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Wake up Thursday Preggos (Read 247 times)


    Sorry thought I should apologise for my hospital comment it case it fell wrongly...no offence intended Teri as i know you are a nurse - it's more that it stresses me to know there would be people rotating constantly about me in hospital who are time constrained and may not "know" me vs midwives/doula who know me and are there from start til end....


    Sasha - I hope the busy week passes quickly; I liked that FB pic from a couple of weeks ago - have you always had your hair long? Nice work on playing Ultimate til now, that deserves serious kudos, I cannot imagine playing that with all its fast direction changes once the belly starts to appear....


    TN - Interesting QOTD...funnily enough until two years ago we thought we would get a live-in nanny once I'd finished my Mat leave so we could continue our current lifestyle with a nice income, avoid expensive daycare and minimise illness exposure of the kids til they had built up their immune systems...then something happened and we decided we didn't want a nanny raising our kids and we could cope fine on one income if needs be but we are very fortunate...anyways, I like your idea of getting booked into a daycare or your work childcare facility (how big is your work? will there be "regulars" of other kids there?) but interviewing nannies in the meantime/getting recommendations from others. Big plus with a nanny - apart from the possibility of cleaning???  Smile - is that they get to know your kids better and you wouldn't have to do pick-up/drop-off (but then again if there is one at your work that isn't a concern). What is the cost difference between a nanny and childcare?


    DrT - Can you perhaps hook up with the other side of the family and announce it via Skype???  Start out with just audio, make sure at the other end everyone is gathered around the screen, then turn on the video with you wearing a babyshirt or baby action kinda thing????  Have fun making the announcement anyway!


      PS.    TN - I like Monks idea of the home-based daycare with fewer kids, that's a good one. My mum used to do that when we were young.


        terry - i gained 35lbs and got a few winter shirts in the next size up because I had to go back to work (Got Medium instead of Small) BIG mistake.  They completely and totally swamped me.  I'm actually wearing one now, at 20 weeks pregnant with #2 and still have plenty of room for my belly to grow.  And this is just a normal shirt, not maternity.  I was pretty much back to normal-ish size around 6-8 weeks and wore one size up work pants until about 12-14 weeks postpartum, but mostly because I had a csection and didn't like tight stuff on my incision, which was very low.  Anyway - your MIL was completely inappropriate.  WHile I wouldn't run out and buy a bunch of clothes postpartum as your shape will be changing, it's not like you have to wait indefinitely.  Especially for stuff like coats!  Just get your normal pre-preggo size for the coat and you'll be fine.


        I think the thing to watch is bust size.  You won't really know what your postpartum BFing (if you plan to) boobs are going to look like and sometimes they don't fit into normal size shirts in some styles (hello ta-tas!).  So I'd wait to try stuff on until about 4 weeks postpartum at the earliest if it's clothes clothes and not outerwear.


        And 22 lbs is not huge for pregnancy.  It's not.  You're totally normal and fine.


        I also struggled with ED, but it has been zero issue for me since becoming a mom because my little one is so much more important than being neurotic about food.  It simply isn't a thought anymore.  Plus I run after her so much that I'm lucky if I can throw some food in me as we whiz by the kitchen!  Being a mom had a way of bringing certain things in my life into laser focus.  So stuff like ED has just fallen by the side and just seems so frivolous in hindsight, and it is so liberating. 


        Oh and I didn't workout other than yoga and walking during pregnancy due to spotting every time I did anything more intense (annoying!) and lost all of my weight, so I'm sure with all your activity you'll bounce back even faster.


        Side bar - If you happen to get an epidural it can make you retain water.  I had no swelling during pregnancy and then retained water for about 4-6 days after birth.  So every time I stepped on the scale that first week it looked like I had only lost 6-8 lb.  I was pissed!  I had a 7lb kid + placenta removed and only lost the weight of the kid?!  What a rip off!  But once my body sorted out the water retention, the weight was more like 15-18lbs immediate baby weight loss.  I had no idea one side effect of an epidural was water retention of that magnitude and for that long (which the nurse assured me was normal) - so I was quite distraught at the scale early on.  :-( 


        PS - Why do people say crap like that?! 


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          Delurking for TinyTerri- I was a size 4 before baby (and am back there again) and I wore maternity pants for about 2 weeks post partum then was in a size 6 and I gained 30+ lbs during my pregnancy.  Ignore your MIL.  I bought some shirts one size up to wear the first couple months PP and was in my "fat day" work clothes for the most part by the time I went back to work 8 weeks pp. They were tight but I didn't need to buy a whole new wardrobe. I did get my nursing bras once my milk started coming in before the baby was born. I went to a specialty nursing bra shop (she has a website www.birthandbaby.com) where I was fitted. I thought she was insane selling me size 34J bras, but she was right!

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            PG nothing new to report


            RR: subbing spin class for a run.


            NPGR: Looking forward to date night on sat dinner/nutcracker ballet and sunday holiday 5k


            Tiny: as the other ladies have said, 22 lbs is nothing.  And based on your workout routine this far along I'm sure you'll be back at and lose the wieght in no time.  I other the hand I'm hoping to keep it under 35lbs and right now i'm not sure thats going to happen :-(


            MA: hope you have a good MW appt


            Canada: walks and 1 lbs weights better than nothing


            TN: My work also has a day care facility that will probably be my second choice. My first choice is MIL but we've only hinted and havent officially asked her.  I plan on staying home for 6 months, Dh has fridays off, so she'd only have LO 4 days a week for the first year.  Then in Nov 2014 my mom retires and she is willing to take over full time or share with MIL.  I would still pay them something but it will be cheaper than daycare and I'll have the comfort of knowing its family.


            Monk: I asked about body flow.  Thanks for the info.  I'll have to check it out!  I take Les Mills bodypump 2x week with PG modifications and lowered wieghts.


            Ozzy: enjoy your babyshower!


            Laura: Welcome and congrats!  WOW 11 kids, home school, running.  You must have some serious patience and time management skills :-)


            Sash: sorry you have give up frisbe.  Hope you find some activing that you enjoy just as much


            DrT: Dog walking counts as exercise! 


              I wasn't warned about the water retention after giving birth, and I was on the epidural a long time. I called the clinic in a panic once night because my lower legs were huge! It was like that for about two weeks, so annoying. Anyway, I'm sure I've mentioned here I gained 65 lbs with A. I lost 22 in first two weeks because of the water I retained while preggo and/or the water I retained from the epi. Just to add to what rocky said... (unfortunately it took almost two years to lose the rest of that weight... but this time I know what to do and what not to do... like not gaining 65 lbs in the first place!)

              Laura G in Idaho

                Yes, this is number 11 for me.  And yes, I do know quite a bit about pregnancy and natural birth, both through personal experience, and professional training and experience.  (Doula, Childbirth Educator, Aspiring Midwife)  I'll try to include a nugget of pregnancy/birth wisdom in my posts every now and then, if anything comes to mind.


                As far as patience and time management skills... I don't know anyone who is born with the skills necessary to rear a large family, but there is no better motivator than having a large family, to cause a woman to get better at home and time management skills.  Wink  I'm still learning, and right now the house is showing the effects of my neglect for the last 4 days on follow-up for kids' chores.  Patience is something that if you are wise, you'll never pray to have.  :P


                RR:  Yesterday's planned 3 mi run became a 1 mi, strength training, 1 mi run.  Felt great.  I went super light on the weights.  Too light.  Need to go heavier next time.  I'm missing a dumbbell to my weight set.  Children?  Does anyone know where my missing dumbbell is?  Ha ha, yeah, right!  Today is a planned rest day.  Maybe now I can devote some energy to the never-ending housework.  I'm finding that my non-running days it is really important to hydrate well.  That way, I am not as thirsty on run days, so I don't drink as much before running.  This makes my run a lot more enjoyable, because I don't have to stop to pee 15 minutes into it.  Of course, I always go to the bathroom last thing before my run, but even with that measure, I nearly always have to pee 15 to 20 minutes into the run.  It has been better (about 30 minutes into my run) when I pay attention to my hydration on non-run days, and start drinking plenty of water immediately following my run on the days that I run.


                PGR:  Doing lots of kegels and squats.  Standard advice and practice for increasing bladder control always includes kegels, but I also read a few years ago that deep squatting helps to stretch the pubococcygeous muscle so that it retains it spring.  The author of that advice recommended against the kegels.  I don't know who is right, but I'm going to do both.  I don't think either will hurt me. 


                I've gained 23 lbs already, and I will be 21 weeks tomorrow.  I'm probably looking at a 50 lb gain by the end of this pregnancy.  Even with that weight gain, I know it will come off afterwards.  Between breastfeeding and workouts, it doesn't exactly melt off, but it does come off.  So, don't worry about the gaining, as long as it is on healthy foods!  I highly recommend the Brewer Pregnancy Diet www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com, and be sure to add extra protein (active pregnant women should get 110 to 120 grams protein a day) and carbohydrates (eat enough so that your body doesn't have to burn protein for energy... your baby needs that protein for growth) for your activity level. 




                  I haven't posted here before but was starting to post on Runners World before the spam issue. My life is so crazy-busy right now that I don't always come back to the forum as often as I'd like, but I was hoping to jump in and chat with some fellow pregnant runners (and hopefully find some motivation). Smile


                    Runswith: Thanks for popping on with the comments for Tiny! I loved it. 


                    Ahh, I wish I could afford a nanny!  I havn't even thought about daycare, although I hear it's a 2 year waiting list in our town. Should probably do that asap when I get home.


                    Weather is nice! my 3k walk.wog was good and now i'm tanning out in the back while hubby gets our steaks ready ( he is the master steak man so family requests it ) I like mine bleeding. 


                      I posted wonderfully eloquent personals earlier this afternoon, and the website went down...so these aren't going to be near as impressive...


                      monk - I'm not opposed to inhome daycare, but I believe licensed in-home in our state can only have 2 infants at a time, and even one infant opening can be difficult to find.  We're still in a bit of sticker shock from daycare prices x2 - and we live in a nonmetro area, although in a state with some of the highest child care costs in the nation.


                      Ozzy - awesome on the CL finds! Sorry you weren't able to find a great rental.  Ideally, I'd love to work part-time and only have to have someone watch my kids part-time, but it's really not feasible in my career. I think there are about 30-40 kids total in the facility, and everyone has great things to say about it, so I don't have qualms about the care there at all, plus I'm literally across a parking lot so I could stop in and drop-off and pick-up would be a breeze.

                      sasha - bummer on giving up ultimate, but kudos to you for keeping it up this long!


                      DrT - I think there are advantages to both - my brothers and I actually went to work with my mom until we were school age, and still went to the office she worked at until she was done with work after school.  I wish I had a setup that would work like that!


                      schmett - I don't think it's bragging about premium, so much as overall book, or sizeable clients.  But I agree, the boat/vacations/expensive hobby talk when they get together can sometimes get overwhelming, although most of the events i go to aren't too bad...


                      Mann - I wouldn't mind family child care, but my mom and step-dad are still to active and travel too much to do full time child care (plus they live 45 minutes away) MIL is not in great physical shape and I think caring for 2 babies would be too much for her - that's great that you have the family option! I know my mom will spend LOTS of time caring for our LOs.


                      LauraG - welcome! Impressive that you are able to find time to run! Interesting on the squats - I actually love squats, so I need to focus on doing them more.

                      AE - welcome! Feel free to post as often or as little as you'd like or are able to.  We're a pretty easy going bunch.


                      Canada - how long will you have mat leave?  You get extended leave in Canada, right?  I get 12 weeks max (unpaid except for the PTO and STD I have available), and that's only if I have no bedrest prior, and we'll probably extend the babies' home time with some of DH's FMLA leave, but we'll see. Have you been eating rare meat during pg?  I like mine medium rare, so I've been sneaking that when the meat aversions haven't been too bad.


                      Thanks for all the input on childcare, everyone.  I looked at care.com a bit today, and I think I'll at least see if we can find someone that would fit for us (I'm not sure if that's possible) while still putting in apps at the daycare as backup- but it would be nice to have someone to do light cleaning.