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    jmmiller: i went to bed at 11 last night and dh strolled in around 12. i'd say realistically most nights we are both up until 11; him usually a bit later than me.


    arm: yes the girls share a room. it has never been a problem until this week. last night i threatened dd1 with having to sleep in the spare bedroom because i know she is too scared to sleep in a room by herself. have fun at your night out tonight! i wish our church did something like that!


      jnmiller- ugh on the early wake-up! yikes, i hope the heat is an easy fix for you guys. my DH works for a private company in their aviation dept, fueling/cleaning/mechanics on their aircraft. He has his masters in education, but finished that degree right as the economy tanked and teaching jobs are impossible to come by here he applied last fall for a position, along with 835 other people, all for one job. DH stays up later than i do, but he also works 2-10PM, so he needs a bit of unwind time before bed. weekends he usually doesn't stay up too late, though.


      arm- whoa, that's alot of valentines! hope your run goes well today and the legs loosen up. lunges always make me sore- no matter how often i seem to do them! R went thru a bath-hating phase for about a week, well it was  more of hating the hair rinsing. fortunately it was short lived.


      mrszm- have fun wtih the kids tomorrow! hope you can find some fun activities for them. mmm muffins- i made a big batch of mini pumpkin oatmeal muffins for R yesterday, they're his favorite! hope the TM run goes well today!


      mer- sorry on the pukey feeling! hope it's gone soon. POAS?? Wink  hope your DH is safe out plowing. that's cute that he takes J with him, i bet J loves helping Daddy out! hope you can get a really good night's sleep tonight.

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        RR:  TM this afternoon while I have C with me.  I wish that kid would sit in a jogging stroller sometimes.


        TR:  Sinus infection, seems a little less cranky today though.  He was very happy to see snow on the ground this morning.


        NRR:  Heading out to the lake tomorrow to see our lake friends, let C play with his buddy and to watch the 50k!


        Oh and Nashville RNR.  DH is giving me a pass to go even if his parents come down.   I will just have to drive it solo.  Not ideal but wooohoooo!


        RG:  You are so speedy!  C loves going to visit daddy at work and visiting all the policemans.  My office is boring Smile


        Zorbs:  LOL at the drugstore.  Boo on the AF.  Fingerscrossed B is catching on to the potty thing.


        Bermy:  Awe, your DH is so cute!  Hooray for closing on the house though.  I find things around our house are very chill when DH is gone.  How fun on the craft time, I am jealous.  I am not very crafty at all.


        Jen:  Oh man, I hope DH makes it home!


        Cx2:  Uh, yes - I have that same issue, flabby arms.  I rarely ST....need someone to come kick my butt and make me do it tough.


        Mer:  Yikes!  I hope you feel better.  I hate when I get that warm feeling, because I know the puke is not far behind.  We also get the sleep of a newborn over here.  I think I might start drugging the kid soon.....J/k if there are any social service people reading this......


        MrsZM:  Ice fishing?  Sounds too cold for me Smile  I hope you can get to the big city for shopping, that always makes my weekend better.


        JM:  DH only stays up super late when he's working on some narly cases, like the kiddy porn stuff or autopsy photos.  Then he has a really hard time sleeping at night.


        Arm:  Unfortunately, I am like that every day without a run.  I hope the crankies go away!


          RR - Given that it's been snowing for 18 hours and people are snowmobiling down my street, I don't think a run is in the cards today! And I ST yesterday, so ER today will be snow shoveling and pulling S in her sleigh.


          BR - She got really fussy and feverish at the grocery store yesterday so I gave her some Tylenol when we got home and she napped until 5:30 pm. Then she was full of piss and vinegar and fine except for a disgustingly snotty nose. She chased me around all night and crawled all over me laughing. Loves when I play dead and then open my eyes and say "Boo!" when she crawls on me.


          FR - pizza


          NRR - After S's epic nap, she wouldn't go to sleep until 10:30, so I decided it was going to be a snow day today, anyway, with no running or working and I stayed up late and finished the third Hunger Games book (loved it) and then slept in until 8 am!




          shelby (from yesterday) - I'm so sorry about your Grandma. I hope she's comfortable and your Mom got there in time,


          rg - Holy speedy tempo pace! Good job! I love having sore abs after a core workout. Does your DH normally work those crazy long hours when he works on Saturdays?


          zorbs - It's both hilarious and annoying when people looked shocked that we can actually pick up something somewhat heavy. Nice potty progress - I'm sure he will do another pee for you and you can lay on the praise then. Sorry about the terrible wakeup.


          bermy - Yay for the house closing! I'd better tell my DH to step up his game for Valentine's Day now that I know houses are the going gift Joking. S also points to animals in books and coos. It's so freaking cute!


          Jen - I really hope DH makes it home this weekend! Does J tend to be angry/fussy right after daycare and then cheer up later in the night? My niece is like that for about 45 minutes after getting home from daycare and then goes back to her usual self. My sister thinks she's mad at them for being away all day. It upset her at first but now she figures there is nothing she can do about it and at least she knows the bad mood is fleeting.


          Cx2 - The distracting the baby with food method is great! You can also do it to get your ST in.


          Mer - The pukey feeling could definitely be connected to the lack of sleep. Mmm, enjoy your coffee and pancakes.


          Mrszm - Good thing for a 2-hour delay after your girls stayed up so late! Do they share a room? I hope they at least slept in for you.


          Jm - Yes, my dh ALWAYS stays up late like that, even if he has to wake up early. It's like he's physically incapable of going to bed before midnight.


          Arm - Wow, that is a lot of Valentines. Hope your run and dinner out with DH makes your feel better.

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            RR - run/walking 4k or so w/ RP and her c25k.  I'm not sure when I should be considering this a run... if it is it means that I'm running 6 days in a row.


            TR - grouchy again this morning, I've threatened that if she grouches at me again she's going back to bed.  I think it worked, she's singing and readiing now.


            BR - breaking out of her swaddle at night and has been waking more.  I'm weaning her off it at naptime but she still doesn't sleep as long when her arms are loose.


            FR - going to a wine bar tonight for dinner w/ DH.  MIL is sleeping over. YAY!  That also means DH and I can LR tomorrow morning together, which means I should go light on the wine part of the evening.

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              RG - nice run yesterday!! Bummer on DH not being home at all tomorrow.


              zorbs - imagine if you would have been pregnant and lifting a 50lb object! I had people congratulating me on walking down stairs! I'm impressed with your deadlift also - how many reps can you do of 145? I was deadlifting 60lbs on wed, but was doing 12 reps.


              bermy - glad the house is getting sorted out, but too bad DH has to be gone for it. I generally like a bit of time alone when DH is away (he doesn't go away often) but lasst time he slept at his moms to take her to the airport I missed him in bed at night.


              Jen - I hope DH gets home tonight!! And I hope you feel better, especially if DH gets snowed in!


              cx2 - I moved M's nursing time up to about 30 mins before bed and then did a seperate bedtime routine. I kept nursing her at night till almost 18 mos, but it made things easier that I wasn't nursing her in the rocking chair in her room right before bed.


              mer - ugh on the rough night!! I was up a couple times also but didn't have to stay up except to nurse O once. MMMM pancakes!!


              mzm - O caught a look at herself in the mirror the other day and gave the biggest smile to the other baby, it was cute!


              jm - I hope you can get the heat working again!! Our furnace was malfunctioning this past fall but luckily it was when we were away and MIL was the one who had to deal with the cold mornings (I probably sound super selfish there, we did leave her with two dogs for space heaters!).


              arm - oooo lunges, they are horible if you haven't done them in a while!! Cheer up or you'll have to go back to bed!! (If only, eh?)


              becky - bummer that C won't sit in the stroller, though after pushing M lately I'm not eager to push her, she's heavy! Have fun watching the 50k, cheer loud for all of us!!


              ernie - have fun in the snow today! Bummer on the late night, but at least she slept in for you!

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                Good morning!  TGIF...no class or clinic today so I have some time to catch up.


                RR:  8 or 12 miles today.  Supposed to do my LR (which is short this week) on Sunday but we are supposed to get snow.  Since I will have to take DS with me on Sunday, I am going to attempt to get it in today but will probably split it into 4 (TM) and 8 (with the stroller when I pick him up from daycare).  I don't like to split LRs but since it is a cutback week I figure it is ok.


                BR:  I am going to take him to daycare today so I can get some studying done. I attempted to do some this morning with him here but he keeps bring me books to read him and how can I say no to that??  Daycare is about 20 minutes away so requires  bit of driving but I think I can be a better mommy to him this afternoon/weekend if I can get my studying and chores done.  I hate taking him when I don't have school... Sad


                NRR:  My mom made it to MI last night.  Haven't gotten an update yet on my Grandma.  Thanks again for all the kind words yesterday and today!  And so far so good on the IUD.  Just have light spotting but I was having that before it came out.  Going to start temping and using OPKs to track down when I O.


                DHR:  DH is coming in a week and I am sooooo excited.  I miss him so much and he misses both H and I lot.  I can tell how much it hurts him to be away from H and that breaks my heart.  But we will have a lot of fun next weekend!


                RG - Great job on the run.  You are one speedy mama.  I only run a 6:55 pace in a 5k!


                zorbs - Enjoy your massage!  I would LOVE a massage.


                bermy - I feel the same way when DH is gone.  He is my best friend and I know this is cheesy, but I am head over heels from him.  When will DH return?  So exciting you will own a home when he gets back!


                jen - Hope DH returns in time!  The weather looks crazy.  Sorry you aren't feeling well.  Could you be pregnant?


                cx2 - That is the reason I haven't stopped nursing H at night...haha.


                mer - Sorry about the rough night.  Are you on any type of BC?  When I had my IUD, I would feel nauseas before I got AF.


                mrszm - Hope you find something fun to do this weekend!


                jmiller - Bummer on the heat going out.  Were you able to fix it?


                arm - Do you like the 30DS?  Is it a video?  I need to do some type of ST.  All I do is run...


                becky - Yay on Nashville!  That will be so much fun.


                ernie - Yikes on the snow!  Hope you can get a run in this weekend.


                CA - Enjoy the wine bar!

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                  becky - woo hoo!  Will you be doing the full or the half?


                  ernie - sorry you have a sick one!  Staying up late and sleeping in sounds so nice!


                  CA - I think I am most excited for my mom to come to the beach with us so DH and I can run together.  ha.  I am always teasing my mom by telling her to go to her room if she does something "bad" at my house.  She's like OK!


                  shelby - I'd probably just get frustrated with L if I was trying to get something done, so I think taking to daycare is a wise choice!  Yes I like 30DS because it's short so I can always talk myself into it.  I don't have the video but get it off You Tube.


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                    RR: DIdn't run last night. Planning on running today after work- solo!!


                    BR: I think his teeth are still bothering him. Woke up all snotty and coughing.


                    FR: Niece's bday party at the pizza place


                    NRR: I feel like I've been running around like a crazy person all week, hoping this weekend is more relaxed.  Its always crazy like that when DH is on nights because everything falls on me. My house is gross and I need to clean it. Got a ton of boxes so I can get more packing done and am making arrangements for the storage unit this weekend- its a facility owned by RP's parents.

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                      jen - I have no clue what this sickness is all about.  I am so done with it though!


                      mrszm - I was wondering if there were schools delayed.  I made muffins this past weekend and they are so tiny I have to eat two to fill me up.  No wonder it made such a large quantity!  I hope you and the kiddos find something fun to do tomorrow.


                      jmmiller - Pizza sounds really good....for a second or two.  My DH usually stays up later than I do, but I get out of bed earlier than he does.  His mom is a total night owl and I think he gets that from her!


                      armmama - Balance for us is fruit and graham crackers!  Thats not a bad idea to keep bags in the car.  I had towels in there when I was PG with J just incase my water broke and I had to drive or be driven somewhere.  I was seriously thinking about pulling over but worried that would be more of a hazard than puking all over myself.


                      rg - No go on the POAS.  Definitely not a possibility right now!  Plus, as I told a friend earlier this week, that wouldn't fit in my "perfectly laid out plan" of when #2 will arrive.  I can dream!  J does love being out with DH.  He tells me all about it when I get home.  LOVE his stories!


                      becky - Give him a couple sips from your glass and everything will be good!  Ha!  Smile  The worst for us is that he has everything he needs, he is just in there crying.  I let him CIO for a while last night which worked, but it was still annoying.


                      ernie - I hope you have a good day today.  Must be pizza night all around, which is sounding better and better.  Glad the Tylonel and nap helped S yesterday.


                      CAR - Your night sounds awesome.  I just mentioned to DH the other night that we should see if J can spend the night at Grandmas and we can have a full night in the house just the two of us.  BUT, I went back and said, the house just doesn't feel right without J in it!


                      shelby - I hope your week goes really fast!  Are you thinking OPK's for preventing or planning?


                      spike - You have a lot going on right now!  I hope that you get some time to relax this weekend and R takes some epic naps! Smile

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                        BR2- the whole car ride to daycare R was singing a song to himself about choo choos. Loves animals, and when in doubt what sound the animal makes, he assumes they growl/roar so it was pretty hilarious watching the "African animal alphabet" song with him on Sesame street this morning.


                        Runnergirl- R just tries to eat the crayons and playdough, I don't think he's going to be artsy fartsy like me. Amazing run- I don't think I could run a 6:30 pace over 100 yds.


                        zorbs- I need to make myself like ST. Enjoy your massage!


                        Bermy- Yay for closing on your house so soon, that's awesome! Any word on your green card? Have fun with your coach, she sounds like a cool person. I enjoy the occasional night with DH away- no compromising on what to watch on TV and I can cook things that he doesn't like but I do (ie garlicky stuff, fish). Last night I watched Downton Abbey and ate halibut.


                        jen- I hope your DH makes it home safely! R hasn't been a big eater lately either, kinda weird.


                        cx2- I can't remember how old R was when I started making sure he didn't nurse to sleep, I would nurse him about 30 minutes earlier and then let DH play with him- its good to make them self soothe at night.


                        mer- sorry about the broken plow and nausea- I get that thing where I get really hot/sweaty then clammy and gross when I feel like I'm gonna puke.


                        mzm- is your DH a fishing guide? My dad owns a guide service on the Columbia River.


                        jmmiller- My DH usually gets 5-6 hours of sleep at night, I don't know how he functions like that. Though he often sleeps in late on the weekends, whereas I pretty much stay on the same sleep schedule every day.


                        armama- R used to love the bath and now he haaaates the washing part and tolerates the fun toys in the tub/splashing part.

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                          Becky- have fun at Nashville! Are you doing a full or a half?


                          Erniegirl- R stayed up late last night then woke at 5:30 ugggg. R loves it when I lay on the floor and let him use me like a human jungle gym.


                          CA- R started busting out of the swaddle around 4 mos. I quit the swaddle cold turkey and he only woke himself by flailing a few times. R was grouchy this morning too and I had to put him in a timeout at like 6:30 am.


                          Shelby- yay for DH visiting soon. You will get used to daycare eventually, and may even come to love it like I do LOL. Once H makes some friends and finds some common interests, he will be excited to go there. Its a 30 min round trip drive to my daycare too- its a drag sometimes.

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                            mer- I think I'm the one that needs an epic nap LOL

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                              CAR - I did C25k along side my DH before and I didn't count it as a run until he was actually running the whole 5k. Even then, it's an easy run so probably fine as a 6th run day. Although, your RP is probably much faster than my non-runner DH! Have a great night out tonight!


                              Shelby - I think it's a great idea to take ds to daycare for the afternoon so you can get stuff done. You'll have a lot more fun spending time with him afterwards if you been able to finish up what you need to. There are many afternoons where I wish I had a daycare to drop S off at for a few hours so I could clean the house in peace and get some extra work done! Glad the IUD removal went well!


                              Spike - I hear you on needing to clean the house. My house is a disaster and I'm not sure how much cleaning I'll get done since I'm anticipating a marathon driveway shoveling session. Boo to R staying up late and then waking up early! If only little kids could understand how awesome it is to sleep in. Have a great solo run and I hope you get some time to relax this weekend!

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                                Grrr, posted on FB but will here as well.  Forgot my ID so I couldn't take H to daycare.  Drove 45 min there and back and now he is home with me.  Oh well, guess it was meant to be.  Hoping for two nice long naps today.  If not, I might be making a second trip to daycare!


                                mer - Preventing for now.  We CAN'T get pregnant before the fall.  Well we can, but then I would have to take more time off of school and I would really like to avoid that!  That is why the IUD was perfect in theory.

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