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TGIFriday! Preggos (Read 269 times)


    monk - So sorry your DH is sick on his last day! I hope he's not too down - I hope your plans for tonight work out as you want them to.


    schmett - Ha, I had the insomnia too - I was up at 3 am to eat some cheese and mandarin oranges and troll FB on my phone for a while.  I hope you were able to get back to sleep.


    Liz - I hope your stomach troubles go away.  I think it's hard with all the food rules to not slip up or cheat once in a while. Keep hydrated!

    teri - wow, you're getting so close - awesome job on continuing to run at 38 weeks!


    yjpm - Bummer on the pulled pelvic muscle, and the fact that baby is using it as a cushion. Good luck with the conversion of rooms!


    Ozzy - Thanks for the ray of hope on the pain - with my sciatica issues and now the clear SI joint issues (I literally feel like I can feel the two sides of my pelvis rubbing against each other) I'm worried about pain going forward. I hope you are able to get all your feelings sorted out about the move...as we get older and moves affect our careers more (and soon our children!) it definitely becomes a tougher decision.


    Mann - I wore mat jeans for the first time today, too! Only you're a few weeks ahead of me...boo to the kitchen remodel not being done, but at least you'll have working appliances - hope it's finished soon so you don't have to live in remodel chaos!!


    I am STARVING.  I got up and ate at 3:30 am since my stomach was growling like mad, had breakfast at 6:45 am, ate a protein bar and some mandarin oranges at about 9:30 am, snacked on some party mix (which I have picked all of the chex out of, and now just is an overload of nuts - wah) and I am SO hungry...can't wait for lunch.


      Ugh, just got one of those comments: "You're due March 30th? Oh, I thought you were due really soon, like next month."

      Thanks!! Now I feel extra huge!


      More later...


        Just had the awful voicemail from the dr. office that he wanted to discuss something he saw on the u/s - worst call ever, even though the message said everything was fine.  Anyway, everything IS fine, except I have a low-lying placenta for baby A that is borderline placenta previa, so pelvic rest  for the time being and nothing outside of normal day-to-day activity - he said no benching 250 lbs, so I think walking and light exercise are still okay. They will monitor and it will likely move up as things grow, but he said with twins he is extra careful.  Whew. 


          ((TNesq)) Sorry you had to go through that, but sounds like things will be okay. Hang in there!


            canada: YAY for money for baby stuff! Hope Chipotle was good!


            MA: Sorry about the RLP! Mine doesn't usually go away with walking, or at least when its really bad it doesn't go away. Thats one big reason I'm sticking with the TM now. It really helps me now to start out with a little walking. Sorry about the weight, but 14 or 17 pounds at 26 weeks is awesome... I'm not far ahead of you and have gained double that... but I also know no matter what anyone else's experience is, it can still be upsetting.


            sashanna: Sorry about all the long shifts! When I was pregnant with A she was sitting on my bladder a lot so I had the same problem. Luckily P doesn't seem situated that way.


            TN: I feel your pain on the SI joint... that reminds me I need to call the chiro and try to move my appointment up to tomorrow. I hope I can get in! Sorry about the call on the u/s, why do they leave that kind of message on vm? Either be more vague or leave the real message I think! Glad everything is OK though.


            schmett: Glad you get a break after your busy week.


            liz: Sorry about the stomach troubles. I doubt deli meat would have been the cause of that. If it was catered or from a restaurant, the meat was probably really fresh. I've eaten deli meat from restaurants, but haven't bought any for home.


            teri: Hope DH's graduation is/was good and that baby waits! I'm glad you feel better about MIL's comment. Yay for a babysitter, but hopefully you don't go too crazy living with the ILs!


            yjpm: Oh, sorry about the news on the groin! Is that something a chiropractor could help with at all? You are braver than I am for signing up for that 10K!


            ozzy: Glad you enjoyed the shower! Have fun at your parties! I hope you can come to peace with the move.


            mann: I love my mat jeans. Sorry about the kitchen not being done.


            liz: I got one of those comments not long ago (I'm due March 1 and the woman seemed to feel sorry that I've still got that long)... why can't people just keep their mouths shut?

            MA runner girl

              I don't have time to respond to everyone, but thanks for the thoughts on the weight. I know the overall weight I've gained is not excessive, it was more the 8 pounds in 4 weeks that freaked me out! I guess I just am having a hard time with seeing the number on the scale increase. Sigh. Gotta get over that! One of the other girls in our midwife group said that she weighs herself the morning before the appts. I think I may do that. Our appts aren't until 6pm.


              TN - Hugs! I'm sorry you got that call, but I'm glad it doesn't seem too bad. I hope things improve as expected.


              Liz - Really!? People are so insensitive!!!! Hugs.

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                MA- I think that sometimes our bodies just put on weight suddenly, instead of nicely spacing it out week to week.  I somehow put on 5 lbs between week 13 and week 14 and freaked out, but my weight gain has gone back to "normal" gain again now.  I'm guessing your weight gain will not continue to increase that way, especially since you're staying active!

                MA runner girl

                  MA- I think that sometimes our bodies just put on weight suddenly, instead of nicely spacing it out week to week.  I somehow put on 5 lbs between week 13 and week 14 and freaked out, but my weight gain has gone back to "normal" gain again now.  I'm guessing your weight gain will not continue to increase that way, especially since you're staying active!

                   Thanks! I'm hoping that's all it was too Smile

                  PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                    MA: I swear my body is always retaining extra junk when I go to the doctor! After almost every appointment I've weighed myself the next morning or second morning after, and I've always bee a couple pounds less! I hate that. I'm sure it doesn't help that your appointments aren't til the evening.


                      Uggghh, I ate chipotle at noon and STILL feel ill and we're going to the country club for STEAK in like 30 mins.. I guess Texas is just what th dr ordered when she said gain 10 pounds by next time I see you! haha.


                      TN - I hear you on the rest.. it sucks, but is worth it so our babies get fully cooked! Glad that's all the news was and not something scarier! 


                      ER for tomorrow - my grandpa went and got a Y membership and got us day passes so I'm going to spin tomorrow ( i'lll cheat a lot! ) 


                      Family drama update: Hubby's grandpa thinks it's stress from family making grandma sick and wants her to cut communication. for a bit till she figures out her health issues. Not quite sure if that's the best method. ...  Anyway it seems like her kids ( my hubby's mom and his uncle) just use her for money all the time now so we suggested cutting that instead haha. It's crazy, they've paid for his cousin's braces, cars, school..I was thinking, man we should have got in on that! although, totally wouldn't! I couldn't even imagine asking family for money, seems weird.