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Run to live; live to run

    Got a bit carried away on my run. Felt really good so I did 19.5. Oops. So much for rest.


    Carol I did see animal control on their way there when I was out running.


    Karen our weather is great too. Kinda lender to me getting carried away on my run. I so could have run a lot further too. One of those days.


    Linda I don't get it either. some people just are weird. Sorry on the deer.


    Tessa. They look to be all chickens. I saw at least 4. The Charleston laws are very clear as is the hoa. I did ask our property management group to send a letter too.



    Run to live; live to run

      Okay.... WHO was it on the forum that shared something like "There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing?"


      It was raining right up until noon, when me and my new little rag tag running group meet to do the C25K thing.  There were 5 of us today.  Two 50-somethings, and three 20-somethings!  LOL (told you we were rag tag.... haha).  It was in the low 40's and the sky was starting to brighten.  We were all glad it had stopped raining.


      About halfway through the run, the wind picked up to about 25 mph and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees.  Then, we started getting pelted by ice pellets.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   Ice pellets??  OUCH!  I'm not sure how to dress for ice pellets!  My poor little group.  But, you know, they hung in there.  Not a one of them bailed!


      So, go ahead.... fess up... who said it?   LOL



      Wasn't me.




        Had a great birthday weekend.  Did a little retail therapy Friday afternoon.  Saturday 10 of us did a 21 mile bike ride in the park.  Beautiful day!  I like riding there--it is a 6 mile loop, so you don't get lost, you can always wait for the group to catch up with you on the next loop, and there are no dogs chasing you.  Afterwards went to the new triathlon store with DD, we signed up for a 5k in two weeks there and went to lunch.  Did the group run early Sunday morning.  We had a nice Easter, DS2, DD and her BF made it to church with me.  Fixed a big brunch afterwards.  I skipped out on the open water swim training yesterday......


        Group power this morning was fun.  Packed room again.


        Marjorie--I would love to have chickens, but with weimaraners   it is out of the question.  One of my neighbors has them, never hear a peep.  She gave us eggs one time.  They were all different shapes, sizes and colors.  I would ask the HOA to send them a letter first before calling animal control.  Just my $.02.  19 miles--great run!


        Yay Julie and Linda!!

        Linda--one time I was on a bus for Army Reserve training and we hit a deer.  The driver said most serious wrecks occur when the driver tries to miss the deer and loses control of the car.  Better off to hit it and stay on the road.  Scary, I know.  One of my dad's coworkers was killed in a deer strike many years ago.  He used to call Dad "Bambi killer" b/c he hunted every deer season.  Karma?


        Run to live; live to run

          Sue good for you on the birthday.  I am the HOA president so I already had the letter sent but we did Animal Control too.  It is a city ordinance and people don't always take the HOA seriously.  They live on one of the ponds.  I'm sure the gators are eying those chickens too.  Or one of the foxes will find it's way there.




            Julie, I don't think it was me, because I don't live in an area where one's life would normally be in danger as a result of inappropriate clothing, only one's comfort. Maybe Lisa? And good for your group for toughing it out. I would guess that ice pellets (hail?) would need at least a couple of layers of clothing to protect the skin.


            Marjorie, you are right, I bet those gators are eyeing the chickens with interest. Why don't the owners put out a few condiments while they're at it? And there's a reason that "fox in the henhouse" is a well known phrase.


            Susan, glad you had a good birthday weekend. No way to train weims that chickens are off limits? (I still snicker about your sugar glider story.)


            Still snickering about church yesterday. SIL is in the choir. Sis got recruited as children's choir wrangler since the kids were singing at both services and needed an adult with them to keep them in order and take them out to blow off some steam when they weren't going to be doing anything for a while. They figured out very quickly that you do not piss off Miss Alexandra. Sis does not take any guff.

            All of them, including Sis, were in black cassocks and white cottas (surplices). As Sis led her brood of charges out, they looked like nothing so much as a mama penguin leading a flock of chicks.

            I said as much to Sis and I think she agreed with the ornithological simile. She flipped me the bird.


            Run to live; live to run

              yep.  They have a small fence but it is not a large fence. If the gators can figure out how to get in I'm sure it will.  I'm surprised the fox has not found it yet.  But then the fox tends to not be in the back of the neighborhood.  Only a matter of time. I did run by the house on my way back from my long run and nothing was on the door and a car was there so i think the animal control guy did speak to them.


              Giggling on the penguins comment Tessa



                Sue:  I'm glad you had a good weekend.  Happy belated b-day!


                I ran 8 hilly miles, today. there was 0 chance of rain, and as soon as I got dressed it started to drizzle.  When my DH pointed out that it was raining, I said that I was confident it would stop soon.  A few minutes later it started to really come down.  I checked the weather again.  It said that there was a 40% chance of rain at 10:00, but 0 chance at 11:00.  Ok, I'll wait till 11:00.  At  11:00 it wasn't clear, but it wasn't raining.  As soon as I left the house, it started to rain.  At that point it was getting ridiculous.  I needed to just run, but I knew I had a hard run, so I didn't want to do it without my mp3.  I did some errands and I told myself that no matter what, I was going to run when I got home.  Finally, I just went out.  It was drizzling a little at first, but I took my mp3 anyway.


                The run was hard, just as I anticipated, but I did it faster than I've ever done it before.  I dislike speedwork more and more, so I have decided that it is speedwork to just run this route as fast as I can.  I try to do it once a week.  I don't know how valid a training methodology that really is, but it better than intervals.  What I really need to do is flat tempo runs.  I don't have a lot of flat and I can't imagine running around the track for 5 miles, so I basically just don't do them very much.

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                  FE today on Becky's Bluff.


                  Glad that we saw this after we were done and not before.  We went up Marble Mine Trail (the Moderate one) and came down Jenkin's Gap Trail (the strenuous one)... apparently that is the Marble Mine / Pinhoti loop shown here.  Also is the start/finish for the Twisted Ankle Marathon. The rest of it runs along the ridge of the mountain.



                  Bottom of the hills/mountains.


                  View from the top of the trail... from the Pinhoti.


                  View from along the trail going up. Tried to get a sense of the side and how fast is dropped down.



                  With my Sis In Law under the waterfall at the base of the hill/mountain.


                  was a pretty hike.  We kept is slow since sis in law hasn't hiked as much lately but that was fine.  So great to get to meet with Camille and share the day!  We missed taking a pic of our 2 cars in the Georgia parking lot.. one from Michigan and one from Alaska.  Funny.  Camille is just as warm and sweet in person as you would expect.  Can't wait to see her again when she runs Detroit in the fall!


                  I'd do Twisted Ankle after having seen the trail. The up along Jenkin's Gap Trail would be taxing as it's pretty darn steep but I don't think that hands would be involved.  It's also pretty darn long for that steep, certainly not "runnable" but the top along the ridge was lovely with trail part that we saw in great shape.  Considering it's less than 90 minutes from family's home this would be fun!


                  Hoping to get to the Alabama section of the Pinhoti trail tomorrow morning. There is a trail head less than 20 miles from here.



                  LC Runs

                    Hello again!


                    Ran 5 miles after work, 2 with a friend. Very windy out there, holy smokes!  I think this has been the windiest winter on record Shocked


                    Hey Marjorie!  My BF tinkered with the idea of chickens, I put a kabosh on that real quick.  I love fresh eggs but buy them from a lady I work with.  There is no way I want to deal with all that racket and I'm sure my neighbors feel the same!


                    Hi Carol - hope the DD's stick with the health program!


                    Karen - your boss sounds like a lot of people I work with, lol


                    Linda - ugh, scary about the deer, happens all the time around here.  So glad you are okay!


                    Tessa - thankfully, it only snowed a little bit, none of it stuck to the ground, there are still patches of it around though.


                    Julie - I shared your wind today lol

                    LC Runs

                      Sue - happy belated birthday!!


                      Lisa - wow, great pictures, looks like fun

                      Bad Ass

                        Evening, ladies.  Just got home.  Glad to see everybody doing well.


                        Julie, sorry I missed the news about your race. Congratulations!


                        Crazysue, happy belated birthday!


                        Lisa, great pics.


                        Everybody, have a nice evening.  Will see you tomorrow!



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                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!



                          Lisa, ooh, envious. I would like to do TA sometime.