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      I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't missing today's preggo thread somewhere.


      ER - Yesterday I did 2.5 miles at the mall, today I'm going to the gym.


      PGR - Not a whole lot going on.


      NPGR - I went to text a friend yesterday afternoon and took my phone out of my purse. It wouldn't turn on. Then it finally gave me a screen to update to the latest operating system or make emergency calls only. Long story short, I had to go back to the mall to the Apple store, so I was there when they opened and closed haha, and they agreed my phone was dead. Once upon a time moisture started seeping in and according to the tech guy, that makes your phone die eventually. So I'm getting opinions on what I should do, stick with the 4, get the 5, get an android. I have no idea. All I know is I feel so naked without my phone!


        Schmett: Nice job with the mall walk. So frustrating about the phone! DH and I only have cell phones, no house phone, so I really hate it if I don't have service for some reason. Hope you can make a decision you are happy with and get a new phone quickly!


        Thanks to all for chiming in on the vaccination question yesterday. DH's parents live in Mexico, so it might be best for us to use the normal schedule, or just a delayed one. I agree about the Hep B, however I think that I would opt to do a Hep A vaccination at a young age because the disease is very prevalent in Mexico and DH's parents got it and it really messed them up forever. Both have health issues from it still and they have been better for over 10 years now. Anyways, I'm going to the talk on Saturday and plan on reading the book my midwife gave me.


        ER: Did my 2 mile walk yesterday. It felt good to be outside, even though it was cold. Swelling seems to be staying down better. I don't know about today, as it looks like rain. DH wants to do yoga tonight, so if it's not raining I'll just walk to work and then he and I can do yoga when I get home.


        PGR: 38w1d. I'm getting to the point where baby can come whenever it wants. I'm pretty uncomfortable with all the poking and shoving "down there" ugh. Thankfully I am still sleeping pretty well most nights. I do get up to pee a lot, but can fall right back to sleep. Unfortunately, even with the sleeping well I'm still tired. Oh, I forgot to mention, I did test negative to GBS, which was a relief. I'm working on my shopping and cooking list for this weekend. We'll see if we make it that long without a baby. Smile


        NPGR: DH got a substantial offer from Boston University. Neither of us want to go back to Boston, but it was a really great offer, including 3 years of no teaching and I think that DH needed it for a bit of an ego boost. He's had so many discouraging replies to his applications that it was really great to get something so overwhelmingly positive.

        MA runner girl

          Morning ladies! Late today due to a midwife appt this morning...


          RR: 3 miles tonight I think! Nothing yesterday.


          PGR: 36w5d. SO close to full term! Yikes. Midwife appt was fine this morning. I lost almost a pound, but I'm measuring 39 cm now... YEEESH! So seems like increasing my water and protein intake helped bring the swelling down since obviously some weight moved to my belly - I had gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks at my last appt. She doesn't think he's fully dropped though... even with my insane bladder pressure. Uhhh what will it feel like when he is completely dropped!?!? Sasha reminded me to say that I tested neg for strep b too, that's a relief!


          PGR2: I had a bit of a freak out last night. I feel like we still have a lot to do: find a pediatrician (the midwife said NO to the group I was thinking about, she used to work there, so have to start from scratch....), get the carseat installed/inspected, pack hospital bag, plus I haven't done our taxes, or even organized paperwork/mail in about 2 months... DH tried to calm me down but it didn't really work and I ended up not being able to sleep. It was the first night that I had insomnia all pregnancy! I finally got out of bed at midnight because I was driving DH insane. I moved to the couch and woke up there around 3 and moved back to bed. I'm so tired this morning...


          NPGR: I'm in the office today. Haven't been in on a Friday in MONTHS, but my laptop is being upgraded to Windows 7 this weekend so I had to come in. I could really use a day off, but I really want to save my PTO for leave. I don't think I've ever gone this long without a PTO day (Dec 31st was my last). Oh well, 3 weeks of work left at the most!!! After work I need to go shopping for and make a raffle basket for my SIL's Jack and Jill tomorrow night. I'm making a baking basket. Tomorrow should be a really long day. We are meeting at the hall to decorate at 2 and the party goes until midnight. I think everyone will understand if I don't stay that long though...


          Yikes, sorry I am very chatty this morning!


          Schmetterling - I take it you have an iphone? I have a 4 too, and I'm going to be SO sad when mine dies! I got a new one about a year ago before my warrenty was up because it was broken, so I think I have a little more time still. I would get another 4 personally. Not a fan of the 5, plus you have to get all new chargers, and since i have an ipad, that would really annoy me!


          Sasha - I am wavering between feeling like he can come anytime and feeling like there is so much to do. Obviously right now I'm feeling like there is too much to do! ha Congrats to your DH on the offer! Why don't you want to come to Boston? MA is great... but maybe I'm biased Smile


          Have a great day ladies!

          PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


            MA: Wow! You are so busy! I totally know the feeling though, of wanting the baby to come and hoping it will hold off just a bit longer. I too still have to talk with the pediatrician that I set up a meeting with, but that won't be until Wed. And still have to pack a bag etc. Sorry about not being able to sleep. I'm glad that it was your first bad night, though. Sounds like you are doing well. And so nice to be down a pound! Try to stay rested, even with a busy schedule!


              schmett - Boo to the dead phone! I have the iphone 4S, DH has a Galaxy S3 (his is anti-applie products).  I really like my iphone, but the android phones are definitely nice, too.


              sasha - GL on sorting out the vax decision I think it's great you are taking so much time to research the issue.  Congrats to your DH on the offer - any particular reason you don't want to go back to Boston?


              MA - boo to the insomnia - although I think it's pretty normal to have those freak-out moments - I think as long as your organized, all that stuff will fall into place.  Well, not without some work by you, but I'm sure you'll work through it quickly.


              PGR: 28w3d. Nothing much new - I'll update on my echocardiogram here since it is technically pregnancy-related - okay, those things hurt.  At least, mine hurt - he was constantly digging the u/s probe under/against my sternum and between/against ribs. I also had to exhale and not inhale until he said I could, or inhale and hold it - tricky when you're preggo and out of breath. The tech was a weird dude, too.  He told me at the end that my aorta looked fine, but then said some ambiguous stuff that suggested that my heart valves may suggest marfans, but he also said if I was athletic and did cardio, that what he saw was common and a good thing, it meant I had an athletic heart. Weird.  I'll wait to see what the cardiologist says.  Anyway, the tech was talking as he opened the door to leave, then decided he should come back and tell me a story about his teenage daughters, and left the door to the hallway open as he talked to me.  So there I was, lying on the table wearing the paper shirt, with one arm still out but my b (hopefully) covered ,with my preggo belly hanging out since the paper shirt only came to the bottom of my rib cage.  At least only one person walked by and saw me lying there.  It seemed incredibly unprofessional to me.


              ER: Probably nothing except some shooting around with the girls at the party tonight.  I'll go from work to that, then to the DH's family meeting at our house.


              NPGR: Purchased the monstrous SUV last night, then came home and had to put my awards together for my girls for the party tomorrow - I do certificates for each girl, plus a summary of their points scored, their strengths and things they need to work on.  I didn't get to bed until 11:45, then woke up at 4 am and couldn't sleep because my mind decided to worry about money.  Sweet. Hopefully DH won't mind that I'm a total dud and want to go to bed early tonight.

              Laura G in Idaho

                PGR:  32 weeks today.  Midwife appointment on Monday.  I'm going to have one of my kids, or my husband take a belly shot for me and I'll post it on FB today/tonight.  I don't feel enormous yet.  Not quite to the beached whale stage.  I sent four pants and two dresses with a friend to be hemmed shorter for me, and she's had them for nearly 3 weeks.  I have had hardly anything to wear for the last three weeks, because previous to sending them for hemming, I was wearing them rolled up.  I've contacted her several times and she keeps putting me off.  I really feel ugly and sloppy wearing my three remaining choices for bottoms:  high-water yoga pants, yoga pants that slip off my belly all day long, and an XXL pair of gray sweats (non-preggo, so they are HUGE in the legs and butt).  Yesterday she said she'd have them today.  So, I'll contact her again and see.  I sure hope so... my remaining clothing choices are downright depressing.


                NPGR:  Just my normal, busy, crazy life.


                RR:  Nothing today.


                ER:  Didn't make the afternoon walk, again, yesterday.  The weather was rainy and miserable, so I didn't feel like going out.  Today it is supposed to be 57F, so I will definitely go for a walk.  Planning to do the PPW Yoga DVD for the first time today.




                schmett:  Bummer on the phone.  It seems we are all at the mercy of these electronic devices that we didn't even have a generation ago.  Have a good time at the gym.


                sasha:  Wonderful that you tested negative for GBS, and that the swelling has gone down some.  I hope your baby comes soon.  The waiting at the end always seems so long.


                MA:  Yay for a 1 lb loss!  And yay for being GBS-.  Sorry you aren't as fully dropped as you thought.  Wow, 39 cm!  That baby has to come very soon!  Sorry about the insomnia.  Hopefully you can get some stuff on your list done so your mind will be at rest.  Good luck finding a pediatrician.

                Laura G in Idaho

                  TN:  I have also had an echocardiogram, but I wasn't pregnant at the time.  I don't remember it being painful, but they do seem to press really hard with that u/s probe, and the whole time your boobs might be falling out of the paper shirt... ugh.  It was very unprofessional for the tech to stand with the door open and not let you get up and get dressed, with people walking by.  So sorry he was such a dork!  Hopefully the cardiologist will have good news for you.


                    Hi guys-


                    Schmett- sorry about the phone. What a bummer!

                    Sasha - Congrats to your husband. As someone whose done the phd, 3 years without any teaching is really nice. Teaching can really slow some people done. I took 5 years and I taught for most of years 2, 3, and 4...but I know people who took a lot longer!

                    MA - I hate when I have so many things running through my head that I can't sleep! You'll get the important stuff done. We had our carseat in and inspected, but then when we went to pick up the chariot, we had to take it out to fit the stroller in! Ugh. I guess we need to be able to take it out and put it in, but I was kind of hoping to never move it once it got approved!

                    TN - Wow, quite a medical experience there! I've actually heard of a number of running friends getting misdiagnosed for heart conditions that turned out to be related to their fitness level and not an actual problem. I don't know the details, btu definitely something to watch out for.

                    Laura - hope you get your clothes soon! I hate my maternity clothes at this point...can't wait to be done with 'em. I plan to send them to my sister (who is 17 weeks now) once I have the baby, though I may want 'em back if we decided to have another...


                    ER - Today was supposed to be my last boot camp session, but I just couldn't get out of bed when they alarm went off at 4:35. Sigh. But I did get up at 6 and walk 4.5 miles. My shins are really hurting when I walk fast now. First it was running, now it's walking...how far will I fall? Anyway, it's manageable. I signed up to do a yoga class tomorrow. I'm not a huge fan, but will try to force myself for these last few weeks.


                    PGR - 35w6d. Office baby shower today. Kind of weird because I have only been here for 3.5 months. I said no gifts, though, so hopefully that'll make it less weird. DH is stopping by because he is off work today. Froze another meal yesterday when I was working from home. Unlike Laura, I definitely feel like I'm in the beached whale phase now. I can't believe the size of my belly.


                    NPGR - Not much. Mostly PGR related at this point!




                      Laura- looking forward to the photo - I hope you get your clothes back soon - I usually have to have hems let down, haha.  My mom actually had to sew both of my prom dresses because we could not find a floor-length one that went below mid-calf, and the short ones were obscene - although I think the "short" ones when I was in high school would be considered dowdy by today's average high school girl standards.


                      Liz - hope your shins feel better - maybe a slightly slower pace might help, since your center of gravity has shifted so much?  Or perhaps a different pair of shoes?