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Run to live; live to run

    Fran everyone is very friendly. This is a great group of women.


    Karen I don't untie my shoes either. I used to but these tone tied they feel good so they stay tied. I don't think it will hurt te ankles unless it is really tight and you focus/struggle on getting them off.


      Fran-congrats on the long run. Believe it or not but no one here started out running as an infant (LOL) so we've all been where you are. I started WALKING to lose weight then ran out of time to walk so started to do little pickups that eventually got longer and longer.  I remember on a treadmill having a goal of running for a whole entire minute.  The other one that sticks in mind was the treadmill walk where my goal was 3 whole minutes of running.  Ironically when I completed my 50 mile race I had nearly the same goal... "please let me be able to run for a whole 3 minutes straight"  Smile  With sciatic nerve acting up I'm back at that same goal.  The difference.  I know it will happen. You are in some uncharted territory so have reason to be skeptical and a bit afraid.  But, know this, if you are persistent, patient and humble in your approach to running you can do ANYTHING.  I sort of blew the "humble" part by running hard 3 weekends in a row.  Now I am being humbled. Also, each and everyone of is different. What works for one person is a horrific mistake for another.  Most of the fun of this running thing is the journey, not the destination.  When you hit the destination you have to stop.


      Karen-can I blame my sciatic nerve flare up on one of your list items?  wait... I must humbly say it was my own fault. I guess if you fell while trying to get tied shoes off then that would be bad for you.


      Sun came out and it's soaring up to the mid 40's!!!  Spring!?! <love threshold for enjoyment of spring here in Detroit>




        LCruns - Great to see you today!  We scooted out as soon as Jenny got done (she had to get home and run 3 more miles)...I was hoping to wait around to see you at the finish and would have loved to get a picture to post - it is always fun to see when forum people meet up! That was awesome of you to run with RB....when we passed on the trail I was thinking about how l-o-n-g of a race this was going to be for you!  Bet you couldn't wait to get home and run your own 4!  What about that water...wow, that was cold!  I was afraid of blisters too, but luckily didn't get any either.



        Ran a fun Half today...ended up with 2:09.  My intention was to keep pace 9:40 ish and that worked.  The sun was out and and other then the ankle deep water that Laura described was a pretty course.




          Damarias - Can't even imagine those warm temps....you would probably do amazing up here in brrrrr country!


          Camille - I LOVE how you too do spontaneous races.....sounds like a great one too!  Sometimes those are the best ones.  I do like keeping my running to a point that I can pull off a Half when I want....now a Full....another whole story!


          AmyTHM - So glad to see you here!  Glad you are going to get out of your rental.


          Karen - Sorry about missing the race b/o of stomach issues.....   DH's....Roll eyes  that is all I am going to say about them......


          Ginny - Enjoy your day!  Since DH has retired I rarely am home alone....and when I am I cherish it!!!


          Lisa - Hope your injury starts to get better soon!


          Julie - Too funny on the Gators.....a doc I used to work with in L&D used to say "I'm up to my a%$ in alligators" when things used to go  crazy!  Sometimes it feels like it doesn't it!



            Ugh.  Back hurt all day.  Decided not to run.  Was pouring buckets this morning, then a 2 hour meeting after church and lunch (which was nice of them to do).  Got home around 2, back still sore.  Decided to give it a rest.  Sad  Sewed this afternoon, so it wasn't a total loss.


            I am having "green" problems.  Two skeins of green yarn--gone!  Poof!!  Favorite spring green crop pants -- IDK WTH they are.  Tore the house up.  Nada.  If anyone finds them, let me know......  So irritating!!!!


            Yay Amy!  Glad you are getting out of the rental.


            Chiro tomorrow I hope.  They were not answering the phone on Friday.  I was really too uncomfortable to be messed with Friday anyway.


            Ordered new triathlon gear.  Joined the local "official" tri group, Ticking Tri Bombs.  They were very helpful in training for the Traditions Tri.  Several of my GatorBait friends (and we were the first real training group around here, but we are limited to a group of about a dozen women) are TTBs also.  Tick tick ......BOOM!!  Nice to have some equally insane people to train with, although some of them are really out there!


            Hope everyone had a good weekend.

            Bad Ass

              sue, hope your back feels better and I hope the chiro can fix it!


              Carol, I would love to live in colder climates.  Damn husband, LOL.


              Have a nice night, everybody.  Off to finish one last load of laundry!



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)