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For real it's Friday - Preggos (Read 28 times)


    Monk - thanks for sharing your story!

    Laura - sorry about the shin splint - I feel you. Not sure about the elliptical/bike numbness. Mystery!

    Schmett - I definitely get RLP from walking if I am not wearing the maternity belt.

    Yogi - hope your LO shows up before the induction date. Can you push back at all on that date? I know my midwives will let people go to 42 (not that I wish that upon you! but could help avoid the pitocin). I sometimes wish I had a dog to walk with! (But not to clean up after.) Sometimes I have to take a bathroom break on these walks, which slows everything down...at least i feel like I can walk into random restaurants and people take pity on an 8 months preggers woman so don't hassle me about using their bathrooms...

    Mann - that is such a bummer about your house. Ugh. Hope the insurance company doesn't give you too many hassles. I have a friend who has similar situation with his tenants in a rough area and has had to deal with a lot of craziness.


    Came home at 2:30 to work from home for rest of the day. Feeling extra uncomfortable today. I feel like my thighs grew a ton in the past couple of weeks and my clothes feel tight. It's horrible. I hope it won't take forever to go away after baby arrives...