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    some cross posts


    Monk- sorry to hear about the pain  you are in! Taking it easy is probably a great idea, but I imagine it is not that easy with A! Hope you start to feel better soon


    DrT- a hike sounds wonderful and way to go on your best pregnant run yet! When are you due?


    Cassie- yay! great to have you back as well...what a fun Monday with so many people back again!  Great job on your 9 miles before work- that is super impressive!! Hope you don't find the gym too packed tonight.


      Good morning, ladies!


      RR: 7 on somewhat tired legs this morning, plus my big toe on my left foot is acting up some. Yoga tonight.


      NRR: Not much. Yesterday was awesome - I got up, ran, ate, showered, and napped!  Very relaxing..starting to feel like a normal human being again.


      Running really late..personals later, if I can!


      GSD - Sorry to hear about your aunt's passing.


        Morning, all! The kitty woke me up 1 hr earlier than I should be up. Pets make great alarm clocks...if only they would get their timing just right.


        RR-Yesterday miles only ended up at about 2 miles on the TM. I'm still not feeling great and I ran late in the afternoon after watching the playoffs (Woot, Seattle!). I wasn't going to run at all, but Farmgirl's FB post inspired me to at least get something in. Cool


        NRR-First day of classes this quarter! Whoohoo! I think I'm more prepared this time than I was last quarter so I'm excited for the challenge. I got a small scholarship this quarter which will cover my books. Also, all my textbooks come as ebooks (way different from my undergrad days) so I bought a Kindle Fire and it should be here tomorrow. My back is thanking me already.


        GSD-Sorry to hear about your Aunt's passing. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


        MA-That's awesome that your coach saw you running 6 miles and pregnant. I love moments that like. Great job on the run too!


        Outwest-Great job on the run and on the productive but relaxing weekend.


        Leela-Glad to see you posting as well. It is helpful for staying on track of our goals and training.


        Dr.T-I don't think I officially congratulated you on your pregnancy, so congrats! Nice job on the hike too!




        Enjoy the rest of your Monday, ladies!


          Hey Divas! I havent' posted in FOREVER!


          RR: Had to take a training break last week because I had a little cold and realized it wasn't worth it.  So this week I am feeling better and jumping back in. Did 2 miles yesterday (it was today's run, but had to switch since Big D is out of town til Tuesday night). Tonight I'm ST'ing after G goes to bed.


          NRR: Just had to jump back into work. I took 12 days off over the holidays (missed only 4 work days, though) and it was glorious to spend that much time with Big D and Lil G.  Saw family, traveled to PA. All in all, it was wonderful.  I'm glad to be back at work but January is proving to be a big month for the lab.



          GSD - I sent you a FB message about treadmills.  I'm so glad M is on the mend!  So sorry to hear about your aunt


          MA - well done on 6 miles!  Yay for working on the nursery! I was so stressed about it last year, what a goober.  My paint debacle still has me shaking my head.


          Taylor- you are speedy!


          RLTW - glad you are feeling well and get to see your friend!


          Meli - yay for wedding stuff! what kind of volunteer work will you be doing?


          leela - good luck with the run and the different eating plan. I'm so glad B likes school!


          Lizo - great job on the workout!


          Dr T - glad you are still running comfortably! It helps so much


          Monk - sorry your SI is hurting!


          Cassie - great job on the run this morning!


          KlMcD - slow food intrigues me.  Glad you had a good weekend!


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            Since being pregnant, then breastfeeding + running high mileage (for me), I've had an insane appetite for about 18 months.  However, since being sick and taking a an easy week, and G is nursing less ... my appetite is NORMAL!  It's kind of awesome to not feel like gnawing my arm off a mere 90 minutes after eating a meal.


            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



              Morning ladies!!


              RR: Set out on Saturday to do 10 but had to cut it short at 8.5 because I was so miserable. Going over my Garmin data last night I realized why my runs haven't been going so well. Its probably because I've basically done next to nothing for two months. I've been sick for almost a month off and on and the month before that I was injured. I'm going to have to rebuild my mileage so this week I'm working on getting all my runs in but they will be much shorter than I'm used to. *sigh* this sucks.


              NRR: Had a pretty good weekend. Took down all my Christmas stuff inside the house (yes, all 3 trees!) and DH and I spent a lot of time together. We talked a lot and I told him a lot of things I'd been holding back on and I think it helped me. I'm realizing that I'm dealing with some pretty severe depression and I know I need to do something about this. I'm not really looking forward to this week because DH is leaving tomorrow to go out of town for work the rest of the week but I'm going to try to plan to do things in the evening so that I'm not sitting at home alone.


                Morning ladies!


                Monday is my Sunday! Smile


                RR. Had a fantastic 10 miler yesterday. After running so many hard, hilly trail runs, 10 miles on flat pavement felt easy-peasy! I wore my compression socks and loved them. Today is a rest day, with lots of walking.


                NRR. My parents are here for the weekend so we're having fun with them. Today we're heading to SF to go to museums, etc, then dinner.


                Can you guys please send good vibes for L? He seemed to hurt his hind leg jumping from the truck (I normally help him, but he just jumped before I could!) and isn't wanting to weight bear on it. I'm really worried it's a torn ligament or something serious. I have him on Tramadol at night and resting all day. Hoping it gets better. But will take him to the vet in a day if it doesn't. I just can't handle him having surgery at his age.



                Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                Half: 1:48

                Full: 4:34



                  Hey Ladies! I’ve been doing more lurking than posting recently…


                  RR: Nada recently, but will hopefully be able to get back to it this week… I’m watching all my goals for the year dump down the drain and will have to rethink these….


                  NRR: Just moved into a new job today at the same company, but in an actual engineering group. So far I have no software to perform the new job and no equipment to run it on… so at this rate, it’s going to be a long week! I had an issue with my eyes and allergies last week that is now fixed, and then I had 14 needles in my neck to get biopsies done on my thyroids last Thursday, so I’m still waiting for those results. Other than that, there’s been a lot of changes going on, and I’m just trying to stay focused on the positives. I hope I’ll hear news on my results today or worst case tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!


                  GSD: Glad that M is getting better. Sending you and your family many hugs and well wishes.


                  MA: Way to go on the 6 miles!!! I hope you have a nice swim and get a lane. Wow, that’s really odd about seeing your soccer coach! Glad you still run and can “show him up”. Whoot for the nursery!!!!


                  RLTW: Super exciting about SIL being due soon. I’m glad that you’ll get to be back soon and I hope you get to see your niece before you go back. Taylor: Way to go on finishing the run in the cold weather.


                  Meli: I hope you get your travel docs soon too. Whoot for save the dates! That’s exciting! Time will fly up to your wedding! So excited for you and C! Leela: Welcome back!!! I hope you had a great 4-5. Glad that B likes school.


                  Lizo: Good job getting the workout done early. I hope it’s at least a fun evening. I’ll try to check out the website today.


                  DRT: Way to go on the hike. That’s great that you were able to run continuously. I hope the game is exciting tonight at least.


                  Monk: glad you’re doing a bit better. I hope you continue to feel better!


                  Cassie: Way to go on the tempo! Glad you can stand the treadmill and you have one at home. You’re better than me with the treadmill!


                  Klmc: Have a great day cross training. Happy belated Birthday!!! Glad you had a great dinner out and got to spend time with friends.


                  OWR: I hope yoga goes well tonight.


                  Blu: Sorry you still aren’t feeling better. Glad you were able to get something in at least.


                  Sassy: Welcome back. I hope you feel a lot better now! Glad you got to spend extra time with the family too!!!


                  TX: Sorry you were so miserable doing the 10. I hope running comes back quickly!!!


                  NC: Way to go on the 10 miler. It sounds like you’re ramping up well!


                  Have a great day ladies!!!


                    Good morning, DIVAs!  Happy Monday!


                    GSD, so glad M is improving…maybe nap while she naps?  I forget, I’m sorry – do you have any races decided?  So sorry about your aunt, she sounds like an inspirational lady!


                    MA, your picture is so adorbs!  Great job on the nursery progress this weekend, that’s really awesome.  And yeah, I’d feel the same exact way about that coach…sounds like a real jerk!!  Great job with those 6 miles, too!


                    RLTW, loving your increasingly positive posts!!  Hurray for relief!


                    Taylor, I’m a dingbat…what do you use for pacing?  I have yet to figure out how to use my Garmin for specific paces for distances other than full miles, so all my tempos and intervals have been on the treadmill…and btw, 7:40s are super speedy, woman!  Whoosh!


                    Meli, JUST KEEP SWIMMING! LOL…I’ll get there someday.  Right now I’m keeping up with school and the full marathon training plan, and mostly doing strength and ab work on my own at home…hoping to incorporate even more classes (maybe not that Body Attack class though…I rolled my ankle Friday night, not smart!) Have a great evening! 4.5 Months, hurray!


                    Leela, lil C is the same way with school…he LOVES going to Kindergarten!  Great job on the training…what race?  And I’m Googling Whole30…


                    Lizo, I cut and pasted your wedding site.  How fun!  What a great idea, too!  Love the small, intimate ceremony and reception in the church’s hall…sounds lovely!


                    Dr. T, hurray for a good PG run!  And enjoy the game, good luck with the snafu’d paperwork!


                    Monk, so sorry, it sounds as if you’re really miserable!  Would just some walking and gentle stretching help?  I had a pregnancy massage with lil C….HURT a lot, she used her elbows in my hips and glutes, but afterwards I felt like a million bucks!


                    Cassie, hooray so awesome to “see” you!  BA training, woman…and I’d love a tready at home, too, as much as I’m a much bigger fan of outdoor running, it would definitely make it a ton easier to get some more miles in!!  Hooray also for booking your Boston tickets, how exciting!  You’ll rock the face off that race, no doubt!


                    klmcd, so happy your birthday was lovely!  I agree, it’s a great excuse to get together with people, that’s my favorite part!!  IOU that training plan…I’m so sorry, I keep getting distracted!


                    outwest, your day yesterday sounds PERFECT, and you deserve it with the insane work schedule you've had lately!  Good on ya!


                    Blu, I agree...our cats seem to think 3:45 is a good time to get all fired up.  Um, NEGATIVE!!  Yay for inspiring posts!  We're using the same schedule (we're training to run the same race together, it made sense!) and it's the best thing ever...no slacking for me, I'd feel to guilty!


                    SASS!  Sounds like a much needed and wonderful break for you and your family, hooray for that!!  I have to laugh when I think about my own crazies during pregnancies...it's got to be the hormones, don't you think?!?  I can remember also some insanity during labor...I just knew if I could get out into the hallway, I'd get a break from the contractions.  But seriously, that wicked nurse kept tucking my foot back in under the blanket.  Ooh, I was not a nice lady that day...well, later on I apologized for my evil thoughts, and she laughed.  She said she's gotten a lot worse, and most of those outloud!!  Glad you're feeling better and welcome back!


                    Hey, Tex...sounds like a very eye-opening and therapeutic weekend.  You'll get back into training in no time, and those endorphins will help you with the depression...I realized late in 2011 that I was absolutely "bluer" than I've ever been, and it was due to an incident at work that I let spiral inside myself, and it sort of dragged me down...I think I just sort of ran and sweat (and admittedly, "wine'd") my way though it, with DP listening and advising and hugging me through it.  She also has been known to shoo me out the door for a few miles at my worst moments, and that for me worked wonders.  Good luck to you, vent freely, and keep on moving forward!


                    norcal, sounds like a lovely few days you've got planned, how lovely!  Good vibes for L...our Shane needs surgery, the vet likened it to a torn miniscus in a human.  She's on pain meds now until the surgery, and boy if one dose is forgotten, she starts to limp right away!


                    Well, I had a 15 mile LR on the schedule for Saturday…didn’t get that in, so yesterday, I finagled 15.2 miles in…2 before work at the gym on the treadmill, then 9 around Princeton (holy hills, Batman!) right from work, and then at about 4:00, I ran 4.2 miles from home while the boys watched stuff on TV/Kindle/the iPad…so minimal guilt!  Came right home and fired up the grill, we had steak and baked potatoes and corn…a fam favorite when DP is on duty (she doesn’t eat much red meat)…back to normal tonight, though, baked chicken all around  =)  She’s doing her annual “January birthday, getting in shape” push, and it’s so frustrating…she does it for a month and is completely ripped.  Her discipline is astounding – she eats mostly protein and won’t touch a carb unless it’s a good one; all veggies and fish and chicken, she even left the noodles in the reduced fat chicken noodle soup she had for lunch yesterday!  I think she had A glass of wine last week, and that was her cheat.  Le sigh.  That’s not in the cards for me, I would be unbearable to live with, so I’m going ot keep eating and working out as much as possible!


                    Happy Monday, all!


                      Nai/Farm - I am HELLA inspired by your full training, and I think it's awesome you're doing the same plan (I was wondering about this the other day, actually).  I can't imagine 15 on a treadmill.. but breaking things up like you did, Nai, sounds reasonable to me.


                      PO - I hope you get some answers about the health stuff. Sorry to hear your plans are going down the drain.  The new job position sounds exciting, though, once you get the software!


                      Sassy - When is your half?


                      Cassie - Ooh, how exciting you bought tickets!!!  You'll have to give us your bib number so we can track you on the big day!


                      Blu - Interesting about the electronic books. That makes sense, seeing how the technology is going.


                      Tex - Hugs to you. Sometimes admitting things have been going crappy is the first step.


                      GSD - So glad to hear M is doing better. I can't imagine the stress of that situation.


                      NC - Vibes being sent to L right now. I was thinking about you two when Fay and I were out on our run this morning.


                        norcal-Keeping L in my thoughts. Hopefully, he'll be just fine very soon. I understand about not wanting surgery at this stage in his life. Give him a big hug from all of us.


                        Tex-Hugs to you. I'm glad you were able to discuss a lot of these things with DH.


                        PO-Congrats on the new job position. I hope you're able to get some answers about your health issues. Sending you lots of positive healing vibes.


                        Nai/Farm-You ladies are rockstars...that is all.


                          PO - it's only Jan 7th, your goals are not gone! I do hope you get your health stuff figured out soon.


                          OWR - half is March 17th.  11 weeks!


                          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!