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Wintry Weather Weekend DIVAS (Read 13 times)

MA runner girl

    Woke up to more snow... and we are supposed to get snow showers all weekend.

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles yesterday outside! It was nice and warm (haha 48 degrees is warm to me right now!), I didn't wear a jacket! I started by going on the sidewalks but it was tough puddle jumping, I even got my whole foot soaked... so I turned around and just ran inside my neighborhood. It was so nice not to be on the treadmill! Rest day today. Another 3 miles tomorrow.


      NRR: It's DH's birthday!! I couldn't wait to give him his gifts, so we did that this morning. I think he is happy Smile Now we are hanging out a bit before we head off to birth class. It's from 9-4, with a lunch break. I'm excited to see the hospital and where we will go when D-Day arrives. Tonight DH and I are going to have a date night! It's been a while. We are going to go out to On the Border for dinner, yum! We have gift cards too, bonus!


      Have a great weekend ladies!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Good morning, MA! Have fun with DH today and at the birthing class. It's getting really close!


        RR: Going for a hike with DBF today, and also thinking about stopping by a more advanced yoga class this afternoon. Getting back on the wagon more fully tomorrow.


        NRR: Getting back into my home routine and straightening up things. Nothing exciting but I'm feeling more back to normal.


          Hey divas! Happy Saturday!


          ER: None. I think I might stop designating my reports...


          NER: Had a great start to Saturday... we all slept until 8 and then I made chocolate chip pancakes! Had a chiro appointment and now I'm working on miscellaneus tasks around the house. DH is on his way out to the gym so now I'm resting... I'm tired even though I slept so late! I have a feeling I'm just going to be exhausted all the time for the near future... anyway, the goal for the day is to pack my hospital bag and go shopping for the last few things we need. Tonight A is going to the circus with friends, so DH and I get a surprise date night! We aren't sure we'll have time for a full dinner and movie, so not sure if we'll do anything besides dinner. DH had the idea of bowling, but I don't think my body is up to that. So we'll see. It'll at least be nice to steal a little more alone time! I'm excited!


          So we don't want P to come this weekend because my parents are out of town and they're going to help with A. Well, we're finding out now about a big snowstorm coming next Thursday... this may end up being what I'm scared of, going into labor in a snowstorm as thats a week from my due date and A came six days early! We won't be able to get anywhere Thursday or Friday, at least based on the current forecast. Granted, things can change, but they were predicting the blizzard before Christmas about this far before... and that forecast only got worse.


            Hey DIVAs!

            RR: Did a pretty speedy (for me) 10.5 miler this morning. It was rough - it's really cold (rain and snow) and my gloves got really wet so by mile 8 my hands were FROZEN. I also stepped in about 4 puddles so my toes are still pruney 3 hours later. I feel pretty bad a$$. Approve


            NRR: Not much, doing some work, resting, and hanging out with Big D. He's leaving tomorrow for a week. Happy weekend!


            MA - Enjoy your birth class and touring the hospital. It makes it all seem so real, it's crazy! Enjoy DH's birthday and date night.


            OWR - enjoy being back at home!


            Monk - Don't worry about the weather just yet, you'll be able to get to the hospital. You can always call the ambulance if worse comes to worse!


            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



              Hi everyone! HAPPY WEEKEND! Big grin



              MA- I had to laugh a little at the title, since it's 70 degrees here today! Wink I guess we get a false-spring every year in Feb. It's lovely! Happy birthday to your DH! Hope the classes go well today and enjoy the Mexican dinner! YUM!


              Sassy- Totally BA run today!!! Sounds awesome though!


              Monk- Yikes, that's quite a storm coming! I am sure everything will go smoothly when P decides to come!


              OWR- Enjoy yoga! I've been doing some at home and really liking it!



              RR. Rest day today. 10 miles tomorrow.


              NRR. Worked this morning, now off to enjoy the day! Not sure what we're doing this afternoon, maybe just relaxing around the house. DH is washing our cars, which badly need it!

              In supppper exciting news... (haha) we're buying a juicer! I'm so tired of using the vitamix and then straining out pulp, plus it's super wasteful. We are getting this one... http://www.thekitchendeal.com/omega-vrt350-juicer-masticating-hd-white/ It's normally $379, but this place has it $100 cheaper and free shipping. YAY!

              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



              Half: 1:48

              Full: 4:34





                ER: Who knows... the mind is willing but the body is weak... and busy.


                NER: So A went to the circus last night with our daycare woman and her two girls. And they decided since it was going to go really late to just have her spend the night! So DH and I got to have a full date night and then it was nice we didn't have to wait up for them to bring her home because we were exhausted. I was up for about an hour and a half in the middle of the night though, but at least I ended up sleeping until 7:30. Its strange being away from A though... and even more strange to be away from her in our own house! I don't mind too much but I will be happy to see her. DH is getting me some dunkin donuts and coffee right now, yum. We'll go pick A up at some point this morning. The plan for today is for DH to do grocery shopping with A and me to do the last of the baby shopping by myself. I think I've convinced him to let me buy a new set of sheets for our bed. Our sheets are all 5+ years old so we need something new! I also hope to plan another freezer meal or two. I did one yesterday that will actually be good for three. Thats something I never managed to do with A, so I'm happy to do it this time. I got started late but anything will help!