Womens Running




    NC: OMG I totally forgot about the COW! At least you don't have to deal with her anymore!


    RLTW: Ugh, that sucks about your annoying co-worker. I would totally shut and lock my classroom door if I were you! (I don't know if that's allowed...)


    Lizo: I was wondering where you were the past few days! Join the ranks of people who need a new j-o-b. Feels like I've got a lifetime membership in that club...


    MArunner: Are you in labor yet? How about now? Now?? LOL.


    Meli: Jealous of your 70 degrees! It's 45 here and that actually feels relatively warm. Where are you getting your veil made?


    Outwest: Bummer that your office didn't get the contract, but hooray for not having to deal with the annoying girl! I hear you on boring, repetitive running routes...I also need to switch it up more, but have to drive to get to any trails.


    Monk: Congrats on the first PP run!


    Athena: Hope you can fix the paperwork snafu! How annoying.


      Lizo - I was wondering about you this morning! I hope M's dad gets better soon. Also, sorry work is so stressful. Hang in there!


      Ugh I have a really bad sinus headache today.


        Outwest: Me too! I get them alllllll the time though, on my right side, because I have inflammation and bone spurs in that cavity, as well as a deviated septum to that side. They suck!


        I have had 3 cups of coffee today, which is about 2 cups too many. If we had the old moties, I'd use the bouncing up and down one here. Shocked


          Lucy- I miss our old moties! And yes, so glad I don't have to deal with the COW! She was the worst! Eeks on the coffee, that's wayyyy too much!


          Lizo- So glad M's dad made it through surgery and will be going home soon. Hoping for a quick recovery for him!


          MA- Are you in labor now!?

          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



          Half: 1:48

          Full: 4:34