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Tomato Tuesday (Over 40) (Read 21 times)

Bad Ass

    Ugh, I just had a bunch of shoutouts and pressed the back button by accident, ugh!


    Sorry.  Hello to all!  Now for shorter shoutouts than before.


    camille, hope you find the right dress.


    Susan, hiya!


    LC Runs, nice run and weights.


    THM, nice run.  My day is so crappy I thought you said hope you have a CRAPPY day, LOL.


    Karen, enjoy your mile repeats.  I have a 5K this weekend but it's not a PR attempt.  And the PR Marathon next weekend.  Looking forward to running in my birthplace, since I have not done that in 9 years.


    Marjorie, nice run!


    Tessa, doh at me doing a 50.  I would love to, but it will depend on my husband...not going crazy and divorcing me.


    Fran, sounds like a good walk.



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

    Tar Heel Mom

    The one drinking wine

      Tessa, our new place is around the corner from a farmer's market!

      LC Runs

        Ugh, rain, rain , not to mention the temp has dropped, they are calling for snow showers overnight Angry  So, no evening run for me.


        Susan - I found the link on our RW page, I am interested!!



          Susan, I don't think anyone else from this forum from MI is going now, Carol's relay team got into a race the same weekend and Lisa's nephew is getting married that same day in California. Ginny is going, though.


          And runnertype from runango.com is coming, I believe, she's in Holland. I'm not sure if she's driving or flying, though.