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    Lisa, thanks for the tips! I will need them. I don't think it actually gets super cold during the day (I've been watching the temps and they are usually high 20s to low 30s at the top of the mountain), but I will be prepared no matter what gets thrown my way.


    Tessa, if enter enter doesn't work, try shift-enter. Although enter enter seems to be working for me.


    Ginny, your winter tip makes the most sense! But dangit, I want to finish this race and get the jacket. It's Mount Mitchell! Which I admit I didn't even know existed a couple years ago, but still...


    No wonder I'm hungry - it's almost 1:00. Off to lunch, then more work on my newsletter and the web site. And not killing my boss, who is driving me crazy.


    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
    Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

      Karen-that's even more reason for the smartwool socks and the balaclava. You can fold the bottom up to make it a hat, or into a headband.  Or fold down if you need it.




        Thanks for the link to the FB page-very nice page. Thanks again to those coordinating...Lisa, Susan, Karen...


        Karen, don't worry yet.  I even had snow in N GA over the weekend and the "mountains" north of us in NC and TN had even more.  Ours is gone already and I'd bet theirs is going/gone, too.


        Carol, I haven't decided what I'm doing other than the Tar Heel 10 miler and Tobacco rd half.  I'm just trying an adapted beginner marathon plan from Hanson's to increase my miles and help me train.  If it goes OK, I'll do Humpy's in Aug in Anchorage by continuing it. I've done the half there several times and enjoy it.  I'd like to do one sooner, but can't get excited about any I can  still get in and don't want to burn out again.  Making cookies with Ali sounds like such fun!


        Julie, nice news about your RB moving back.   When I think of the Villages, I think of a magazine I was sent a few years ago called Geezer Jock ( I lie not-that was the name! Big grin Wink.  It often had the active life style at the Villages featured.  After they'd sent it a few times, they wanted me to start paying for it.  I didn't  was mid 50's then and didn't really consider myself a geezer!  Did not subscribe!  : )


        My uncle died this morning.  He had a great life-was 92 and was still driving, cooking, etc  until a heart attack last week.  He was drafted into the Navy during WW 2 and say Japan's surrender thru a telescope.  He liked the Navy and retired.  He also was in the WPA during the Depression and get this...planted kudzu around the South.


        I'm having trouble concentrating...thus here I am again..  I have a new idea for us to learn something about each other as we remember Karnel.  Do you keep a life/bucket list?  What is the number 1 (or 2 or 3) item on it?     Let's think about it a few days and post them on Thursday or Friday.



          Thanks Karen, let me try that. no preview button so I have to post this and then modify it. Hmm. No, shift+enter did not work either. Alt +enter got rid of the toolbars but I do not know if it is working to create a paragraph. Nope, that didn't work either. Ah, thehellwithit. I'll try in Firefox.
          Knit queen

          Knit Queen

            Hi ladies,

            Received bad news today.  Remember how I complained that I would probably need a root canal?  Well, I had my consult with the endodontist today and it is worse that that.  I have to have 2 side-by-side teeth extracted because of an infection that caused a lot of bone loss.  Hopefully, I can have dental implants put in but I am unsure of that right now.  My teeth are such a mess.  I definitely inherited my fathers teeth.


            I did run yesterday, 3.1 miles.  I am going to try a routine of running MWF and then doing XX bike at the gym on TTH.  I ought to get in shape with that routine.


            Niners lost, boo hoo. They blew the last 5 yards by relying on passing instead of just driving through into the end zone.  hopefully Colin Kapernick can come back next year and do more magic.  he will have more experience then and won't be such a rookie.







              Lisa/KQ, sorry about the teeth. Ugh. 7.14 at lunch. Yassos: warmup at 10:00 pace, .5 at 8:34 pace, .25 at 9:40, repeat. I'm up to 8 repeats (and ran out of time, not out of puff) so according to The Great Predictor I have a shot at repeating my 4:17 or so...

                LisaKQ - Ugh on the dental issues.


                Tessa - I had the same reaction as LisaMMR to your early positing.....I was picturing you talking very fast and furiously LOL.


                LisaMMR - good hints on the winter running....Saturday during my last 5 miles there wasn't much water left in my bottle and sure 'nuff, it froze....gotta love it!


                KarenAG - Resort sounds wonderful...enjoy!


                Camille - Love the idea about the bucket list posting!  Too funny about The Villages!  Sometimes people act like "old geezers" in their 40's.  The other day at the office an 84 y/o lady told me "I will look much better tomorrow  after I get my hair colored and cut" ....loved it!


                I am a slacker in the running world....no run for 2 days.  Tomorrow I am swimming with one of my RB's (actually - Tri buddy).


                Ginnny - Hope your winter slump goes away soon.....


                Bad Ass

                  Hi, girls.  Sorry for being so late but I had court all morning, then at the office our internet connection went to shit!  The nerve!


                  I did 10 miles tonight.  Coincidentally, thinking of Karnel, my friend that is going through some tough cancer treatments, and the other forumite that passed away this weekend.  Like Lisa said, so many friends are gone.  But they will be remembered.


                  Have a nice night, all!



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!