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YAY FOR FRIDAY DIVAS! (Read 17 times)


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      I have no idea how I'm the first to post!


      Happy Friday!


      RR: Running whatever feels ok after work. I was thinking about going this morning when I have more energy, but 40 degrees in FL is not something you can easily be prepared for. (I know I'm from IL, but still, it's shocking to be in that cold when all my winter stuff is stored away).


      NRR: Lots to do! Baby shower for our friends is tomorrow. We'll be getting the downstairs of our house cleaned (it's funny that we clean for parties when we have to clean after everyone leaves again!). DH is prepping all the sandwich type food tonight (chicken salad and pulled pork), along with the fruit salad. Then tomorrow another friend is coming over early to help decorate and we're going to make pink chocolate dipped marshmallows. Sunday will be my school and relaxation day while DH goes fishing.


        Good morning PO!! The weather is so perfect! How was your run last night?


        TriR hoping to squeeze in a session with trainer and light run. All depends on time because if NRR.


        NtriR marriage preparation with catholic church this weekend. Tonight and all day tomorrow at the archdiocesis. We have to complete course in order to get married by Catholic Church.


        Have a fun fast Friday!!


          Morning Ladies! TGIF!


          RR: Rest day! 10K race tomorrow! My first race in about 14 months. So looking forward to it! Taking it slow and running with a friend!


          NRR: UGH, annoying coworking is making me CRAZY! I came into work early this morning at 7 a.m. to get stuff done and she came in and plopped herself down at my table and didn't leave for an hour. So I lost an hour of working time listening to her bitch and moan. I've discovered that she is REALLY attention seaking and just wants people to pay attention to her. She is like a child who didn't get that attention as a little kid and now she's like "Look, look, look at me, look what I did." UGH.


          PO: How are you feeling, dear? Smile

          MA runner girl



            RR: 3.14 mile walk yesterday. I always do a Pi day run, but I had run 4 miles on Wed so I figured I should probably stick with a walk Wink Today I'll try for a few miles.


            NRR: Had three contractions during my walk last night! Came home and had a few more but they went away after a shower and resting. Today I'm working at home, thank goodness. One day in the office and I was pooped last night! I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. This weekend is the celebration of my SIL weekend. LOL She turned 30 a few weeks ago and my bro is planning a surprise party for tomorrow, but she planned herself a party tonight! Too funny! Tonight's is just friends out for drinks, then dinner and bowling. We may go for dinner. Tomorrow is a party at thier house with family and friends. Hoping to make it at least to one of them, unless baby has other plans!


            PO - Enjoy your run tonight! Yay! OMG you just made me want chocolate covered marshmallows. mmmmm


            Meli - Good luck with the course, sounds like a lot of work! Hopeyou can fit in your workout.


            RLTW - Ugh, your coworker sounds like such a pain. I hope she leaves you alone! I would just act really disinterested and see if that works.


            Have a great day ladies!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              MA: I totally ignore her! But she doesn't get it! Smile




                ER: I walked 30 mins on the treadmill yesterday! It felt stronger than my last walk, but I was still struggling in the last 10 minutes. I'm setting a mini goal of consistent walks for two weeks and then I will try running. I figure I'll just break it up into small goals like that so it feels more attainable. I might try to walk again today but likely I'll just wait until tomorrow.


                NER: So I posted in one of my FB groups last night whining about my lack of sleep because P wants to feed a lot... and then he slept for five hours! So I feel like new! Its annoying because even if I get a total of 7 or 8 hours it never feels restful enough because its in 2-3 hour chunks. So this longer stretch was amazing. We got the second car back yesterday and its good as new. DH or I need to take the invoice from the tow to our insurance today and they'll reimburse us since we have roadside service coverage. Thats nice because DH and I were more upset about the cost of the tow than the actual repair! Oh and we celebrated Pi Day here by going out for pie, lol. Totally the power of suggestion... feedings tend to coincide with the morning news and we've started watching that more and yesterday they had a pie eating contest at a local diner/bakery for pie day... and when it ended up that the shop the car was at ended up being right near there, we just had to! But I also joined weight watchers yesterday, oops! I"m taking a few days to assess my eating first... I can't believe how many points I get for breastfeeding!


                PO: I haven't been keeping up too well lately... glad to see you're running again! Have fun with the baby shower! I hate cleaning for company too... DH is obsessed with cleaning for company right now even though no one expects our house to be clean!


                mel: Good luck with the marriage preparation class.


                rltw: Good luck on your race! I'm so happy to hear your updates about getting back to running and especially interested as I'm getting ready to make my comeback.


                MA: I had a few real contractions before the real thing started too. Hope you can get some relaxation in this weekend! If C is like P, he'll decide to come just when you get to the point where you can relax... Did I read that you had your last day at the office?


                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: SRD. Boo.


                  NRR: I rode all the way into work today without having to stop once! It's the little things. Smile  Going out for drinks with coworkers tonight, which is always fun because work pays for it. Not too much going on otherwise, which is nice.



                  PO - Hurray for going out for a run!!


                  RLTW - Enjoy the race!  Have you thought of being blunt with your coworker?


                  MA - Sounds like your weekend will be fun! How exciting about the contractions..not too much longer!


                  Monk - I think your idea of setting small goals is perfect. People too often set goals that are unattainable and they quit altogether.


                    Good afternoon ladies!


                    RR: I ended up taking yesterday as another rest day because I couldn't get motivated. I have a 2 mile run and a 4 mile run left for this week, so I'll do one of those today. I am not sure which.


                    NRR: Woke up with a migraine, complete with a blurry eye, blah. It seems to be dissipating after taking some Excedrin. I am excited it's Friday, even though we have NO plans for this weekend, which could be kind of boring. CRF really wants to go to see the new Steve Carell/Jim Carey movie and I really want to go out for a big diner breakfast, so maybe we'll do that...hm.


                      POrun: Yay for a run! Enjoy the shower and then your day of relaxation afterward!


                      Meli: Wow all weekend for marriage preparation? Sounds intense! Is that like pre cana?


                      RLTW: Good luck at the race and have fun! You just exude such a good listening/caring vibe that your co-worker preys upon you! LOL.


                      MArunner: Aw, boo, no Pi Day baby! Sounds like your body is preparing though!


                      Monk: Good job getting back into exercising! Glad you got some good sleep last night.


                      Outwest: Have fun going out for drinks!!!


                        Hi girls! Happy FRIDAY!


                        RR - 5 miles sometime soon and a swim tonight. Had a great workout with my new trainer last night, looking forward to working with her. Also skating this afternoon to test out a couple sets of new wheels. Mine are going bald!


                        DR - 15 sleeps until Bout Day! LOL!


                        NRR - Working from home today. I needed that extra 2 hours of sleep badly! I was starting to lose my mind from lack of sleep due to DST. Tomorrow is my weigh-in at WW - 9 weeks and counting! I'm getting closer and closer to my goal!




                        PO - Great news about running! Your relaxation day sounds amazing. Smile


                        Mel - Hope your class goes well!


                        RLTW - Excited about your race tomorrow! UGH to annoying co-worker!


                        MA - I love that you did a Pi Day walk! Awesome! Hope you have a great time this weekend and baby waits until you're all done celebrating!


                        Monk - Nice work on the walking! I like your approach!


                        OWR - Congrats on the awesome ride! Free drinks, woohoo!


                        Lucy - I'm drooling at the thought of a big diner breakfast. If you see the movie, let us know how it is! I kinda want to see it!  Hope your migraine disappears completely!


                        Hello to everyone else who comes along!

                        San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                        Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                          Lucy it's Precana tonight 7-10 and tomorrow 9-5 I want to sleep sometime this weekend! Did you buy your shoes??


                          Athena good lck with weigh in!


                          MA Thought of you and pieday yesterday.


                          outwest have fun with work tonight!


                          monk great job on the TM walk!


                            Athena: Yeah, I freakin' LOVE diner breakfasts. Nothing ever tastes as good as diner pancakes. However, I've been gluten free for over a month and lots of diners don't serve gluten free pancakes. There is this one AMAZING place that serves them, plus all of it's food is locally grown and sourced, but it's about a 40-minute drive. I'm trying really hard to convince CRF it would be worth it...


                            Meli: Nope, didn't order them yet, I ordered 2 different color swatches from the seller because I couldn't quite tell what shade would be best. After I get those I will place my official order.