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    Back for personals, I know it's late! I just had a fantastic run! I ran all 3 miles with no walk breaks, and was even able to pick up the pace in the last half mile. I wish I had worn my garmin, it was probably my fastest pace run in months (guessing around 11mm... speed demon LOL). Runs like that make me so glad I haven't given up running, even though it's been tough.


    Sasha - I agree with you, I usually think I can handle 7 more weeks, unless I'm at work  or driving and super uncomfortable. Luckily my boss said that I can work at home more if I get too uncomfortable at work. I'll probably start to take advantage of that in the next few weeks! Glad that DH got called into work today, I hope he gets good news from the other position soon!


    schmetterling - Nice work getting in 3 miles last night! I hope it warms up for you soon, since that means it will warm up here too! The wind chill was 15 degrees during my run! Brrr. My shower is the 10th! So soon!


    monk - I usually wouldn't think that walking was enough of a workout, but these days I'm pretty sure it's just fine!! Nice job getting to the gym 3 times this week! I can't beleive you are 1 month from your due date!! That is so exciting. I hope A is a little less tentative at soccer tomorrow.


    Hey Canada! I hope the breast feeding gets better for you, it must be so frustrating! Brrrr -43!!!! Crazy!


    trozy - Congrats on the second tri! Life is so much better in the second tri, so enjoy it! Smile Agree, the worrying will probably never stop!! Though I found myself relaxing a bit more as I started to feel him move.


    Laura - Sounds like it was a good idea to skip the workout if you were feeling that way. Sounds like you more than made up for it last night, great job! Your day sounds so busy, good luck getting it all done.


    TN - It must be so fun to see 2 babies moving around in the ultrasound. So cute that B had her feet in A's face! LOL! I would say 3 hours of cleaning counts for a week's worth of workouts! These days a half hour of cleaning and my back is killing me. Great job! I looove the blanket design!!


    Mann - Oh no, that is not cool, eating all your pretzels! I would have at least replaced them if I ate them all (not that I would lol). Ha, my belly is lopsided a lot these days. Sorry it's itching, I hope that stops!


    Have a great weekend!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


      Soooo... since I worked extra already anyway, I still took off early and DH and I went to see Gangster Squad. Lots of violence but I enjoyed it! I can tell I"m having an emotional day though... I cried a few times and I don't usually cry at movies. DH has been in touch with the company both local and corporate. Their corporate office is a bunch of idiots. This is a multi-national company here and this whole process since the layoffs were announced has been mired with issues. I"d be raising a lot more hell than DH, but whatever... at the same time he's jumping to the absolute worst case scenario and talking about getting a lawyer, so he's kinda driving me a little crazy. I'm choosing to believe it won't get to the point of legal action. What he managed to find out is that no check has been issued, but thats all he could get today. The local HR person apparently is really good at finding answers, but she was gone today. So DH is going to stew over it for the weekend. Anyway, it was nice to steal a little alone time with DH, we've been really lucky with that lately! We got home about a half hour ago and I'm coloring my hair now while DH goes to get A.


      Oh, and follow up on this morning's workout... my pelvis is so sore now... like how it was after my half marathon in October! Yikes. I'll have to wear my support belt next time I want to walk, but I may be resigned to just body flow and elliptical for the next few weeks. Anyway, gotta go rinse my head. Have a great weekend everyone!