Womens Running


Wow! It's Cold Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)


    Hi Girls!  Just poking my head in - some running & some lingering PF pain - altho not too bad, I'm afraid to run too much or too long & aggravate it. ugh.  anyone every try cortisone?

    Ginny - I'll check it out -

    Cindy - awesome!!  a 9 mile tempo run?  wowza!

    Marjorie - it was cold here too this am - 30*...  I'm ready for Spring.  We had our fun snow & I got a short run in it - so bring Spring on!!


    So, LIsa - how cold is Chicago?  I'm a weenie for thinking Charlotte is cold...


    Damaris - lucky you - getting into Chicago - I saw that the site crashed yesterday...