in the US for 2 weeks.  O has no signs and seems fine but I've read that bc she's older she produces her own bacteria now and is less susceptible than a newborn or young infant.


      spike - yeah M did that babble stuff for a while, and I'd just have to say, 'oh really', 'yes', etc etc, now we discuss traffic mostly, where is that car going mommy, is it a red light?, etc, it's funny what they talk about.


      Jen - it doesn't seem to me like he's doing anything not-toddler-like and like there isn't much that you can do at home to prevent him from doing that stuff at daycare, especially if they won't/can't discipline him.  I don't think that any of that stuff is alarming or worrisome, especially w/o discipline, and that they are just trying to make you feel bad for something that is their responsibility on their watch.


      k - I dont' remember what anyone else from pg one posted... I'll be back later.

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        No nap here so we are going running over nap time. Might use it to crank out 20lr - see how it goes.

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          CA - the first week with B around, I had the most horrible insomnia, it was crippling and I didn't have a GP so I went to the walk in, the doc there had to consult for 20+ minutes with the pharmacist to decide which sleeping pills were safe for BF. After I got home with the pills, a quick google showed that they totally weren't BF safe.


          spike - no, DH is a little further along in his recovery, but is still sick.  Enjoy your night out!

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            Thanks for your advice today ladies!  I appreciate it.


            Bermy - Good luck with the attempt at 20 with the stroller...crazy lady.


            I hate that 1/2 of our group only posts of FB now...I can't access FB at work and it wouldn't look good to sit at my desk on my phoneWink  I miss you the FB ladies!


              Shelby - I'm glad you got the windshield figured out. 10 miles with the stroller in the snow is very impressive! My legs get tired just from running in the snow by myself; doing it with a stroller would be a lot of work.


              Mer - Sounds like a great day yesterday! I am usually not one for reality TV but I must admit that I get sucked in by those Kardashian shows. Sorry you seem to be suffering from some "evening sickness". When I was pg, during the first tri I often felt great all day and then exhausted and nauseated in the evening, especially if I let myself get hungry. It's a good excuse to stuff your face all day Smile 


              Cx2 - I know it's hard not to worry when you think your baby should be doing something and they aren't doing it yet, but I would hold off on doing anything until C's one-year check up. I can tell you the experience of my friend, whose son turned one: At 11 months, he couldn't get into a sitting position on his own, couldn't pull up and couldn't crawl at all. She called the family dr and they said that at the one year check up, they'd go through a whole assessment and if he still couldn't do those things, they would refer him to a pediatrician and physio. Then, the week before his first birthday, he suddenly started doing everything. He had his one-year check up yesterday and can get into a sitting position, crawl well and pull up. He can't take any steps yet, but that's fine as many babies don't do that until well after one year. 


              Mrszm - I have never met a lulu item that I didn't like. The skirts, shorts and running tanks are all great. I used to love the tata tamers but then I lost weight and my boobs shrunk, so I can't wear them anymore because they start at C cups. The tired, bummed out feeling could very well be winter-related. Especially if you just got 13 inches of snow. Spring is almost here....I hope...


              Arm - Mmm, homemade pancakes sound great! So cute that L talks to his stuffed animals in his crib. S always just cried her eyes out when waking up after a nap. Now I just put her down to nap in our bed and when she's done, she climbs out and comes to get me. Still no cute babbling, but better than wailing!


              CA - Your MIL sounds like such an amazing help! Ouch on the nipple crack. Just the thought makes me wince! Maybe soak in a hot bath with Epsom salts? I always found that really soothing when my nipples were sore/cracked. 


              Spike - I am so jealous of your shorts weather tomorrow! Your randomness from the fridge sounds quite yummy. 

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                  jen - all the stuff you listed that J is doing that is "bad" seems like 100% normal toddler developmental stuff.  EMily's daycare room is dubbed "the climbers" since they will go, unstack the chairs, and move them to the door and then reach over the half door and try to open it.  Or use the chairs to look out the windows, or climb on the tables, shelves, cots, play kitchen, etc.  I don't think that Em can sit for 30 min without running around or looking for a teacher/attention.  I mean, that's the job of a daycare professional for 1-2 year olds? Is it not?  And they "know" they aren't supposed to climb on stuff, but it's developmental, exploring, reaching, being ornery, etc.  To me, sounds like the daycare is being lazy.  It's not like J is climbing on stuff and then kicking the other kids in the face!


                  I WANT my toddler to test her limits and try to climb on stuff, open stuff, test her motor skills, try to use utensils, try to climb the stairs, try to climb up on the kitchen chair/table.  I want her to try to take off her shoes, hats, gloves, jackets.  It may be annoying if it's 0* outside, but that's how they learn boundaries, physics (it hurts when I fall from high up), how to feed themselves, dress themselves, etc.  I want her to figure out how to open containers even if I have to clean up the floor from a spill.  That's problem solving, that's the scientific method at it's purest!

                  Ok - off my soap box.  I think the teachers are wrong about your J in this situation.


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                    zorbs - blech on the cold slush! The park by my house gets huge puddles in the spring when all the snow melts. BOoo to catching the man cold.


                    becky - wowsers on your kid! I couldn't keep up with him. Weird on no green at lulu, ours has a whole ton of new green stuff.


                    bermy - did you power through the 20? You are a stroller pushing machine! I think there should be a reality show following you in the US, it sounds quite entertaining Smile


                    ernie - mmmmm your FR sounds so yummy, pork and apple!


                    RG - Did you sleep till 7 also? doesn't sound like you.


                    mer - Nice to get to watch your shows! Mine are reality, I've been watching them while I run. UGH on the evening nausea!


                    cx2 - I agree on waiting and asking your dr - you prolly have a 1 year checkup right? 99% of these slowness in develpment catch up and are fine, but it's always checking to be sure.


                    arm - I think I might do some TRX next week, I've never used it either, but have heard that it can be a killer ST workout.

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