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    CMG - +1 on letting DH get DD ready.  Yesterday DH had off for MLK day but I didn't.  I brought him a diaper, her clothes & shoes, everything and asked him to dress her for school while I got ready for work.  He whined, rolled out of bed and said something like "i have a headache."  Uh - so your hands are broken and you can't take 5 min (or for him 10 min) to dress a toddler?  He seemed to manage without having a brain aneurysm.  Let Dh do it.  Like another poster said - it's good for him.


    ernie - i know you asked eh, but I liked JM 30DS.  I bought it post baby and did it pretty consistently, though not everyday.  I think it really helped me get back to running and just get used to being out of breath from exercise and not pregnant out of breath.  I like that you can have all the different levels (3 choices) and you can always up the weights too.  For the price & time (20 min) it's a good workout.