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(Over 40) Thursday travels (Read 22 times)

    Ugh... had long post with pictures from this morning's run and somehow the back button was hit or something.


    10 miles along the Magnificent MIle (Michigan Ave) and the Lakefront. Very cold.


    Michigan Ave bridge.. South end of Magnificent Mile.


    Ran along lakefront to this museum.


    Skyline through a trellis in Millenium Park.


    Past Navy Pier... lovely beach conditions.  those are frozen waves.


    Water splashing up over seawall in places.  Chunks of ice reminded me of the Titanic deck scene.



    Pretty much my turnaround point.



    Magnificent Mile again... John Hancock building.  Alwasy neat to see the mileage.  I'll have to remember to take pics of same building from both turnaround points sometime.  Chicago is nice for running because of that lakeshore.  Would prefer to not have to wear a balaclava, 2 shirts and gloves but oh well.