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      Happy new year, everyone. We're all going to have an exciting year ahead of us Smile


      PGR: 37w2d. Up at 5:30 with some acid reflux issues. Guess I can blame that curry I had for dinner! But it was soooo goooood! How could something so delicious be so vengeful? I've had about 4 TUMS already and am currently on the couch with my head propped, waiting for the acid to move back down and let me sleep. I was in bed by midnight (Party Animal!) so I've had some sleep - just looking forward to a few winks more.


      PGR2: Doctor appointment tomorrow to discuss birth plan and to test for that bacteria. Also, my appointment is in the afternoon, so I'm a little worried at how that will affect my weight gain - ha.


      ER: There was a midnight run last night in my neighbourhood, which I vow to take part in next year. While other areas of my city are filled with drunk people, mine was teeming with runners ready to do a 5k in really cold weather. Love it. Will do the DVD today for sure. Maybe a walk with the dog this morning too to count the 'walk of shames' - all the hungover ladies making their way back home in the wee hours of the morning while still wearing their NYE outfits. I'm so bad.


      NPGR: Can't wait to enjoy our yummy new years breakfast! And for dinner, I'll stick with the less-acid-reflux-inducing saag paneer leftovers- DH can have the tandoori chicken.


      Back for personals later


        Hey Ladies! Happy 2013! Can't believe it's here already!


        PGR: 29w5d. Feeling huge! I have an appointment tomorrow and I am dreading the scale. Haven't got on in like a month... Baby is definitely growing a lot, especially over the week I spent at home. My 19 year old brother agreed with me when I said I thought I had gotten visibly bigger in the time I was there. I can now see my belly move often, and the kicks are getting much stronger. I also feel the baby's butt pushing against the outside of my stomach a lot. When we were on the drive (17 hours) and the baby was scrunched up for a long time, I could feel it kicking on the inside of my ribs. Actually feels like being tickled from the inside. Super weird!


        RR: Worked out three times in the week I was home, but I did not run at all. I think I've had to give it up. I just didn't have  enough of a base pre-pregnancy to keep it up. Maybe next time around... I did get in a couple great 4 mile walks (tons of hills) and a spin session and some wights. Yesterday DH and I went on a walk to Barnes and Noble and back (5 miles total), and it felt great. Planning another long walk today since B&N was closed for New Years when we got there.


        NPGR: Sorry I've been SO absent! When I go home to be with the fam I kind of fall of the internet altogether. I guess I get all the interaction I need with them. We had a wonderful Christmas! The drive was NOT fun due to being pregnant. Lots of leg swelling. UGH! But after we got there everything was fine. Mom made around 10 types of Christmas cookies and I had brought some as well and made more while we were there. We had the perfect mix of doing things and relaxing, which was great. We went out as a family two days before Christmas, which was wonderful. And the rest of the time we pretty much stayed home or at my Grandma's (who is less than a mile away). My niece and nephew are precious! DH got lots os time with my 6 month old niece, who loved him! It was nice to see him interacting with a baby. Makes me more confident about having our own.


        Back for personals shortly! I've missed you all!


          Happy New Year all, looks like some of us had a late night and are still in bed!


          YJPM - Mmm, I love curries too, bummer on the acid reflux though,boo. That is so neat your community has a midnight run for NYE! How's that for kicking off a year of good resolution? Enjoy counting those on the walk of shame Smile




          PGR 36w1d. Was tired yesterday...and by the evening was feeling a little emotional, esp when DH unwittingly hit a nerve by saying he was going flying with a workmate after work tomorrow instead of me as had been "albeit casually' previously arranged. And then he was talking about going away skiing Thursday night and...I was just throwing myself a little pity party. i don't want to slow him down at all esp when the emotion is simply a result of my own envy! So I had  silent cry then mentioned it just lightly to DH later in bed when he picked up i was having a low day. he said he'd carry the baby if he biologically could because he can cope much better with "sitting around" than I can!! (ha he says that but...my DH doesn't sit still much ever, always some project on the go). Anyways, yada yada, slept well last night (oh thankyou progesterone) so feeling much better today. I think I remember swimbike feeling anxious/low moments around this time too, now I'm trying to remember what I said as advice!!  Maternity photo shoot this afternoon.


          ER - 30min on elliptical yesterday and 30min weights, today a swim and water jog.


          NPGR - We are dogsitting for a work buddy of mine for 2 nights; it's a small dog pomeranian/chiuahua mix or something? Whatever, she is hilarious! So funny to listen to DH with her this morning when he got up for work. She snuggled up into our dirty clothes pile to sleep last night rather than her luxurious looking bed and is one of those "super-perky" dogs, hilarious.


            YJPM: Hilarious! I guess I'm never out early enough on New Years Day to see the "walk of shame." SO funny! Of course, I actually never go out partying on New Year's Eve either... Usually stay home with the fam and play games. None of them are drinkers. Sorry about the acid reflux. Mine acts up at the weirdest times. Usually while working out, which is a serious bummer!


            Ozzy: I totally understand being emotional. DH went out with some people from his program for a bar night for his birthday. I was working really late so there was no way I could have gone, and probably wouldn't have had a whole lot of fun anyway since I can't drink, but I still got really upset about it. Like you said, chalk it up to dumb hormones. But it doesn't make it any easier. Your friend's dog sounds super funny! Leave it to a dog to sleep in the dirty laundry!


              Sasha - glad to hear your holiday with family went so well, it must be awesome to have such a huge family! 28-30wks is when i went home to see my family and that seemed to be a really noticeable change in belly size time for me too....sounds like you did great with getting in some exercise though, I'm sure the scales won't be too rude to you!


                So yeah, don't know what I did to post that first way before I was ready!


                Happy new year mamas! We definitely have a fun year coming up!!


                ER: Ha. Hopefully tomorrow.


                PGR: 31w4d. Not much new... appointment on Thursday. I don't know if my OB would check my sick or if I need to make an apointment with my primary? Not looking forward to the weigh-in like many here. Having my working out go down so much right at the holidays when I was eating a ton surely wasn't good. I"ve stopped weighing myself at home, I figure its just better not to know. Due date only 2 months from today!!


                NRR: Ugggh. I feel mostly OK, like I think I could go to work. My throat is sore though... its better during the day when I can keep it "active" by eating or drinking, lol (plently of water but I've also been indulging in diet hot cocoa!). Its miserable at night though. I just don't know if this is all a cold or if its turning into strep or something else, my asthma is acting up too for the first time in months, it tends to show up when I get sick... and my nephew's first birthday party is this weekend so I hope this either goes away or I can get it checked out so I can go! My nephew was born 8 weeks premature last year on Jan. 5 in an emergency c-section b/c my sister had pre-eclampsia. She was due Feb. 28, the day before I'm due this year so I'm feeling a little anxious for no good reason since this is the same time period, even though I have no signs of any of the complications she had! I'll be glad to get to 33 weeks and forget about that. OK, so that was partly into PGR. Anyway, I could work, but since we're off, I'm letting DH do all the work since I had to do extra work when he was sick. He's giving A a bath and I'm letting him go pick up food for lunch. Tomorrow we're both getting back on the diet wagon. I need to take a nap today and I do need to try and get some work done in the house... DH loaded the dishwasher but I need to wash some dishes in the sink, he never does that. I haven't left the house in two days, no reason to leave today. Kinda nice but I'm also kinda bored.


                Anyway, sorry to be all over the place there. DH and I went to bed at 11 last night after we watched the ball drop in New York. I kinda wanted to stay up til midnight since we were up that late, but we were just too tired (he's better but still a little sick too). A slept in a bit this morning too, so I wish we'd gone to bed earlier. I knew when the new year was here though because our neighbors were setting off fireworks every hour from 9 to midnight. Today we're watching football. The main game for us is the Rose Bowl, Wisconsin's in that game for the third year in a row... hopefully we'll win! I'm making a nice New Years dinner of meatballs if I feel up to it. Have a great day ladies!

                Laura G in Idaho

                  Ozzy - Of course you are a bit emotional.  You are 36 weeks pregnant!  You don't want to be left alone at home while hubby lives it up.  It's almost like your nest is being disturbed anytime plans are made that don't include you, or (on super emotional days) revolve around you and the new baby.  This is a highlight in your life, and it is so exciting.  So, don't dismiss it as stupid.  Your feelings are valid, even when you are hormonally charged.  Since husbands can't experience what we get to experience, they sometimes have a hard time relating.  Even after lots of babies with my man, he still doesn't "get it" sometimes, but he has learned that it goes a long way in making me feel better if he's considerate and caters to me a bit.  Also, my husband has had the benefit of seeing the reproductive cycle repeat itself so many times, he now can see clearly how these seasons of pregnancy and breastfeeding are temporary.  I remember with our first baby, I felt he was aloof at the end of the pregnancy, and he was gone often.  It hurt my feelings a lot!  After the baby came, he seemed to get jealous of the intensity of my relationship with our son.  It was almost like he was competing for my love and attention.  It wasn't until we had the next couple of children that he started to understand how much I needed his presence and support at the end of my pregnancy.  It's a very vulnerable time for a woman, even strong, active women like us.  And, he stopped competing with the baby for my attention (and I also mellowed out and stopped hovering over the baby so much).  Anyway, I don't know if that helps at all, but I guess I just wanted you to know you're totally normal, and it's completely valid to feel the way you feel.  Have a great time at your maternity photo shoot today!


                  RR:  Ran 4 miles yesterday.  No run planned today.


                  ER:  Our local YMCA is open from 10-6 today, so we're going to make use of it.  Plan to bike and swim today.  I haven't done either for so long, I wonder if I forgot how, especially on the swimming!


                  PGR:  23 w 4 d - feeling great.  Baby moves around all the time.  Not into my ribs yet (thank you!).  I'm thinking the old cartoon "Inspector Gadget" with the extension arms would be really helpful for tying shoes when pregnant.  My weight is holding steady for a few days, and I'm thankful for that.  I gained a lot of weight initially, and I'm afraid of another enormous 50+ lbs of extra weight like the last few pregnancies.  It takes a lot of work to lose it afterwards.


                  NPGR:  I didn't stay up to ring in the new year, but here's hoping 2013 is happy, plentiful, prosperous, peaceful, healthy, fit, and that freedom, righteousness, and love for all prevails!

                  MA runner girl

                    Hi ladies! Happy New Year!!! Sure is going to be an exciting one for all of us Smile


                    RR: Will be going out for 3-4 later. I think I'm going to try the roads, they are clear and I'm not up for the treadmill again. I'll probably skip my sidewalk route since it's probably still snowy (isn't it a law to shovel your sidewalk!? SO annoying!)


                    PGR: 28w2d. I am still in awe that I'm this far along. I wonder if I'll keep saying that until I'm due, or if at some point time will stop. I'm sure it will in another month or so when we are in the dead of winter. I feel good, last night my belly started hurting just after midnight. Like I couldn't hold it up any longer so I laid down on the couch. It felt better immediately. Anyone else ever have that happen?


                    NPGR: Our NYE was fun, we had a TON of food, and played games with friends. Perfect way to bring in the new year. Every new year I spend the day cleaning the house. After weeks of a chirstmas tree and decorations and baking my house gets GROSS. It is a great feeling to go into the new year with a clean house. So far I've taken the decorations off the tree and put all the other ones away, and DH took the tree out. I swept up all the pine needles and now I'm about to vacuum the house. I'm determined to get my eating under control. I threw out all the cookies/candy/sugar, etc this morning and it felt good!! Now hopefully I don't have too many cravings. I have some sweet flavored sugar free gum that may help with that! Smile

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      Monk: So sorry to hear you are not doing well. I haven't been keeping up with you all at all in the last couple weeks, but it sounds like this has been going on for a while? It's so miserable to be preggo and sick! I hope you get better soon. Do you use colodial silver? I got the spray stuff at the health food store and it has worked wonders for me! It was recommended by both my midwives. Staying at home and watching football sounds like a good idea. Hope you all feel better soon!


                      Laura: I'm sure since you have had so many babies you are already familiar with the good months, but 24 weeks was a wonderful time for me! Actually most of my pregnancy has been good, but it's such a nice size still Smile. I need to look into YMCAs etc since DH's gym membership is over now that he has graduated, which means I can no longer get discounted membership. I did the bike over Christmas and realized that I liked it more than I expected, probably now that I'm bigger I can appreciate it more. +1 to extendable arms!


                      MA: Your picture on facebook is super cute! You are looking so good! My belly aches when I have to work long hours while standing up, but it usually hurts in the bellybutton region (diastasis). So weird. We left all the sweet stuff at my parents' house, 17 hours away. So no temptation here! But I miss the biscotti with my coffee... I have GOT to get the house under control too. Had a baby shower over Christmas and now we have nowhere to store things!

                      MA runner girl

                        I guess my body isn't up for marathon cleaning sessions anymore... my back is KILLING me after 2.5 hours, so I'm taking a break. The kitchen floor and bathroom can wait an hour or 2!


                        YJPM - Sorry to hear about the reflux issues, I hope you got back to sleep! haha Love the walk of shame, I hope you got to see some of that! All of my dr appts are at 6pm... UGH! I am going to weigh myself in the morning before my appt this time so I know what my "real" gain is Smile


                        Sasha - Ha, everytime I see my brother (usually once a week) he notes that I look bigger. Thanks bro! lol I'm glad you had a good vacation, sounds nice. My nephew is almost 9 months old (and the cutest thing ever!!!) and it's been so fun this year watching DH interact with him, I can tell that he is so ready to be a dad! It's super cute Smile


                        Ozzy - I'm sorry you were having a down day yesterday. Only a few more weeks though! Have fun at your maternity shoot! I haven't decided if I want to have one or not.


                        Monk - 2 months until your due date... crazy! I hope that you start feeling better so you can go to your nephew's bday party. I can't beleive it's been a year since he's been born. I understand feeling anxious, but like you said, you haven't had the complications your sister had, so I'm sure you are fine!


                        Laura - I hope you don't gain as much weight this pregnancy, I can imagine it's tough to lose that much weight! Good luck with the swim, I thought the same thing about forgetting when I started again at your point, but I picked it right up! Kinda like riding a bike.

                        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                          Hi All - I am new here. Still need to get used to the abbreviations....so my apologies!


                          PGR: 12w0d


                          RR: Have not been able to run much since got pregnant due to an injury, pretty bad morning sickness, and the flu. Think I have run 3 times since I got pregnant, which stinks as I ran a half marathon with a PR about 2 weeks prior to getting pregnant. Hoping I can get back into it at some level. Though I do not plan to run as far as I was. Did run during previous pregnancy so any amount would be great this time around.


                          So I guess that is it....once I get the hang of this I'll write more.  Looking forward to the group!

                          MA runner girl

                            Hi VeganMama! Glad you found us. We typically don't post on the weekends, so look for a new post tomorrow Smile

                            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                              Hi VeganMama - welcome and congratulations! We tend to post Mon-Fri with only a couple of us lurkers checking in occasionally on a weekend...congrats on a running PR prior to the pregnancy, I think that's pretty nice timing actually Smile Hopefully your m/s is starting to subside...


                              Some abbreviations i can think of...m/s - morning sickness, hb - heartbeat, pg - pregnant, NPGR - Non pregnancy related news; ER - exercise related, BH - Braxton Hicks contractions.....ummm, can't think of any others for now!