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Cupcake Connoisseur

    Rest day for me!


    Dinner last night was fun. We went to this new foodie place called "Comfort". SO GOOD. I had a Tuna steak with brussel sprouts..yummm. His friend stayed over until 11pm - she needed to vent. But I passed out right after she left!


    Not too much going on today. I have a feeling HCBF's parents will be coming over - the world is ending to his mom since she hasn't seen him in 3 weeks.  Its crazy but I already feel the anxiety rising for when the day comes that we are wedding planning. His mom + my mom = getting eloped. LOL.



    Susan - Painting the ceiling does not sound fun haha. Sorry you had a crappy week! I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend also! Nice bike ride yesterday! Washing the dogs will be a workout in iteself haha Smile


    Diane - Oh the 30’s I will take any day Smile Nice job on the 8!! Good luck on the 12 today - are you going outside for it? Hope the Chinese was good! Wow, I haven’t had Chinese in years!


    Kathryn - Yay for no blisters! You must be a Texan now because if the race was going to end in 50’s I would be in shorts Smile I have confidence that you will make the 18. Yes yes yes you will! Holy crap you were productive yesterday. You already have to mow!?


    Margaret - Nice 14 yesterday!! Hmm I may need to look into the SuperFeet. Hope you got some yard work done!


    Tessa - Wow, nice 20 yesterday! That is quite the temperature change. Whew. What is the next race for you? Do you feel quakes a lot? My dad used to travel to CA quite frequently when he was working and he said he would feel them a lot at night. Not big ones just little ones. What a great idea on the dog washing place! WOOHOO on the money back!!! Awesome. Splurge on the shoes Smile


    Docket - What race were you supposed to be running?! I would have skipped it too. What was it supposed to be like at the end!? Oh yes HCBF and my mom schedule things on the wrong weekends all the time. Nice job with the OTF!


    Run4kupcakes - Holy crap! Crazy that that much stuck to the ground after it has been so warm!


    Cathy - GOOD LUCK TODAY!!! Hope the foot behaves!!



    Happy Sunday! I am so happy I dont have to work tomorrow!


    November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

    April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2


    WINE o'clock somewhere!

      Just liked it.  Possibly my mantra for AC.


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      Bad Ass

        Morning!  I have 13 TM miles tonight.


        Lizzie, the Ft. Lauderdale HM. Yeah, maybe you guys should just come back one day, oh, we got married!



        Finding my Fuck Yeah moment in 3, 2, 1....

          Hello friends!  Waiting for the coffee to brew so pulled out the laptop.  Got in a pretty sucktastic 14 yesterday but a decent fiver today.  I got out sort late yesterday - it was almost 8am and had just started snowing.  Not heavy but enough to coat the paths and hide all the refreeze.  I lost count how many times I almost went down.  Moved to the road when I could because that kind of snow makes it really greasy and slidy and like you are running in sand.  Mid 20s for temps with a decent breeze coming from the SW so I decided to just run North and take the bus back.  Well I sorta mis-judged and the bus only runs every half hour on Saturdays.  Missed it by a few minutes so started running back (into that dang wind) to keep moving rather than just wait for the next one.  Didn't remember the exact route it took so did end up waiting about 15min which meant I got COLD.  My hands were icicles.  20min bus ride but the end of the line is still about 2.5mi from home so then had to hoof it again from there.  More ice, more sliding and ice block hands.  Man oh man that stretch was miserable.  Wanted to quit but the only way out was to run faster to get home haha.  In the end happy to get in the miles.  Colder this morning but met RB for a super easy 5.  Winter weather advisory tonight - Tues due to wind and snow.  Fantastic.  /sarcasm.  No holiday for me tomorrow but free parking at the meters always makes me happy!!


          Ginny - hope you are having a super fun weekend away!


          All you AC runners - wowzers on that profile!!  No doubt you will all crush it and have a great time and I bow to you all already.  One more week!!


          Kat - love that quote!  Too true!  Especially can relate after my run yesterday.  Whew.  Congrats on all the productivity yesterday - sounds exhausting haha


          Lizzie - oh no hope your mom can get the week of Mem day!  You for SURE need a vacay and that will be the PERFECT time to take one after Fargo!!  Oh yum your dinner last night sounded soooo good!  Oh dear on the mom/MIL future wedding planning.  Maybe just tell us when you elope (somewhere warm and sunny please) and we will all show up. LOL  I am seriously so happy for you you get tomorrow off!  And interview on Thursday - woo hoo!!  Enjoy the relaxing rest day!!


          Lisa - so how swanky was yoga?  I love taking advantage of those kind of deals!  Sure hope you were able to avoid the dreadmill.  As sucky as my 14 was, the dreadmill woulda been worse.  And no doubt I would NOT have stayed on that thing for 14 miles.


          Sue - hooray for some outdoor biking!  OMG on painting the ceiling - that's some SERIOUS cross-training!  I feel some sore shoulders and neck coming on.


          Diane - congrats on the 8 with some running, too!  Woohoo! Good luck with your 12 today.  Will you get outside?


          Gatsby - hey hey mileage twin.  Though I'll swap weather with you.  Pretty please?


          Tessa - wow, nice 20!  Dang that is a HUGE temp swing!  Congrats on the tax returns.


          Damaris - good call on the race - that is toooooooooooooooo hot.  Good luck with your 13 later.


          HCK - nice job getting the miles in before the snow.  People are freaking at 2inches?  Okay, that's sorta funny to me.  The association doesn't even plow my place until there is more than that haha


          My FB memories the other day showed I posted something about spring fever 7 or 8 years ago.  Must have been a warm day.  Man, I wish that was this year.  Feels like spring is nowhere in sight.  Low key day here and that's fine by me.  Coffee time!!  Later!!

          Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019

            8.6 this morning. Smile


            Yesterday I painted the ceiling in the living room. Will save the kitchen and hallway ceiling for another time.  The laundry room will be the big challenge.... for another weekend...


            Dogs got their baths--I bribe them with treats and they hop right into the tub.


            Wow Tessa--20 miles!! Yes, I'm thrilled this is a three day weekend for me.  I needed one!!


            Have a great day!


              The weekend is almost over here... Meh... Pretty much non-stop sleep yesterday (nothing productive was done aside from being w K. Nothing. Sorry not sorry, the little lady is taking enough energy as it is); that apparently gave enough energy for today's game, which went well. Given my awful lack of miles in last 2 wks (not proud of lack of willpower which is the sole reason for this, nothing else) I seriously expected a near death experience on the field once I realized there are only two center players today, but it wasn't nearly that bad. So, I guess, the positive way of looking at it is - once I get my ass back to running again, it will be even better. Not dying out there after 2wks of almost no workouts is probably result of all the previous miles. Now it's just the ''easy'' part - actually getting back to consistent running *unconvincing shrug*. Totally gassed. Will probably pass out reading a book. Or feeding the cat. Or stretching. As long as there is blanket and/or DH nearby, I don't care Smile

              My running form could be described as “drunk woman slowly being chased by no one”


              ''Who needs quads anyway!?'' (c) Damaris


                Got the 12 done on the TM....30+ mph winds and I just didn't feel like dealing with that.  The chinese place was a buffet not a order place like told and it was crowded so we went to Panera instead.  I still want chinese tho.  Got some more GU and those waffle things at Academy so I'll have tide over things for the 50k.


                Hi to everyone...have to finish laundry.

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                Anonymous Guest

                  16 miles yesterday, 12 with the girl in my group that is running the half at The Woodlands, then another 4 by myself. It went pretty well, and by the time I was done the store was about to open, so I walked over to Starbucks and grabbed a coffee, then walked back over to buy some new shoes. Of course, they happened to get swamped as soon as they opened the door, only the one guy there, so I waited awhile, then when he finally had time to check they were out of my size. He ordered my some and they should be in middle of next week. Nothing like waiting until the last minute for marathon shoes.


                  Today I decided to take a rest day from running, so rode my bike an hour on the trainer instead. Now I'm not doing much and hoping this is not a migraine I feel starting. In case it is, I'm going to stop staring at this screen for awhile. So I'll just say nice runs, all, and I'll be back either later today or tomorrow for more.


                  Oh, it's in the 80s and humid here. Good day for a running rest day.

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                  Mighty Mouse

                    KATS, regarding running socks...early on when I started running, a buddy told me to double sock. This was 26 years ago so I would wear a very thin pair of socks with a regular athletic sock over it. It worked wonders. No blisters form even though I was doing long runs. In later years my yoga teacher who was also a marathoner told me to get the double layer Wright Socks. I've worn them ever since. No blisters form even on long runs. 



                    Cupcake Connoisseur

                      Hi Ladies!


                      What a lazy day! I didn't move from the couch until 1pm. I have 0 energy. My body seriously feels like I was run over by a truck..wellness wise I feel okay, not like I am getting sick - just exhausted and don't want to move. I am wondering if I haven't eaten enough carbs the past couple days. I sometimes feel like that if I am slacking on the carbs after a decent mileage week.


                      HCBF and I did manage to get out and get some fresh fish for dinner. Just lounging and watching the Olympics the rest of the night.



                      Kathryn - I love that quote! I am going to remember that. Perfect motivation for Antelope!


                      Docket - Good luck on the 13 tonight. I know you’ll rock it like usual though.


                      Sandy - WOOHOO nice job on those miles this weekend! Sorry that the 14 sucked - but you did it!! I hope you had a nice running high. Smile I commend you for continuing running after the bus ride. I mean, I know you were still 2.5 from home but I might have just gotten an uber. LOL. Nice job!! Your weather doesn’t sound fun - I am all for snow and colllddd but not when it interferes with my run THAT much. Would have been any better if you were in trax you think? The lady who called me for the interview told me to keep an eye out for the address of the place and directions (she was going to email it) but I haven’t heard from her! I sent a follow up email but still haven’t heard. Now I am scared she forgot about me! I guess I shouldn’t stress yet. I agree with Run4kupcakes about the freak out over snow - its serious. The grocery stores are EMPTY if they are even CALLING for 1”. Crazy East Coasters Smile Maybe you need a spring vacation?! It will feel like Spring soon when we spring forward.


                      Susan - Nice miles! And holy crap you have been productive this weekend. I bribe Ruger with treats too Smile


                      Kathryn and Ginny - Are you two really going to run the Chip Gaines race? I saw him post about it today and that it was only 11 weeks away. I wonder how he will do..the longest he has ever run I think is 9 miles. I would think he would need a longer training cycle!


                      Kilmisters - Wow, glad you had a great game despite any recent workouts. You must be in great shape! I think you needed all that sleep yesterday Smile Sounds like you still need some! Hope you are having a good night!


                      Diane - WOOHOO nice job on the 12!! I love Panera. Especially their iced cookies. LOL.


                      Karen - Nice 16 yesterday!! Score on the shoes! I always prefer my marathon shoes to be nice and fresh Smile Smart to take a rest day today if you aren’t feeling real well. Hope it wasn’t a migraine! 80 and humid..yuck.


                      Judy - Do those socks help with corns? Yup, thats how SEXY my feet are. Not really. They are gross.



                      Looking forward to the gym tomorrow - going to try a new class called "Active". I think its sort of boot camp style. We shall see! Its always at 9:30am on weekdays so I haven't been able to try it. Should be fun!


                      Have a great night ladies!


                      November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

                      April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

                        Quick check-in... 7.7 miles this morning, followed by coffee and getting tax crap organized.     Annual RC potluck is this afternoon, which is always fun.  And we even try to talk about stuff besides running since there are spouses and kids there.


                        Karen, oh no, hope it isn't a full blown migraine!  That weather would make me headachy, ugh.


                        Judy, Kat -- Wright socks were my go-to when I started out running.  For some reason, I got out of the habit of wearing them.  I should give them a try again.


                        DHuff, way to get the miles done!


                        Seloc, laughing with you (hopefully you are laughing?) at your running adventure yesterday.  That's one way to make yourself get the miles done!


                        Kilmisters, rest is your friend!  No point in trying to train when you've got nothing in the tank.  Give it a couple more days.


                        CrazySue, productive weekend for you!


                        Lizzie, apologies in advance for planning your wedding for you, but you should do a destination thing, someplace where they handle all the planning for you.  Then tell the parents when and where it will be.  And they won't be able to interfere, I mean, help with planning!


                        Tessa, nice 20.  I'm seriously considering the Bishop High Sierra race now.  I saw that it's not far from Mono Lake, and my dad might enjoy a trip down that way with us for a long weekend.  He and my mom were big Mono Lake supporters back in the day.


                        Kat, another mantra for you: pain is just weakness leaving the body.


                        Damaris, enjoy your TM miles later!


                        Hi Kupcakes and anyone else that I missed form the first page!


                        Ok, gotta scoot to get ready for this potluck.  Later!

                        Half Crazy K 2.0

                          8.4 miles at a faster than easy pace. What little snow that was on the sidewalks was melted by this afternoon.