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Merry Christmas PREGGOS (Read 106 times)

Laura G in Idaho

    I'm sorta new, so if I'm stepping out of the norm by starting this thread, please forgive me.  Merry Christmas, to anyone who is here today!


    Kickit:  Welcome!


    Canada:  I hope you can figure out what's causing the shooting pain.  From what you said, it doesn't sound like sciatica, as I had suggested.  Good luck!


    ER:  Planning a brisk 30 minute walk today and strength training.


    PGR:  22 w 4 d.  Feeling good.  Went to bed super late last night due to Christmas preparations.  Could use a nap.


    NPGR:  I made the yummiest whole wheat banana walnut muffins for breakfast this morning.  Christmas was good for all the kids and my husband.  My 12 yr old daughter especially liked the clothing she got.  I think everyone was happy with what they got.  I received a set of yak trax from my husband for Christmas, and a sweet note from two of my children (it was a collaborative effort between the two of them).  The yak trax are a size too large for me.  He'll have to exchange them for a smaller set.  Now we're gearing up for local family coming over for a nice Christmas dinner with us.


      Merry Christmas and thanks for starting the thread Laura G!


      Laura: Hope you get in that walk and strength training today... and that nap! Good work on all the presents!


      Kickit: Welcome! The board is usually way more busy than it is today Smile



      PGR: 36w2d -  Feeling good.  My feet are sore because of the extra weight and the fact I've been standing most of the day. DH put together the crib and now we're just prepping the house (i.e. getting rid of boxes and garbage) for our late xmas dinner with family on the 27th (the only day everyone could get together)


      ER: Nothing today. DH snored loudly from midnight to 2am, then I couldn't get comfortable enough to fall asleep, so I'm a little too tired for a workout. I see a nap in my future rather than a workout.


      NPGR: Successful gift giving and receiving! DH and I had a budget this year and we stuck to it. We got our dog a kong ball that you can put a treat into. He's loving it and is frustrated by it all at the same time. He's so adorable. Our dinner might be homemade pizza or a quiche - that's some xmas dinner, eh?


        Merry Christmas ladies!


        Kickit - hello and welcome and congratulations! look forward to "meeting" you more.


        Laura - Yaktrax are awesome, I love mine (when it snows here or for some hikes); enjoy your Christmas dinner with the visiting family.


        YJPM - too funny on the homemade pizza - that is what we just had as our Christmas lunch! We both love pizza but since going gluten free and cutting back on dairy we rarely have it (in fact we think it may have been 10 mths since we last had it)...it was good, Mmmm. Though thanks to a certain little LO I just couldn't squeeze in as much as I normally do Smile  Leftovers for lunch tomorrow....oh, and DH said that you can google "Kong meals" and find some pretty gourmet concoctions to put in there for your dog...!


        CJazz - sorry to hear on the possible nerve/leg pain, hopefully a massage might work it out.




        PGR - 35w1d. Feeling good too; LO seemed to have a sleep in this morning , has just started squirming againSmile  was talking to my parents on Skype last night; Mum seems surprised I'm not "nesting" yet??? But the thing is we are now planning on re-carpeting our bedrooms in the next couple of weeks so...it's not like I can do much anyway. And I have been slowly collecting baby things, doesn't that count?


        ER - yesterday's swim was 2.6km and a 20min water run - and I felt good! I kept waiting for the fatigue to hit but it didn't really which was a huge relief. think I'll just stick to 2.5km goals for now. Today I might repeat my elliptical/weights circuit from last week, I enjoyed that.


        NPGR - DH and I aren't exchanging gifts this year (we actually rarely do as we save and get things for ourselves through the year and neither of us really need anything at the moment). I did get him a nice card though Smile  Other than that I'm off to work in an hour, planning on steering well away from the shopping districts for the next few days as people go mad at the Boxing Day sales.


          Whoa, I'm totally late today, checked in the AM but didn't see anything.


          Laura: those muffins sound great, and sweet about the note.. that's a good christmas gift!


          Youjust: that dog toy sounds like hours of entertainment! haha. pizza sounds good, except I am about to burst from turkey right now.


          Ozzy: Thanks for the reminder - must download skype before LO arrives!


          It SNOWED here today.. whyyyyy?? oh well, we're off to dallas tomorrow then home on the 27th! back to -35. literally.


          Cleaned up for Christmas and am trying to fit a sewing machine in my luggage.. ugh. I have two that are 49 pounds and 2 more suitcases still to pack with baby stuff ect.. too bad you pay for luggage ..


          This is totally not ER or PR.. ok. ER: did my 3k in 40 winds.. and cold.. kinda glad it was only 3k today!


          PR: baby is moving a ton, I got NO sleep last night, I had swiss miss and had a stomach ache/ dia all night, and JUST realized it's packed with lactose.. fail!


          Ok hopefully tonight's sleep is better and shopping tomorrow is awesome! I knw they don't do boxing day here (canadian shopping day is day after christmas) but stuff is still on sale here in the US without the crowds.. even better!


            Ozzy: thank DH for the tip on Kong meals! My little fella is going to get spoiled. Nice work on the workout today! I haven't really starting "nesting." I think it happens to some women, but not all. I'm just getting my house ready, but I'm not obsessed. THen again, we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.


            CJ: See how you can work that belly to reduce those luggage fees! Sorry you had a bad night of sleep - hope it has passed! Crazy that it's snowing there yet here, nothing.

            Oh, and to us Canadians, Running Room has 20% off everything in the store tomorrow. And Amazon has some pretty awesome deals on Garmin.


            Think I may change into my workout gear and do the DVD... DH is enraptured in his video game and I'm watching bad TV on the computer. Maybe I can be a bit more active than eating bon bons on the couch while watching my stories...