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    Finally Saturday!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Just did an AMAZING eight mile progression run. Fastest 8 mile training run to date. Woot.


      NRR: Weeeeeeeekend!  I am hoping to go to shopping and get some spring clothes for the family, but we'll see if I can fit it in today. Big D wants to play ultimate this afternoon and that kind of jams up the day. My dad and stepmom are coming over tomorrow to hang with G, so we're looking forward to that!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Hi ladies!


        RR: m and I did 11.2 miles last night. We did it in intense cold- abt 30 or less and the winds werI gusting at 29 miles per hr so lets just say I was a little crabby doing it. We went slow but we got it dEne. So all together yesterday I did 14.3. I feel pretty good surprisingly.


        NRR: we're on our way up to the cities now for a premarital counseling session. Woke up at 6 to ghost the road at 7 to get to St. Paul at 10.


        Sassy: that's awesome abt the marathon you're going to be doing!  Enjoy the time with your dad and step mom!


          Good morning, ladies!


          RR: Well today was supposed to be LR day but we got a lot of rain (for us) yesterday and last night, and the volunteer trail maintenance group just posted on FB about staying off some of them for a while, SO... I'm eating breakfast and thinking that my weekend plans are in a jumble, which is fine. I'll just run later or something.


          RR2: I was poking around last night and found some trail races I'm interested in, if my work/training schedule permit. One has 4736' of climbing.. CRAZY!!! So of course I want to go run that steep stuff from a couple of weeks ago a LOT. Another one isn't that steep, but it's on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, so not sure about it.


          NRR: Going out to the shelter to walk dogs, big grocery trip, and ...? Maybe some shopping?



          Sassy - Nice job on the 8!!


          Lizo - Glad you got your miles in. Safe travels today!

          MA runner girl

            Hi ladies! Posting from my phone while C eats so excuse any typos.


            ER: hoping for a walk this afternoon when the sun comes out with my mom And C in the bob. Ordered a post pregnancy DVD last night, cant wait to get it. I'm looking forward to toning back up!


            NER: looking forward to getting out and about this weekend. Today I'm going to hang out with my parents while DH works. Tonight we are going to game night at my bro and SILs. Really looking forward to hanging out with friends! Tomorow we are going to dinner at the inlaws.


            sassy- great job with the run!


            Liz - nice miles yesterday!


            outwest hope you get your run in!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Morning girls! Happy weekend!


              RR. Rest day today. Lots of those as I'm tapering and slowly going NUTS. 8 miles tomorrow morning, last longish run before RACE DAY.


              NRR. So I'm turning in my notice at the Chiro office today!!!!! I haven't given you guys all the details but it's a really horrible place and a hostile work environment with horrible bosses and lots of power trips and nastiness. I just can't be around this anymore, so I'm done. I have a feeling they'll have me leave without 2 weeks but we'll see. I'm actually just leaving a resignation letter for my boss to get Monday. Sounds cowardly but I never see her and it could be a couple of weeks before we cross paths at the office, so this is best. Plus it gives her a chance to process it before talking to me. Anyways, I'm just glad to be over this, although now I need another job ASAP. But I can pick up extra shifts at the spa and that will help.


              Sassy- WOOT on the fast run! What are you currently training for?


              Lizo- wow nice job on the miles yesterday, esp in that weather!


              OWR- Oh that much elevation is BA! You can totally rock it!


              MA- Enjoy getting out of the house and I hope the DVD is helpful for you!

              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



              Half: 1:48

              Full: 4:34





                RR 4 mi today felt so short...  I don't think I've done a run shorter than 5 mi in at least 4-5 weeks!  Running 14ish tomorrow (will see how I feel).  Marathon is 2 weeks from tomorrow, I am super excited for it!  Legs feel great and I've barely even started tapering yet.


                NRR - It was a loooooooong week with all the events in Boston and a draining week at work too.  I think I will be crazy busy the next week or so, getting caught up on homework plus month end stuff at work.  I'm taking next Friday off flying to Cincinnati to visit my brother at grad school, which will be really fun (I've never been to the midwest before) but it means I need to be caught up with work and homework before I go!  Not sure what the weekend plans are, hopefully doing something relaxing with DBF today and running and studying tomorrow.


                I have to hop in the shower and head out now but I'll try to make it back for personals tomorrow!


                  Checking back in..


                  I got in 11 tough trail miles, but I'm proud of myself. I went up the supersteep thing from two weeks ago, but this time I kicked into low gear and didn't stop once. Then I turned around and went back down, which was worse than the uphill.


                  MA - Have fun with the family! Is C good about other people holding him?


                  NC - Good luck with the new job situation! Glad you're getting out of that place... and good luck with your taper.


                  Seattle - and good luck with YOUR taper.  I'll be interested to hear what you think about Cincinnati. My sister lived there and in the surrounding area for several years.

                  Sassy - I thought of you as I ate my fig Newtons towards the end of my run. I must have looked like a weirdo, though, because I was running with one in my hand for a long time before I'd take a bite. It took me a while to eat each one but they were AMAZING. Smile


                    Happy Saturday divas!


                    RR: No time for a workout today, hoping to run tomorrow. But my knee randomly started hurting yesterday, so I'll have to see how it feels tomorrow.


                    NRR: SIL and two of my nieces came this afternoon to meet P. DH and I cleaned the house this morning in preparation. He gets so stressed out about cleaning for guests. I hate it but its always nice to have a clean house. P is napping so I got a beef stew in the freezer. I've added four meals to my freezer stash this week! Speaking of P napping... we have a hard time getting him to nap during the day and I"ve been telling DH to try the swing again. I finally got it out this morning and we're on our second nap of the day! Hurray! I decided we're still going to give him a couple bottles a day on the weekend. He's used to eating a lot from bottles during the week and I think thats been the reason why he wants to eat constantly during the weekends he doesn't get as much from me as the bottle. I'm still hoping to get to the store for my new running shoes someday.