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Mighty Monday (Over 40) (Read 20 times)


    Back for a quick check in.  Did get in 4 nice miles this am.  Sunny, a little chily though.  I have swim cl"ass" kicking tonight Smile


    Carolyn - Nice that you have friends to run with...I have some that are just "run" friends, but then I have friends that run....either way it fun to have someone to run with!


    LCruns - Isn't it nice to see we might be getting some nicer weather Smile


    Camille - Thanks for posting the links on the articles.  Great job on the 10 yesterday.


    Tessa - I didn't read week-end post, but I am assuming you had a really hot (not in a good way HOT) race this week-end.....hope you did fine.  Heat scares me far more than cold.


    Crazysue - That sounds like a great race and great time with friends!!


    Gatsbybird - I have often thought of a coach, especially for Tri training.


    Ginny - Nice job on the good run!!!  Are you getting snow again???


    Marjorie - Nice 10....how many miles did you do yesterday?


    LCruns - The run I did with my cousin this week-end went right past the entrance to North Country Smile   Beautiful.  She does the relay every year.


    Judy - Hi!!!


    I think I might be caught up...hope I didn't miss anyone....


      LisaMMR/LCruns - the last post re: North Country was really directed at Lisa.....Blush......


      Run to live; live to run

        Carol I did 23.7 miles yesterday


        LC Runs

          Happy Monday evening!!  Managed 3.1 after work, slow n easy pace, just enough to refresh me Smile


          Carol - so glad you had a fun weekend!


          Carolyn - ohhh, pub run sounds like fun!


          Camille - great 10!


          Hi Lisa!


          Karen - safe travels and enjoy the time with your friend!


          Sue - wow, that sounds like a blast!!


          Ginny - went and saw "21 and Over", really raunchy type comedy.  I like that kind of stuff, but this one wasn't great, should have saved it for DVD.


          Marjorie - yeah on the new microwave and great run!


          Tessa - looking forward to the race report!


          Hi Tracey - the coach sounds like a great idea!

            LC-we are sad when warming up to the 30's is something to get excited over. Even down here that sounds good.


            Julie-40 degrees?! Be still my beating heart... once it's thawed out it is beating again.


            Carol-welcome back! sounds like a wonderful weekend!


            Carolyn-have a good pub run!


            Camille-I think on the test thing it's that we don't think in terms of a race being anything less than a mile.  My older dd who had been in track got it but otherwise the thought of a a 50 yard race doesn't compute.  I do tend to think of running as when I race and jogging as an easier sustainable pace.  Getting over the negative nature of it.  I still would never refer to myself as a jogger though. I had ringing in one ear about this time last year.  Turned out there was fluid in there.  no infection just a flukey thing.  Gave me a 5 day steroid to reduce swelling and I ran 2 min/mile faster until the steroid wore off.  Was amazing.


            Sue-sounds like a wonderful event. Congrats.  Cold? Did the water in your bottle freeze? Did you pass ice fishermen? Okay I really need to just get over myself.


            Karen-keep thinking of the Empire Strikes Back.  sounds really fun. yeah. right up there with the Mount Mitchell Challenge on teh fun-o-meter.


            Marjorie-yes I am and I know everyone is tired of me being tired of it.  Half of my suitcase for NYC trip is run gear for outside. Well, maybe a 1/3 anyway.


            Tessa-a taxing day for you.  I sent the Hatfield info in but haven't heard anything back. REmind me to send you the message they sent me as a screen shot.


            Gatsby-we'll firm up when it gets 50 degrees warmer, I mean in May. LOL