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    Youjust: that's crazy that a natural cream can get in there and help so well, maybe I'll invest in some!  Spin class was good, they do the weird black light thing here which kinda freaks me out but still fun


    Ozzy: you totally sound relieved in your post, I think you made the right decision !! And it's nice that you and your hubby both agreed. 


    Schmett: not working out is the worst . always makes me anxious and cranky, I vote for doing some jillian, works every time! 


    Ok off to the MIL's it's about a 3 hour drive so we mgiht stop at babies R us on the way so I can look around/ stretch! Everyone's cookie baking has me craving some ginger snaps. I might make those when I get home !

    MA runner girl

      Mann - FB group is "secret" so your friends can't see anything. I'm glad you felt some movement, yay!! I haven't been bringing my garmin with me since I was about where you are. I usually just note the time I leave, and when I get back. 6 miles took 73 min yesterday, took me 66 just a few weeks ago! Yikes!


      Liz - I normally have a sweet tooth... so this has been really bad being pregnant this time of year! Sugar is everywhere!!! I have 0 tips on how to avoid. LOL


      TN - Sounds like a good idea to skip out on the volleyball. Your FB pic is so cute with your little bump! Smile


      YJPM - So glad you found that cream!! What a relief! I hope it continues to feel better.

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        Teri and mann (and anyone else not in the FB group), you can PM me your info and I will friend you and then add you to the group. The more the merrier! It is a secret group, so it may show up on YOUR news feed when people post, but no one else's.


        Soooo... now our plan is to try and leave Wednesday night, but the snow is supposed to start Wednesday, so I'll still work extra and just try to leave work early Wednesday and use the vacation I was trying to save. Its not the end of the world I guess, but frustrating. Will just have to wait and see how the forecast changes... we're thinking we can wait til tomorrow to make a decision and still get a hotel somewhere.


        canada: Glad you enjoyed the spin class! Sounds like you're pretty busy on your vacation... how much longer are you there? I hope you can avoid the drama.


        MA: YAY for 6 miles! I think it was around 26w that I scaled back to just 5... then just 4... and part of me thinks that 3 might be the best I can do now. Wow, you baked a lot of cookies!


        teri: Nothing wrong with baby boy staying put for now. But if you're having a harder time exercising, he could be getting ready for his exit. With my first pregnancy I exercised faithfully up to the week I gave birth. That week A dropped so far into my pelvis, I could barely move, let alone workout. I hope you and your mom did get the gift situation figured out!


        liz: Oh, sorry about the hot water heater! I've had that happen before, not fun! I think I'll be doing more and more elliptical in the coming weeks.


        ozzy: I'm kind of glad for the Christmas season right now because its making the time go fast, but when I get to January with under two months to go I fully expect the time to slow down! I'm glad you were able to make a decision on the move! Sounds like it is good to stay where you are for now.


        schmett: I'd wait until your home to sign up for a gym membership, especially if the one you'll get is for a limited time. You want to get your money's worth!


        TN: I loved that pic! Can definitely tell how tall you are in them too. And I thought it was hard to find clothes as a shortie!  Sorry you have to stop playing vball.


        yjpm: Wow, that cream sounds like magic! If I'm calculating right, you'll have about four months to train for the 10K? I'd think you'll be able to run the 10K, I definitely wouldn't make any kind of goals until you are actually starting to run again.


        mann: You probably felt movement! I never described it feeling like gas bubbles... the initial movements for me felt like muscle twitches. It was so weird this time, I felt movements all day around 15 weeks and didn't feel a movement again for like two weeks! I guess that particular day P was just not quite as deep or something.