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    Loooong night. Post em.


      ER - 3.1 on the TM. Really need that mat support belt to get here. But at least I got some running intervals in, feeble as they were. My goal is to say I ran through 30 weeks, if not more, though it will likely continue to be run/walk intervals.


      PGR - posted a belly pic on FB. Other than the RLP during exercise, no complaints.


      NPGR - starting yesterday afternoon I noticed DS sounding congested and before I left for the gym I was suspecting croup. Been up most of the night (he's doing most of the sleeping, I think once you become a mom you are hardwired not to be able to sleep when your kid is sick). Bummer is my dr. office opens in the late morning so I'm hoping we can avoid an ER visit. Poor kid.

      MA runner girl



        Schmetterling - I'm sorry you had a rough night. Poor kid, I hope he feels better and you make it to the dr, not the er! Hope your band comes in soon, it definitely should help with the RLP!


        RR: Ha, nothing yesterday. Now it's snowing... hmm maybe I'll go for a walk if it hasn't accumulated to much by lunchtime. It's peaceful to walk/run in the light snow.


        PGR: 37w4d. Went to the chiro yesterday and my pelvis is less sore this morning, yay! Today DH and I are meeting the pediatrician at 4:30, I have my list of questions ready to go. Thanks for all the advice yesterday. Then after I have a midwife appt. They won't check for dialation/effacement until next week so it will likely be uneventful.


        NPGR: I have been feeling very spoiled by DH! He made 2 dinners last night - one for last night and one to go in the crock pot today. AND he cleaned up the kitchen after. Bonus! lol I didn't do much. Seems like days in the office zap my energy completely, especially days like yesterday when I was in meetings talking from 10-1 and 1:30-2:30. Working at home today, thank goodness!

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          Schmett: Nice work on the TM. Run/walk or not, you are doing great. Hope your little guy is okay.

          MA: Good luck with the appts today. Glad your husband is taking good care of you! My midwives don't do any cervical checks until after the due date/labor...do you have to get them done?


          ER - Did a fairly lame exercise video yesterday, which I was able to get on amazon instant video. (It was called "prenatal fitness fix.") I made my husband do the last 20 min partner component with me, which was pretty hilarious. The partner doesn't actually get to work out. He just acts a prop for your workout. Anyway...that was an experience. Today, went to the gym. Did 3 miles on the elliptical and then got on the treadmill to do some uphill walking. I didn't feel great, though. My shins were hurting, but I also was having some stomach issues and had to get off to use the bathroom. Ugh. Managed another 1.6 miles on there before calling it a day.


          PGR - 36w5d. Last night I was having stomach issues and couldn't sleep. I started thinking it might be real contractions because it felt more menstrual crampy than overall tightness like BH. But it was just a dull pain...there wasn't really a start and stop feel to it. ?? Also had to get up and have a bm (sorry, TMI), which sort of made me feel better. Fell asleep eventually...


          NPGR - going to see a play tonight, which should be nice. Still can't believe what a non-event the so-called "snowquester" was yesterday. I went out at 6 to grab something from the corner store and it was like a nice spring day out there! I know some people got snow in the suburbs of DC, but I can't believe everything shut down for that!


            Schemett: Nice job on continuing the running! Hope your son gets better quickly. Urgent care is always a better option than the ER if you feel you have to go somewhere before the Dr is in. Sorry about the loss of sleep for you.


            MA: Glad you get to work from home today. That is such a nice option to have. Wow, you DH is outdoing himself! Awesome for you to be able to lay around and not do much. I'm feeling the need to do that more all the time.


            ER: Shoveled snow outside yesterday for around half an hour. It was kind of exercise... Planning on walking to work today when it warms up and doing yoga tonight. I'm achy and I can tell that I could use the yoga.


            PGR: 39w. Ok, baby. Anytime is great... Yesterday morning I was wondering whether I might go into labor b/c I had been cramping all night and having low back pain as well. But nothing happened. Same thing last night. I hope it means I'm getting close. I'm really feeling ready to have this baby! It's a good thing it didn't come yesterday due to NPGR.


            NPGR: It started snowing heavily on Tuesday night and at about 5 am on Wednesday we lost power. When we got up Wed morning there was around 9 inches of snow on the ground and it was still coming down heavily. DH and I spent the morning sweeping snow off the car and clearing the driveway in case we ended up having to go to the birth center. We then got back in bed for nearly three hours and I slept for most of that time, which was awesome! I was not expecting to be able to sleep that much. I guess I needed it. We had a friend a couple streets over who had power so I was able to take a shower, thankfully, and they offered us fresh bread and pecan pie which was awesome and we stayed at their place chatting for a while. In the evening we went to another friend's house, who also had no power but had a fireplace so it was warmer. Our house was pretty cold, but we put extra blankets on the bed and were nice and toasty. Around 3 this morning the power came back on, thank goodness! Now I feel like I can get back to normal life... like the piles of laundry and dishes.


              Crosspost with liz.


              Liz: Well, yeah, if you read my post you'll see that some of us had serious weather. Smile We were totally expecting nothing though b/c the last several times that snow has been predicted we have had no accumulation at all. Sorry about tummy trouble. It's so frustrating and makes the discomfort so much worse! I'm having the menstrual crampy too, but so far nothing has come of it. Hope you have a more comfortable day.


                Mann - I somehow missed your post yesterday, but just wanted to chime in and say I almost always make my crocheted blankets too big - the first one I made (which still isn't quite done) is probably 48x48, which doesn't sound that big, but it's bulky, and not really something a toddler could easily cart around.  I measured the second one, and it will be a little smaller, probably 44x44, but I didn't want it to be too much smaller so that the baby that got that blanket felt slighted!


                LauraG - You can do deep squats with the bar (we did quads parallel to the floor in college) but you need to be even more cognizant of form if you are going to do deep squats, as that last bit from "normal" squat to deep squat is probably the toughest - I'd recommend starting with an easy weight to get accustomed to it. As far as form, I think of it as sitting in a chair, only sticking your butt out further, and making sure knees don't go over toes.  Having someone watch a few reps is probably a good idea.


                schmett - Sorry DS is not feeling well. I once babysat for my cousins and one of them developed a croupy cough - I sat with him in the steamy bathroom, and then outside for a bit - I was exhausted the next morning, he popped up all bright-eyed at 5 am...


                MA - Glad your pelvis is less sore! That motivates me to try and make an appt...


                Liz - I was laughing at your description of the partner portion of the workout video.  I'm glad you didn't get buried in snow!


                sasha - I'm glad your power is back, and you were able to see some friends while you didn't have any power - very nice.  Anxiously awaiting any baby news from you!


                PGR: 29w2d. I remember in the first tri when each week felt like an eternity.  Now they fly by.


                ER: Walking while shopping?


                NPGR: I picked up a few things for shower hostess gifts last night, but I still need to finish up tonight. I posted a bump pic on my regular FB page that I wanted to also post on our group page, but apparently there isn't a way you can just repost the photo?  I wanted to post it as it has the infamous chalkboard in the photo.  I'll try messing around with it or reposting tonight, maybe.


                  PG: Nothing really new.  Furniture got delivered but we're going to wait until the nursery is painted before we start to assemble.  Hopefully, this will happen next week.


                  ER: it felt soooooo good to exercise last night.  Tonight spin class.  Hope I can make it through the hour because its been a couple weeks since I took spin.


                  NPGR: Tomorrow I'm working out of town.  Probably wont  be able to post.  Sat heading to San Francisco for the day with DH, BIL and SIL.  I love going to the city!


                  Sch: Hope DS gets well soon! The support band will help you out even if you stop running before your goal I find it useful with all exercises.


                  MA: you're getting close. Thats very nice of DH.


                  Liz: Sounds like you go a good workout this morning.  I love plays. Enjoy.


                  Sash: Everyday is one day closer to D day!  I want some pecan pie!


                  TN: My blakent is probably bigger than yours lol.  the weeks go by faster and faster unless your MA and Sash then they probably go by slower.  And yes walking while shopping counts as ER

                  MA runner girl

                    So my midwife group appt got cancelled tonight because of the snow so I got an appt for 10am this morning. My midwife couldn't feel his head down so she ordered an ultrasound. They got me right in and unfortunately baby has turned transverse! Must have been all the crazy movements I was feeling earlier this week. He has been head down for MONTHS! I'm so disappointed Sad I have a version scheduled for Monday, but I'm hoping he turns back on his own before that... If he doesn't turn on Monday they will schedule me for a csection the following week. Sad

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                      Mann - enjoy San Francisco this weekend! I love it there - we spent part of our honeymoon there (DH had a work conference the week after our wedding)


                      MA - That little stinker turning transverse! Have you been to spinningbabies.com yet?  I hope you can get him turned back head down, either through at-home means or with the version...


                        MA - Oh no!! Does your chiro do the Webster technique? I know that can be helpful in turning the baby. Also, have you checked out spinning babies? Maybe between now and Monday you can try some other things to turn the baby. I think acupuncture or moxibustion are other options.

                        I'm sorry you're having to deal with this...obviously a healthy baby is #1 priority, but don't give up on a v-birth yet!

                        MA runner girl

                          Thanks girls, I definitely don't want to give up on a vag birth. I'm terrified of a c section! I will check out that site. I am finding out if my Chiro can do anything, my cousin works for her so she's finding out for me. If so I'll get in tomorrow.

                          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

                          MA runner girl

                            My chiro does do the webster technique so I will be trying to get in there tonight, they are open until 6, but my ped appt is at 4:30 and they are 45 min away from each other so it will be close... If not I will get in tomorrow at least. Apparently it usually takes more than one try.


                            Also someone just recommended a swim. Will try that too.

                            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                              Oh good...fingers crossed. Good luck!

                              Laura G in Idaho

                                Been catching parts of everyone's posts through the day... really busy here.  Just wanted to second the spinningbabies website.  Good luck, MA!  I hope LO will turn back to vertex easily and soon!  I hope I can have a real post tomorrow.  Sorry to schmett about your little guy and croup... no fun!