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cortisone injection for plantar fasciitis (Read 10 times)


    anyone have it done?  How'd it work?  I've gotten custom inserts & my pain is lots better, but I'll get a bit of heel pain every now & again... wondering if cortisone would help...is there a down side?




        Amy, I haven't had it for plantar fasciitis, but have had 2 in my foot for a neuroma and got great relief from both of them for a while.  The downside for the forefoot/near tendons where I got them is that it can cause a decrease in the fat pad on the ball of the foot (I think it did a bit) and there is a danger of weakening/rupturing the tendon with repeated ones.  I had no problems with the latter, but they will only do 3. It was worth it to get them, esp the first one, which helped the most.


          How painful did you find it?  I have one friend who went right back to her boxing workouts the next day & another who said it hurt like hell.   I'm a big pain weenie, so I dunno...  I may just keep stretching and hoping...


            It wasn't very painful.  I'm getting a series of alcohol injections now-it's just like other shots-a big bee sting and over in 5-15 min.  I'd read the same (lots of pain) about the alcohol injections, but the podiatrist told me it wouldn't be bad.  He was right-not bad at all.  I do have a little bruising and numbness after the one last week but it's  much  less than the pain from the neuroma flares.  You've had babies-this is a piece of cake in comparison. : )


            I've had to take 2 days off after all the injections and I've had 5 shots total-doc instructions.  Good luck.


            I just thought of something while I was out for a run-I get my injections in the top of my foot.  That may make a difference in the pain.


              Hi - I've had a couple of cortisone shots for pf. They did help both times, but both times it came back a few months later. I think the first time the relief lasted for several months, but the second it was less than two months. Like Camille said, there is a risk of rupturing the tendon if you do it repeatedly. Some docs will do it three times and then that's it...others will do it thee times per year. I'd prefer not to do it again because it seems like a temporary fix with too much risk associated with it. It doesn't sound like your pf is terrible. I wouldn't do it unless you've tried everything else first.


              The only thing that seems to have fixed my pf is my pregnancy! I'm 35 weeks now and although I stopped running a couple weeks ago, the pf disappeared in the second tri. Podiatrist thinks it's because of the loosening of ligaments and joints that the hormones are causing. Hope it is more permanent than the cortisone!


                Amy - have you tried a night splint? I've gotten relief from using one in the past.



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                  I do have night splints - I just can't keep them on longer than a few hours b/c I can't shift around with them on.

                  I think the stretching & rubz ball are most helpful. that & very warm foot baths with epsom salts - that's just divine!!  Smile