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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles last night. I surprised myself by running a lot more than walking. My pelvis doesn't ache anymore than it did before so I'll take that as a sign I don't need to stop. Today will probably be a rest day, unless we go for a lunchtime walk. It's supposed to rain and I just can't get motivated to walk in the rain like I can with running.


      PGR: 37w3d. Last night he was SUPER active and I had a ton of BH. At one point I was wondering if I had a real contraction, but I'm not sure. So probably not. Got the rest of the infant laundry done and put away last night. I love doing baby laundry, it's so cute and fun to think about him wearing everything, and how small he will be Smile


      PGR2: Anyone have any good resources for questions to ask pediatricians, or just some questions you would ask? We are meeting one tomorrow and I'm not good at coming up with questions. I will ask about immunizations, as well as discuss our trip to Mexico, but other than that I have no clue!


      NPGR: Was actually pretty productive last night! I folded and put away our laundry as well as the baby laundry and I paid a bunch of bills. I'm hoping to do some more paper work (shredding and filing) tonight, as well as get going on the taxes. Today I'm in the office, but I plan on working at home tomorrow and Friday, so I think I can handle it. Wink I've been really good about getting things ready for me to leave this week. Everything is documented finally and I'm meeting with a few people over the next few days to transition my work.


      Have a great day!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA - Great job being productive - and great job on the run.


        PGR: 29w1d.  Baby B likes to stick her fist/elbow out right under my belly button - so weird.


        PGR2: Mjaor pelvic pain.  Can barely walk.  Going to try and get in to see the chiropractor - I'm nervous about labor and delivery if I'm in this much pain just walking/lying down.


        ER: Probably nothing, as a result of pelvic pain.  I'm very frustrated, as I feel everything exercise-related aggravates my pelvis. Sigh.


        NPGR: We got a bunch of snow, probably almost a foot, but the roads are clear, so it's not too bad. I have a haircut tonight - might be my last one before babies arrive.  I'll probably have her take off a little extra because of that, so it doesn't end up crazy overgrown if I don't get back before they are born. Not like i have any sort of major style or anything, it just gets unmanageable if it gets too long.


          Started a thread earlier but neglected to call it "preggos."


          Here's what I wrote:


          Well, everything is shut down for a snow day here in DC, but I'm not really seeing any snow...I guess it's coming? Between living in Toronto and Michigan for most of my life, I have a hard time understanding reactions to snow in this city!


          ER - Not sure what I'll do since it seems I'm housebound. Might try to rent a video via amazon or netflix to do something at home.


          PGR - 36w4d. We finally got our dresser/changer last night. We're having everything delivered to my friend's place since deliveries typically get stolen off our porch here. So it's a bit of a pain to go pick stuff up (but better than the alternative). Hoping DH will put it together today since he's really on a snow day, whereas I actually need to work from home. Have been going back and forth between feeling excited and feeling a bit cranky this week. Normal? It's not that I'm that uncomfortable. I am just missing having a "normal" body. And I'm not big on uncertainty (I know...get used to it), so the feeling of "when is the baby coming?" is kind of unpleasant for me. Trying to just bank on her coming post-due date, but it's hard.


          NPGR - Not much...just hoping to be semi-productive today.


          MA - Nice job on getting so much done! We decided to just meet our ped after the birth since they charge $100 for a prenatal appointment here (not covered by insurance)! But maybe ask about breastfeeding support, policies around calling for advice...? Love looking at the little outfits, too.


          TN - Sorry about the pelvic pain. Really hope a chiro can help Sad I also just got my hair done with the thought being, "not sure when I'll be back!"


            Morning all.


            ER - Still nothing yesterday, unless you count snow shoveling. We got about 6 inches I'd guess, maybe even a little more. By the time I wanted to go to the gym, the roads were a mess and I figured my gym being part of the park district might close early. So today for sure.


            PGR - Not much going on. I was going to take a belly pic yesterday and didn't get around to it.


            NPGR - Set up my phone last night. That was kind of a hassle but I'm glad it's done. Now to find a decent waterproof casing to go around the edges so what happened last time doesn't happen again. DH has an otterbox but I'm not really a fan of it since it makes the phone heavy and the screen hard to read when it gets smudgy. I had a cheaper flexible cover but DS kept taking it off. So I'm sure I'll find a compromise.


            MA - If your ped is a single dr., not part of a group, ask about what to do about if she were on vacation/out sick. Also, look at the hours. Are there evening hours available, weekends? Can you ask questions via email or phone if you don't want to/are unsure if you should come in?


            Liz - 100 dollars for a prenatal visit, yikes! I had a laugh about DC's reaction to snow. Sounds similar to the gear up to the storm here. It's not a shocker, we get snow here in Chicago, especially in winter. I don't know why, but I feel like as the years go by people are becoming less accustomed to dealing with weather. Though with how this winter started out where we'd get these awful storm predictions and then .25'' of snow, I suppose it's not totally unwarranted.


            TN - Hope the chiro provides some relief. I keep thinking about a haircut and not doing it, so good for you for getting one.


              MA - I was worried about the whole pediatrician thing since it seemed like everyone "interviewed" multiple pediatricians, etc.  I grew up in a small town, with ONE pediatrician, so you got that.  No other options.  We've had two different pediatricians due to changing insurance providers and to be honest, I don't think it's that big of a deal.  I mean unless you are strongly against vaccinations or you have some family history of a genetic disease, most interactions with the ped are going to be weight-height-head measurements, check for diaper rash, get shots, and see if mom has any questions.  And the occasional sick appointment.  Not that it's "easy" but for us, it wasn't the same sort of research as choosing say an oncologist for DH cancer stuff.  Until you have the baby I think it's hard to get a read on a pediatrician.  Ours is a little awkward with adults but comes alive when she sees our little one running around the room in her diaper.  The dr is great about letting our daughter touch as much as is safe (play with the stethoscope, hold a cotton ball, crayons for the crinkly paper on the table - but I would NEVER have seen that or gotten that impression from her just interviewing her.  If that makes sense.


              Sorry that was long - we picked one based on proximity to our house so if little one was sick we could get their quickly without driving across town.  Other than that, we've had no issues with our routine appointments or sick appointments.  It's very low stress.  I get the time off work for appointments, but DH job isn't as flexible.  Sounds like your job is flexible so that probably won't be an issue for you.


              Good luck!  I would chat up the reception desk staff and see if they are nice.  Nothing is more annoying than a b!tchy receptionist when you are calling in for a sick kid!

              Laura G in Idaho

                Being a part of this forum/group has really made this pregnancy a lot more fun for me, and given me tons of motivation to continue exercising.  I think by the time a woman gets to her 11th pregnancy, it's just same old, same old, all the time.  No one in my offline life is really excited for me, or truly interested in the pregnancy, aside from my husband, and a few of my children.  I wish in-laws and my parents cared, but really, they don't (well, the only caring they have expressed to me is that they are very concerned for my health, having so many children... why do I have to have so many kids, anyway?  Is this the last one?  When am I going to stop?).  So this group has really served a purpose and filled a need I didn't even know I had.  Thanks, ladies!


                ER:  Walked on an incline on the treadmill today, then did my strength training, then walked uphill some more.  I think I like that better than the elliptical, and it got my heart rate up a lot faster than I thought it would.  Getting all the machines I wanted to use for my strength training wasn't easy today.  I wanted to do a leg press, but the machine I normally use was not open the whole time.  I would start that direction, and someone else would slip in and take it before I could get there every time!  So, I finally grabbed some free weights and tried to do some squats.  Problem is, I have to spread my legs pretty far to accommodate my belly, and so I couldn't just dangle the extra weights at my sides because I would run into my legs with them as I bent my knees.  So then I tried dangling the weights in front of me, but that really messed with my posture on my upper back/shoulders.  I found I was hunching my shoulders forward, so that was no good.  After my workout, frustrated at my attempts to do a leg press/squat, I asked one of the trainers to show me any alternatives since the machine I like was NEVER open.  I was shown an alternative which will work, but I don't like it as much as the machine I'm accustomed to using.


                PGR:  32w5d.  In the locker room at the Y, a lady came up and was absolutely fascinated by me being pregnant.  She didn't seem to have a full deck of cards.  She wanted to talk endlessly, but my teenage sons were waiting for me, so unfortunately, I was sort of abrupt with her.  I answered her questions, didn't elaborate, responded kindly, but shortly to everything she told me about her life, pregnancies, etc.  All the while, I was grabbing my things out of my locker and moving out the door.  I really had to go!  I'm sorry I wasn't more patient.


                NPGR:  Yesterday I got a little shopping done, visited C in the hospital (the mom I was summoned to attend in labor on Sunday), and my van died while I was out.  My husband is my hero.  He rescued me from being stranded.  We've been having trouble with the battery for a while, and he finally got a new battery for the van.  Yay!  It starts up without having to gun the gas now, and doesn't die if you use the dome light for 5 seconds.  Very nice change of pace.  My visit with C went well.  She realized she needed a c/sec, and she wasn't upset with me for choosing to leave.  I explained that I believed if I stayed there, she would have stayed and continued to labor as well.  She agreed that she may have done that, since it was after I left that she truly realized things weren't going well.  I think she was so convinced that she would be given a c/sec automatically, before being given a chance, that she mistakenly thought her chances would be better for a VBAC if she had no prenatal care, and attempted an unassisted birth.  I explained that there was a better chance of turning the baby from a posterior position before she was in labor, before her water broke, and before the baby's head was well-engaged in the pelvis and into the birth canal.  My midwife also explained to me that it is easier and more likely for a baby to get into a favorable position if the mother's weight is closer to normal (I didn't repeat this to C, because I couldn't imagine any nice way to say that to anyone).  C borders on morbidly obese.




                MA:  You sound like you are in good spirits, and so productive!  Nice job on the run, and I hope the pelvis aching doesn't get any worse.  Likely, it is ligaments loosening up.  BH aren't a complete waste of time.  They can be softening and effacing the cervix, helping the baby get into alignment with your pelvis, and who knows what else...  There is a lot more going on when you are preparing to give birth than the number of centimeters dilated.  Good luck on the pediatrician search.  We had one that mumbled a lot, and was difficult to hear over the normal noises of babies and small children.  When one of our children was deathly ill, he missed it, dismissing my concerns.  After my oldest son (5 yrs old at the time) was hospitalized for 4 days in the PICU and had two blood transfusions, we decided to change pediatricians.  I hope you'll have a better experience than we did.


                TN:  Boo to the pelvic pain!  Sad  I hope your chiro can help!  How fun to be able to tell baby A's and baby B's movements apart.


                Liz:  Bummer about the thefts from your front porch.  What a pain to have to pick up your packages somewhere else.  It is hard when you don't know the timing of baby's arrival, but you are doing something for your baby that no one else can do:  letting baby choose its birthday!


                schmett:  I think snow shoveling counts as ER.  Wink  I keep forgetting how far along you are... somehow it's in my head that you are about 23 weeks, but I wonder if I'm way off.


                  Schmett - lucky you...real snowstorm!

                  Laura - glad your husband rescued you! And I'll have to try the treadmill uphill walking...I think your chiro is right. The elliptical feels like it is messing with my body a bit. I've been putting a lot of time in on it since I stopped running, and I feel way more aches and pains. I understand feeling bad when you can't take the time to talk to someone who means well...happened to me recently when I was racing to get to an appointment and a woman asked me for help with the ticket machine in the subway station. I felt like a terrible person, but I really didn't want to miss the next train! Sounds like you still gave her some time.


                  Ugh, working from home today has felt like a day long snack fest...I've been starving all day, but am starting to feel gross. Much easier to eat too much when the fridge is 10 ft away from my workspace!


                    PG: 31w3d. I started crocheting a baby blanket (thanks pinterest).  My grandma taught me how to but its been over 20 years since I’ve crocheted anything.  I had a rough start but thanks to youtube it came back to me!  I thought the pattern I was following as a lil small so I decided to make it larger and now my baby blanket is going to be a queen size throw….opps.  And I need about double the yarn I have.  I’ll post a pic on FB of the completed projected.


                    ER: Nothing yesterday.  I skipped my walk because I was on a roll with the blanket.  Bodypump class tonight.


                    NPGR: Feeling much better.  Presentation yesterday went well.  Had ice cream cake for DH’s bday last night.


                    MA: Yay for a great run and no pelvis pain.  Maybe google questions to ask.  There has to be some list floating around.


                    TN: Bummer about the pelvis pain.  Have you tried swimming or the recumbent bike?


                    Liz: I think its normal to have the excited/crankiness combo.  Not sure if you are referring to an ER video or a movie.  But Argo is worth watching.


                    Schm: Invest in the otter box.  I dropped and shattered my iphone. Got it fixed only to have the screen go black with blue lines a few weeks later.  I’m using an old Iphone 3 in the meantime but once I upgrade I’m def going to get an otter box.  My coworker left her phone on top of the car and drove off and no damage to the phone!


                    LauraBlush hate having to wait for machines at the gym especially when someone is just hogging it up.  Once I had to ask a girl to move because she was just sitting and texting!  yay for new car battery!


                      Liz - yay for nursery furniture - boo to stuff getting stolen off your porch.  I hope you enjoyed your snow day.


                      schmett - the only reason I have a haircut scheduled is because I have a stylist who just assumes that I'm scheduling another one and walks me to the front desk, and I comply with scheduling it in advance.  Otherwise I am the worst procrastinator when it comes to making appointments, etc.  Which is why I have been wearing this same pair of monthly contacts for 3 months.  Don't worry, I finally ordered new boxes of contacts this week.


                      Laura G - I'm not sure how much weight you are squatting, but you can always use the bar or bar plus plates to squat - (the straight bar is 45 lbs)  You can either rest it across the top of your shoulders/back of your neck and use your hands to balance, or you can also do the bar in front, where you balance the bar around your collar bone, and cross your arms and hold on to the bar with each hand in front of the opposite collar bone (this is a bit trickier and requires greater concentration on form). I love squats - they were my favorite during weight training as a college athlete - and I felt that squats were better strength training for the quads/glutes than the leg press - unless you want to only work one leg at a time.

                      Laura G in Idaho

                        TN:  I don't know why I didn't think of that.  I think that's probably the best alternate, and maybe even better than the leg press.  I've been pressing 150 lbs, but that might work out differently when doing a squat with my own body weight (162 lbs), plus a 45 lb bar.  I'll have to experiment to find the right weight.  My biggest concern when doing free weights with any exercise is keeping good form.  I would not want to injure myself by doing the exercise improperly.  Maybe I'll have my husband or one of the trainers spot me the first time so I will have the benefit of another pair of eyes.  I like to do a deep squat.  Is there anything wrong with going deep?


                        Liz:  I did a 9.5 incline at 2.8 mph for 10 minutes for my first bit of cardio, and I was really working (about 2-3 minutes into it, I was definitely feeling it).  After doing my strength training (which includes bursts of running to keep my heart rate up), I went back to the treadmill and went 7.0 incline at 2.8-3.0 mph for another 10 minutes.  My Garmin HRM said I burned 478 calories in one hour.  Snacking all day isn't a problem, even though I'm at home all the time.  I know it's a problem for a lot of new moms, too.  I think logging every bite I eat helps me a lot.  When I stop logging, I tend to eat more calories, but get less nutrition from what I am eating.  Also, I try to keep my fresh veggies well-stocked at all times.  Next time you are at home all day, maybe try logging, and always keep lots of fresh, good-for-you stuff available.


                        Mann:  Your crotcheted blanket will be big enough for you to get under it with the baby.  Smile  One time, two guys were just hanging around the lateral pull-down machine (I don't know what it's really called, but it works your lats, and you pull it down), having a conversation.  So, I did all the rest of my exercises (even though I really like to go from my major muscle groups to my minor ones... from the center outward), and they were STILL talking.  Seemed more like 13 yr old girls than men the way they kept gabbing.  Finally, I went up to them and asked if they were done talking about the machine, because I needed to actually use it.  They seemed a little embarrassed and moved along.


                        Some of you may have seen this on FB - MY DAUGHTER FOUND MY BOX OF MISSING MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!!  It's like Christmas for me.  I feel so much better in clothes that I like!  The last 3 weeks, going with mostly oversize sweats while I waited for hemming on other clothes, were such a challenge for me.  I felt so sloppy and disheveled all the time.  It's so nice to have clothes that make me feel pretty!  It's like night and day!

                        MA runner girl

                          I did not even have time to lurk today. I was in meetings from 10-1 and 1:30-2:30. Yikes! I was so hungry when I left work because I was barely at my desk so I didn't eat much. Not good!! I went to the chiro after work, my regular dr had a baby in early January and she's just getting back to work part time, and bringing her baby with her - perk of owning your own practice. I met him today, he's too cute!!! A tiny little guy Smile


                          Thanks for the thoughts on questions to ask the pediatrician. Thankfully we are going to a huge group, with awesome hours and 2 different offices. At least one of the offices is open 8:30am - 8:30 pm M-Th, 8:30am -4:30pm F&Sa. And they have a walkin hour every morning for an hour when they open, which is cool. Oh and the closer branch is only 3 miles from our house. So I really can't imagine we wont go with them, unless they are super rude/standoffish or something. I did a quick search and found some good questions too. I just don't want it to be a waste of an appt, I'm horrible at coming up with questions and then realizing after that I actually did want to know some things. Doh.


                          TN - I'm so sorry about the pelvic pain, I feel your pain. I hope yours is temporary and the chiro can fix you as you have a bit to go for it to be here on out! Ha, I haven't had my hair cut in SO long. I'm like you and terrible at making appts.


                          Liz - I'm sure being cranky is completely normal. I'm not good with uncertainty either. I'm trying to just take each day as it comes, but I'm certainly not expecting to be pregnant after March 24th... I hope I don't regret that!! At this point I can't imagine still being pregnant in 2.5 weeks. Sigh. I can't believe they charge $100 for a prebaby appt! I'm actually not sure if they will charge us... now I'm a little scared!


                          Schmetterling - DH has an otterbox too and I'm not a fan either. Too big and bulky. I have one of those plastic ones that covers just the sides and back. I like it, I've dropped it many times since I'm so clutzy and it's never broken *knock on wood*.


                          Rocky - Thanks for chiming in. I like the idea of chatting up the receptionists. It is awful when they aren't super friendly and helpful!


                          Laura - I agree about this group. It's nice to post with like minded women - trying to stay active and healthy while pregnant. Most of my real life friends/family who have been pregnant think I'm crazy for keeping up with running because they all got fat and lazy. I'm sorry your family isn't more supportive of your large family, that's too bad! Babies are a blessing, no matter how many you have! Oh man, I hateee when people can't take social cues and keep on trying to talk to you when you are clearly not available for a long chat! One of my huge pet peeves. Though I tend to be antisocial and prefer to be left alone anyways Wink


                          Mann - Aww fun that you are making a blanket! My mom and one of her friends both made me one, so I'm glad I didn't decide to! Glad you are feeling better and the presentation went well. Mmmm ice cream cake!

                          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15