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    Hi, ladies! Late post for me.


    Congrats, C, for running Disney this weekend! Congrats to all the marathoners, racing and long run DIVAs. You are all amazing.


    MA-Whoohoo for 30 weeks! Congrats.


    RLTW-So happy to hear that your symptoms are 100% gone. Countdown to work? Wink


    Pumpkin-Sorry to hear about all the health issues you've had to endure the past few weeks. I hope things are much better now and you have the answers you need. Hugs and fun shopping with Mr. Pumpkin vibes to you.



    RR-3 on the trail yesterday and 2 this AM in some light snow.   I reviewed my running mileage over the years and the last time I ran over 500+ in a year was 2010. Disapprove So I think I'm doing okay by building a foundation slowly.


    NRR-One class tonight but I need to put in some hours for work before then.


    Sorry for the few personals, but I gotta run!  Lots of love and positive thoughts to all of you.


      Monk: It depends on the recipe. For the meatballs, I didn't cook them at all, just formed them, froze them for an hour on baking sheets to solidify, and then transferred them to containers. For the lasagna, I was going to freeze an already cooked portion, since I wanted to eat half for dinner, but if I was making one just for freezing, I'd cook the noodles and nothing else, and leave off the cheese, then freeze it. For soups/chilis I would cook them all the way through, especially if there was meat involved, and freeze them. For sauces, same thing, make according to the directions, and freeze. I know you like to use the crock pot, right? You can assemble all the ingredients necessary for a crock pot meal into a gallon-sized freezer bag, label it, freeze it, and then just pull it out and put everything into the crock pot when you're ready. Saves prep time. My sister did a lot of those in preparation for baby.


        Pumpkin - oddly enough I was just thinking about you on my run today (creeper alert!) because I was thinking of looking for a bodypump gym and remembered you used to do it all the time. I'm so sorry to hear about the colonoscopies/edema/health issues in general.  I've not had that (had an upper endoscopy twice) and these procedures so stink. I hope they at least figured something out from them! enjoy your vacation and your shopping. I really like shopping with my DH as well. Moreso than a friend, actually, because what he lacks in style he makes up for in honesty Smile


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



          GSD - i wonder if M's fever and rash was roseola? I only ask because our doctor said it was going around and that if he develops a red rash in the next few days it might explain the fever he has had off and on.


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            Sassy: M had petecheial rash, where the skin capillaries start leaking/bleeding.  I don't think roseola rash looks the same.  I believe roseola usually comes after a high fever not with or before.


              Hi ladies!


              Not to rub it in, but Monday's are my Sundays, so I'm a happy girl today! Big grin


              RR. Had a wonderful LR yesterday. It was COLD, 25 deg when I left and warmed up to 35 deg by the end. But it was clear and sunny and beautiful. I was planning on a 9 miler, but took a turn that made it 11. I am not sore at all and it felt great! Today is rest, with core work later.


              NRR. Working at home on business with DH today. Doing some new marketing stuff to start our sales out this year, so hopefully that works well. Marketing is really hard as our budget is low and neither of us are sale-people, but we're doing our best!

              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



              Half: 1:48

              Full: 4:34