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    I was concerned when I felt like I was having a lot of BHs around 26-28 weeks. A friend told me her doctor recommended gatorade/electrolytes. Those seemed to help. I felt like I got them in big chunks of a lot more than 4 in an hour, but they didn't last more than an hour or two. My doctor says as long as they don't hurt, aren't increasing in intensity, etc, its really not a big deal. Now I get them all the time and they are more intense and I'm just trying to keep in tune with my body to notice if things are starting to hurt.


    So DH got insurance and the title/registration for the new car. The junk place isn't picking up the old car until tomorrow though... and the only time frame they gave was between 8 and 5! Gee, thats not inconvenient at all. Meanwhile we still haven't done our grocery shopping for the week and DH may or may not be able to tomorrow depending on when they come pick up the car! Car seat inspection on Wednesday.


    schmett: Well I have to be crazy productive because we really did nothing to prepare for P before new years. We didn't have the money or the time. Now we have money and not quite as much time! I'm sure you'll get everything done! I don't think there's much more we need to do so I'm hoping I don't have to have anymore marathon days like yesterday. My back really hurts!

    Laura G in Idaho

      TN:  Boo on the borderline previa.  I hope it resolves itself quickly so you won't have that worry.


      Mann:  Bummer about the exercise class being canceled midway through.  That rots.  Way to go on all the baby prep and SCORE on the BOB!


      RR:  So, today was my first planned-walk-break run.  I ran 1.5 miles, walked 0.1 mi, then ran to 3 mi, then walked 0.1 mi, then ran to 4 mi.  I was 0.2 mi from home, so I just walked the rest of the way.  Total run was 3.8 mi, and total walk was 0.4 mi.  My pelvis/pubic bone didn't bother me much this time, and I haven't been feeling crampy and miserable since the run like I have on previous long run days.  However, I think the leg circles I did on the sculpting DVD yesterday affected today's run.  My hip/butt muscles were sore right from the start of the run.  About midway through, I was able to pick up the pace a little and the soreness seemed to subside a bit.  By the end, I was very ready for the run to be finished.  It was bright and sunny, and in the upper 30s (F), with only very light occasional winds.  Beautiful running weather.


      Sleep report:  I'm heading for a nap, or maybe down for the night (it's only 6 pm, ha!) as soon as I can unwind.  I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a cold from too many nights of not enough sleep.  I'm still coughing from the flu, too.  I took a super mega dose of vitamins and I'm in bed typing right now.