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Weariness Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 18 times)


    A quick hello - sounds like Judy had a birthday! Congrats on that!


    I love the "oh-dark-thirty" way of telling time. I have that same setting on my clock too.


    Waiting for storm to hit here overnight. Already had a cancellation for an appraisal tomorrow. Something tells me it won't be a good run day.


    Had a nice surprise in the mail today; a large photocard of my living room! The decorator used her recent photos in our home to advertise. Now I have to do the rest of the house!


    Hope the allergies, knees, asthma, lack of sleep and bathroom breaks don't keep us from getting out! Happy runs to all!



    LC Runs

      Hey Ladies!


      Managed 5 evening miles, I felt so much better afterward.  Plus, I had pulled pork in the crock pot so dinner was basically all ready to go, can't beat that!


      Carol - hey there!  I hope your back feels better


      Ginny - I did oversleep yesterday.  Both mornings I woke up about an hour before my alarm, then fell back asleep deeply enough that I slept right thru it. I am sooo looking forward to longer days...


      Marjorie - great run!


      Sue - hope you feel better


      Karen - hope the storm isn't as bad as predicted.  Ironically, all of our snow is melting lol


      Camille - hope the weather warms up quickly!


      Tessa - Ha ha, I have had many a runs like that!!  Really helps speed up the last mile lol


      Damaris - sorry about the crappy work day.  This new administration we have LOVES emails, will send them all day long instead of just walking down the hallway to say something in person, ugh.  Sometimes, it's because they want to have it 'in writing' but most of the time it's because they're antisocial, which is funny since most of them are social workers and therapists.  Weird.


      Hi Carolyn!!