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Honorary Old

    Jen- ever since I was a little kid people have told me I'm an "old soul." That's cool about you being a twin, they run on both sides of me and DH's family (his cousin is expecting twins, and the pregnancy started as triplets- without fertility drugs- yikes!) so we are kinda worried about twins if we TTC again. When I was pg with R, DH was hoping for twins so we could be one and done, now that we've been there I think he's changed his mind LOL.  Twins have a cool bond unlike anything else- my little bro and sis couldn't be more different but they are fiercely protective of eachother.  I wish that I had the drive to do something more academic- I had good SAT scores and a 4.0 in school but I didn't know what I wanted to do other than get away from my family LOL.

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      Uphill: it is unimaginable because dh and i never get out alone and we rarely ever get a sitter! Great job with the 3! Maybe you canstart doubling everything so your 3 is really 6?!? Smile


        zackmorris: HA!  I like it!  To a similar affect, can I start halving all of the food that I eat?  Like maybe I ate two donuts but it only counts as one donut because each baby gets half?


          uphill: absolutely! It's simple math!


            mrszm/uphill - you could even triple it.  Uphill traveled 3 mi + Baby A traveled 3 mi + Baby B traveled 3mi.  DAMN a 9 mi run?!  Way to rock it.  Go eat 3 donuts.


              RR update - Did my 8k at average pace of 4:49/km. If I can maintain that for my half, I'll be a happy camper.




              CAR - Eek on RP's prolapse! That is one complication that freaks me out to even read about. I guess it's not too awful though if she'll be back to running in a few weeks. The wonder weeks are so accurate! Every time S got inexplicably fussy, I would look on there and, yup, wonder week!


              Spike - Nice run last night. Wow, R is a hungry boy! Maybe he'll be moving up the percentiles soon.


              Beckykay - Complain away about your receptionist! Ha on wanting her to just be less stupid. If only it were that easy


              Rocky - I think it's DH's turn to cook for you tonight while you rest up on the couch!


              Uphill - Love the math of doubling all exercise and halving all food! That speech therapy suggestion sounds crazy - kids that age always have trouble pronouncing certain sounds. That's why they are so hard to understand half the time!

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                I think I am working backwards but oh well, here goes nothing!


                Spike:  Awe, DH rarely gets down on the floor with C.  It is so nice when he does.


                Rocky:  I had BH my entire pregnancy.  Not fun.  I was just going to ask if she gets constipated from the bananas.


                Uphill:  I spoke with a speech therapist over C's issues.  He said just work on the sound with him at home and they will see if it gets better by his next assessment....and he's 3.


                Jen:  Thanks, I want to do one and then be done with marathons.  Smile  Training stresses me out when I get sick.


                Spike:  You are not old!


                Ok, page 2 now.


                  Arm:  C has such a hard time adjusting when he's home too much.  You dinner sounds like mine on Tuesday.  Dh wanted to do it again since its his turn to cook and he could just stop at the store for the rotisserie chicken.


                  Shelby:  Wow, a whole month.  If only SIL knew Smile  As much as I want to hold and smell a baby, not ready for baby fever yet but I can see how you would be getting it.  I feel like 2013 is the year of babies.


                  CA:  Did you say 17 weeks?  She can't be that old already.


                  Spike:  Why don't you just go ahead of RP?  I can only keep up running with someone else for a short period of time, then I am cool if they go on after this stupid never ending cold.


                  Ok, page 1 now.


                  Honorary Old

                    Becky- RP and I never separate when we run together- we don't have cool trails and stuff and we run together for the company.

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                      Runnergrl:  Awe, its so much fun when they are happy.  On days that C's being a bear will glady go to work Smile


                      Zorbs:  I also thought yesterday was friday.  Darn.  I may require wine/booze to get through the rest of the week.


                      Jen:  C hit me up for a sister this morning.  Tried to convince him that one of his friends could be his honorary sister and he wasn't buying it.  When I asked if he was going to share his toys, he changed his mine.


                      Cx2:  That sounds like my old sitter only it was her son.   I had the same fears in the beginning and although I don't think she may have corrected her own son when he was acting crazy, she paid plenty of attention to C and he LOVED her.  The tax thing sucked though.


                      Ernie:  10 p.m. was a common bed time for us until we completely cut out naps, now its 9 p.m.  Don't these kiddo realize mommas need their sleep!


                      Bermy:  That would be one dedicated coach if she did!  I have a friend that does online coaching, I've just been too much of a slacker to ever enlist her services.  I have a feeling it may hurt too much Smile  I like easy paces....


                      MrsZM:  Hahaha, I hate football for that reason.  DH always tells me we need to be back before ___ p.m. so I can watch the game.  We don't have family near by and the lack of date nights nearly kill us.  Enjoy!


                      Mer:  I didn't read your post yet, but I used to have the same problem.  DH jokes about me being a horrible mom and it hurts my feelings.  I work hard so C can have a good life, I spend as much time as I can, what more do you want from me?


                      Eh!  I didn't know you went part time.  Good for you, hooray for no work!


                      JM:  We talk all the time, and the answer is always different.  When C was first born, the deal was no discussion on it until C was 2.....now he's 3.5 and still no real answer.  The cut off is 35 though, then I am force DH to get snipped.


                      Ok, now to page 4


                        FR - ok tonight is turkey meatloaf, some sort of green veggie (broccoli or zucchini),  & roasted potatoes. If i get it all in the oven when I get home we should be able to eat by normal dinner time (630) and have leftovers for tomorrow.  I'm happy to have a plan.  DH is taking us out to dinner this weekend, he just IM'd me about it.  I'm excited.


                        On a side note - I can wake the heck up out of this sickness induced fogginess ANY TIME NOW universe.


                          Hey ladies, typing from Nashville. It is in the 60s here. Yipee - totally nicely run-able. I figure take whatever the canadian chicks on here run in and then triple it! Flights were great - last one was only 33mins from Atlanta to Nashville. We barely settled in and it was over. I could have punched the flight attended right on the nose on the first flight cos she asked DH if he wanted a drink really loudly and woke DS up (which was his one nap for the day) after an hour. He was pissed. I was pissed. Anyway, DS is happily settled. We went to Publix and got some supplies for the fridge here, ran around and babyproofed (i.e. took the toilet rolls off and knives out of the drawers - who would do that in a family place?).


                          Uphill - nice job on the run there girlie! Great work. Please take your prog. if you are supposed to.


                          Rocky - hope you are feeling better soon. Take it easy.


                          Spike - you rock my world when you talk about sewing. Can't wait to see your crafty work.


                          mer - what did you decide in the end?


                          becky - I am making studious notes on your games with DS. I want to do just those things with my DS. It's lovely to hear that you are feeling better.


                          shelby - house hunting - we are down to 25 on the list and I had 13 faves - 4 of which sold in the last 4 days ggrrrrrrr - I am picking good ones apparently. will keep you posted. cannot wait to run in the parks.


                          jen - you would have laughed if you had seen DS flicking the tray table a million times and playing on his ipad game on the flight. And my baby proofing at the hotel. The mattress is on the floor and he is out, dozing peacefully.


                          mrszm - I find it funny that a lady who wears a "santa I know him" t-shirt is giving me fashion advice. Seriously? On another topic - Everytime I watch Big Bang Theory I think of you. I'd like to watch it with you and laugh a lot at it together.


                          zorbs - hello. hope you are well. very cute on the book.


                          eh - whatcha cooking in your kitchen?


                          ernie - NICE PACE! Lovely job.

                          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                            runnergirl - yeah for you having a busy class. I would love to have you as my instructor - you are so positive and such a great role model for people looking to get fit.


                            cx2 - are you training up for another half?


                            jm - how are you feeling after your 12m run?


                            arm - I love the long runs as much as speed work - I find them very therapeutic. DH says he notices something within me when I run long - like an inner peace.  But I know DH has little to no personal time and I didn't want my running to take time away from him, so that's why I will do at least 2 hours with the stroller and then finish up whatever is left.


                            CA - hang in there with the fussy/hungry week. Eat a bit more oatmeal, hang out on the couch a little more, hold off on those last minute chores - they can wait. I really miss those all day/all night nursing sessions. Today on the plane I felt like I was a totally different woman as I didn't have to nurse DS all the time. He spent loads of time with DH and I though "hmmm, so I do have free hands for another!".

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                            Bad Ass Mother Runner

                              Bermy - yay for smooth flights, too bad about the clueless flight attendant. Flying is so much easier when daddy can help out! Maybe soon you'll have a similar setup to my dh and I on our last trip - daddy entertaining the toddler and mommy nursing the wee one Smile. Thanks for the oatmeal reminder, I should cook up a batch for breakfast tomorrow. Today I spent all my spare time driving through snow instead of doing housework or nursing. Have fun house hunting! I hope you find the perfect house next to a fab running trail!!

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                                CA - thanks. Yes, I thought of you and your wrap and how early on you travelled. and how you take it all in your stride. you would totally be mocking me by the amount of clothes I have on right now. Yes to trail. I am going to try to run my fm programme here as much as possible and just make up the routes as I go. Funny - DS and I were in awe at the amount of neon here and DH is looking at us both like "island people... get with the programme".

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