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Back to work on Wednesday - Preggos (Read 282 times)

MA runner girl

    UGH. So I finally snapped when annoying coworker asked me to send an email for her... really!? I said this, which I think was a tactful way of saying DO YOUR OWN JOB:


    I think you should give it a shot. I can read it before you send if you want.... But my maternity leave is coming fast so you should try doing more things on your own while I'm here now.


    And then she proceeded to ask me questions about what to say.... Angry


    Sorry I just needed to get that out!!! It's not that I'm not willing to help... it's just that she's been here for 1.5 years now and asks me before she does anything. The other day my boss sent her an email, copying me, to do something and she forwards to me, copying my boss asking if it was ok to do!!!! And yes, I have talked to my boss about this... Nothing changes. I am not a manager, and certainly not paid enough to act like one!


    *deep breaths*


    Monk - I hope P has moved to a more comfortable spot! I hope you feel 100% better soon too. Glad potty training wasn't all bad this weekend, I sure hope she gets potty trained at some point!! Wink I have no doubt my back pain is from my belly... it's the only place I've gained! (other than my boobs!).


    Tay - I can imagine I will be feeling exactly the same way in 10 weeks!! I hope things progress for you, but for now hang in there!!


    YJPM - ohhh a prenatal massage sounds lovely, I should get me one of those soon! I hope you have good luck with the maternity leave. Bummer that it's complicated, but at least there is a chance! Wouldn't be a chance here!


    Sasha - Good luck with cleaning, I hope you don't have a sore back like I did!!  I hear ya about the clutter, we haven't even had a shower yet but our family has gotten us so much stuff that between that and our usual stuff it's a mess! I can't wait to be organized.


    Ozzy - Ha, I want the nursery done so  Idon't have to think about early labor and stressing! But you are right, at least baby wont need to be in there right away anyways. Fun that you will get to go flying with DH! I hope the weather is good for it.


    TN - Happy Half way mark! Although, "halfway" for twins is usually further than halfway, right? My DH reallyyy wanted to go to the store, but we did it online. I'm terrible with being overwhelmed in a store, so I knew I'd do better online where I could search for one thing at a time. It worked out well and he got to pick out some stuff too.


    Mann - Good luck registry shopping!! I hope you can find a good place with options you like. I'm not a fan of the character/animal stuff either. We went with cars and trucks because DH is a huge car guy... starting our boy young I guess! Smile I hope the band helps, it definitely helped me and has allowed me to keep running till now!


    Laura - Ohhh I would have been so livid if DH woke me up to come help and then got it himself...! What a rough day/night! I hope it gets better soon. Maybe a good gym session will help!


    Phew, that was a long post!

    PRs: 5k - 22:29, half marathon - 1:47:39


      Mann - have fun registry shopping-it definitely gets a bit overwhelming. DH and I registered at babies r us and Target because Target is closest for a lot of our family, but babies r us definitely has a larger selection for some items.  We didn't  go with any specific bedding- we just registered for a variety of crib sheets in blue, green, and tan.  We're so uncoordinated! I would agree that DH should go with the pick out the stroller - I was surprised in the difference in "manuevering" and comfort (although maybe that's just a double stroller issue?), and one we had our eye on definitely didn't have tall enough seat backs for our giant babies that we'll be having.  FYI - not sure if you know this already, but if you have a smartphone, you can start your registry online, download the Target app, and then use your smartphone instead of the registry gun to scan things in the store or from the flier and add them to the registry - I didn't find that out until after we were done with the gun, but that certainly would have worked out slick.


      Laura G - Ugh, our dog has gotten on that all-night schedule, and it's miserable - I hope your day went okay, even with the lack of sleep.


      monk - I feel like the time for everyone is going so quickly! Can't believe how many ladies are in the 3rd tri already...


      MA - wow.  That coworker sounds completely inept - and I think your response was great - how is she going to learn to do her job if she doesn't try?  I think registering online is a good way to go, and DH and I went to Target to register so he was included and didn't feel like I was making big decisions without him, but then I just hopped on the Babies r' us website and registered for stuff online there - I think we'll still stop in the store sometime and register for a few items like the pack n play, since they have so much more to choose from.