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running eh

    zorbs, rg, spike - to further spike's comments, does anyone have a link to an entire body weight workout that doesn't take more than 30-40 mins. with minimal equipment??  I really agree that STing can make a big difference in staying healthy when upping the mileage, but I (like everyone) have time and space constrictions...  I know there is a weight workout in advanced marathoning, does that seem like a good one?!?  I know next to nothing about this stuff...


      Zorbs: too funny because skirts are so not me. Smile I'll gladly take the shorts off your hands Wink I think lulu is going to turn into an addiction. Not good.


      Bad Ass Mother Runner

        reh - do you have a smart phone? You could try the Nike training club. You do need dumbbells for most of them. Or look on my blog. I did a body weight workout on vacation it's on a blog post from a month ago or so.

        5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

        Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/

        running eh

          CA - thanks, I will check out your blog!  I have no smart phone - I am so behind the times.  I also need pictures of the workouts, I have no idea what some of the things mean - deadlifts, for example...


            Rg – enjoy that run – hope it goes well. Don’t worry about getting back for personals. I think our DSs would really get on. They sound alike.


            Zorbs – yay for pedicure. Sounds lovely. Not cool about DS turning on light. Wake ups I can handle, lights on, erm, nope. Sitting in hot tub whilst working sounds positively luxurious. I’d clean your floors too, if you made me a cup of tea. I hate the bits of food sticking to my feet. I hate hate hate it.


            Eh- hope DD1 feels better soon. Hope you can find some time for youself in the middle of everything else going on for you right now.


            Cx2 – family drama sucks. How annoying, energy sucking and time wasting. I woke up at 5.30 with DS and thought that was the longest he has slept in for about 2 months. You are lucky with 6ams!


            Jen – yay for shorts! But boo on rain. Poor little guys sounds a bit miserable. Hope your son is okay during the meal. You and your family really pack about 4 weeks in 1 – you’re always so so busy! Boo on job – what do you want? Floors are done.


            Ernie – yay for toddler-friendly librarian. My DS would not sit still either. No idea on pacing advice. Run hard and well is all I have to say. That’s pretty lame but the most advice I have to offer.


            Mer – you are allowed to have preggo brain you know – you have been rock solid invincible since being pg – I am so impressed by how you hold your life all together. Yay for running with your boys, Yay for shorts! And you get a total free card to be ultra cranky whenever you like (pr or not). I don’t mind!


            Mrszm – glad you like your lulu shorts. I love mine and will be rocking them in my marathon next week. Hope my post didn’t incite your snake dream.


            Stroller – hope your exam results come soon so you don’t have to worry for too long.


            CA – jealous of your help. My help is coming soon… Too cute on dance lessons. I like that you gave her a choice of what she wanted to do.


            Spike – I am so impressed with your extra workout after your run! Nice going there lady! How lovely of your MIL to get you clothes. That’s really nice.


            Arm – I am excited for your new start and to be with family. But yikes on moving – it is a nightmare. I just did a box a day as my goal and it got done in no time. I also can’t rave enough about how lovely it was to purge and sell old stuff and start to buy all new. It was so great. You have a lot on your plate all of a sudden esp selling your house. Are you thinking 1st Aug? Wishing miraculous recovery for your kids so you can kick arse in your tennis tournament.


            maybe just once I will be able to post and not have to modify my post as I re-read it when posted and there are about 8 billion mistakes as I am always rushing.

            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


              Arm - From the other day, duh, I should have remembered you were running the half in Nashville. Lots of supermoms going to that one! So cute about L running down the street, although it sounds like he'll be quite a handful now that he's so speedy. Good luck preparing for your move - getting rid of excess clutter is definitely one benefit to moving!

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                cx2 - sounds like you're not missing much if SIL doesn't want to talk to you.  I've had that bedtime conversation w/ DH a million times, I hope yours listens...


                Jen - M had many many of those melt down nights around that age, he probably just doesn't sleep enough - do you have to wake him to take him to daycare in the morning, plus i bet his naps aren't quality at daycare.  Sorry about your job.  I like the subbing idea - then maybe you can spend more time w/ new baby and J?


                Ernie - a 21 min 5k sounds pretty stinking fast to me too Smile


                mer - sorry you had the grouchies.  I hope today is better.  My DH said the other night, 'it's nice that you're not pregnant anymore, you actually remember our conversations .  I don't think I was that bad, I think he forgets things, or doesn't pay attention to me.


                mzm - what lulu shorts did you get?  I have the run speedy ones and love them, I get another pair for seawheeze, I'm excited!    I hope you get some nice jeans from your stitch fix!


                stroller - I wear all my cute summer outfits on the TM when the weather is crap,  just so I can feel like I'm getting to use them.  I'm sure like you said that you are just judging yourself too harshly on the exam!


                Bermy - That's a good sign that your legs are itching to run!  I'm sorry that you have no family close, or even far that would be a help.  I'm serious that if you're in the neighborhood, I'm happy to babysit and give you and DH a night out.


                spike - lol on the .24.  Nice job on the ST workout.  M loves trains right now, that would  have thrilled her also.


                arm - boo to the sick kids!  Exciting about the move! And great that you don't need to worry about the house selling or not.


                zorbs - I think she is mature, and boys often are less mature.  She is quite good at following direction, etc.  It's mostly to try stuff, be active, social, etc at this age, I would never put her in any sort of private lessons now, but a group thing with less pressure is different IMO.

                5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

                Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                  I am being a selfish poster today.  Hopefully I will be better tomorrow, since I am not playing tennis Sad  Not sure I will play tonight either, my stomach has been doing flip flops this afternoon and I'm afraid I'm coming down with this nasty virus.  I'll see how I feel in the next couple hours.


                  Jen - I go between excited and sad but I know it'll be fun to be close to family again.  DH will probably start in 2 weeks so I am sure I will complain a lot on here about being a single parent for the month of May.  Smile  I am NOT ready for the cold, although my kids might be.  They are complaining about the heat this week - it's in the upper 80s here right now.  I guess I better get them out of here before the brutal summer months!


                  spike - I have been going through things and realize I hang on to a LOT of stuff I really don't need to.  I'm sure we will move a bunch of stuff we don't need still though.


                  zorbs - I'm from Wisconsin originally, and lived in Minnesota after college, got married there etc.  DH grew up in Minnesota.   My mom says he has that funny accent when he goes back there.  I don't notice it.


                  bermy - I wish I could be like you and get rid of most everything!  MIL will be here in a few days, maybe she will help me.  Smile  I am thinking end of June, I go up to Wisconsin during July anyway so might as well go then permanently.  Once we moved the day DD3 was born and we had no family around, I'm pretty sure this move will be a breeze compared to that.  Well maybe not a breeze, but at least we will have family and friends to help this time!


                  OK texting my tennis captain to say I can't play tonight.  My stomach is not happy with the yogurt I ate a little while ago.  Ugh.  But better this week than next when I have a race I guess.