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Time to catch up Tuesday - Preggos (Read 21 times)


    I'm super late! Oh well.


    ER: Went on my walk yesterday and it caused me a very uncomfortable night of the neverending BH contraction. Or something like that. I was so beyond uncomfortable! DH and I did 40 minutes of yoga, which felt wonderful, though it did not make the tightness go away. I finally decided that I just needed to lay down. Nothing today, except I may do my yoga again b/c it felt so nice!


    PGR: 38w5d. I'm getting super ready for this baby to come! I slept really well last night and am only sad that I didn't get to sleep longer. I only got up once and don't even remember changing positions all night! Hopefully tonight will be as nice. Also, the sleep helped my uterus calm down, so today was much more comfortable. There are threats of major snow here, so my midwife appointment for tomorrow was cancelled. Drat. At least my pediatrician meeting was not, so I will still be able to get that done. My appointment was rescheduled for Friday.


    NPGR: Bible study tonight, which I am so happy that I joined a couple weeks ago because several of the women have kids, and I didn't have any close friends with children before this. It is exciting getting to know other mom's. I have had some concerns with the possibility of postpartum depression, simply because I am so used to working and being around other people all the time. Now I have other ladies in my life who are in the same stage as me. It's comforting. (ok that was kind of pgr...)


    Laura: Hope you had a nice swim. Thanks for the suggestions last night. Sleeping definitely did the trick. Sounds like you are doing really well. What a challenge to be pregnant and have so many kids too. Also, yours are all pretty close together it seems. We were all 2-3 years apart. I think that made it easier for my mom.


    MA: Yay for good sleep! Those nights are so wonderful. Awesome about the meatballs! Sounds delicious and so nice to have things on hand for after the baby arrives. I feel you on the achy pelvis and crampiness. Hope it means that seeing our babies will be sooner rather than later. Smile


    TN: 29 weeks! Wow! Also, that is a lot of snow. We are supposed to get a bunch here tomorrow, though I am skeptical that it will amount to much, as it has been too warm for that.


    Schmett: Hahaha! That is how it always is with snow here. They cancel school and then nothing happens. I guess they have to play it safe, but seriously. It has been in the 40s for weeks. If it snows, nothing will stick anyway. But they are so scared of lawsuits these days. Enjoy your time at the gym!


    Mann: Glad you are finally recovering. The pregnancy sickies are the worst! Enjoy your walk, if you get one. Otherwise, take some more rest. Smile


    DrT: Great to know that the baby is so cooperative right? Mine is too! I know how you are feeling about that last vacation together. DH is still a little sad b/c we always have gone somewhere for a couple days on our anniversary, except for this past year. And then we found out we were pregnant, and still never had the chance to go anywhere just the two of us. It is bittersweet, b/c we are so happy for this baby, but a little sad for our crazy, spontaneous couple days to be in the past.


    Liz: Sounds like you're doing great! About where I was at your time. I did gain a ton more weight last week (5lb!) but this week I think I am back to my normal 1 lb. Thank goodness. I am also measuring behind by about the same amount as you. Sorry about the plantar f. It is so debilitating! I bought a brace that seemed to help a lot, and changed shoes. But being an avid runner yourself, I'm sure you've done all that and more.


    Trozy; Yay for lots of kicks! They are so fun. Hope all goes well with the transition for your son and for your new baby. Lots of changes at once! But maybe being in a home daycare will be nicer for DS. Fewer kids to get sick from at least. Smile