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    I made a packet of oatmeal to eat as a snack this morning and I put too much water in it. It's gross. But i'm hungry.


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      Morning, ladies!


      Quick post from me again today. I do have to say that I'm very jealous of GSD's 70 degrees. It's snowing right now but not sticking.


      RR-Ended up doing 3 on the TM yesterday. I was in sync with the much shorter gentleman next to me and when I finished I noticed he was at least 2x my age. It actually inspired me. I hope when I"m in 60's and 70's that I can run as fast as someone half my age. Smile Leg ST tonight.


      NRR-2 classes today. Making our favorite pizza tonight after our workout.


      Sassy-Sorry about your oatmeal. Is there bananas or some kind of fruit there you can use to thicken it?



      Lots of love and good day vibes to you all!

      MA runner girl

        Sassy - Thank you! I know I need to stop stressing... it's hard! So my coworker and I both bring oatmeal packets for a midmorning snack. And I usually put enough water so it's pretty thick, I hate when it's too thin too... but she puts like a cup of water and half a cup of milk... it's SOOOO gross looking!! lol

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Well I managed to leave my reading glasses at home today. Eight ball   HA Perfect emoticon



          Sassy - Put it back in the microwave?


          Mel - Well, I know the pet stores carry pills to stop the poo-eating. Maybe call the vet?


          MA - I second Sassy's thoughts. I'm sure it's VERY frustrating because it's happening and you can't control it, but you are producing a new human being, so maybe cut yourself some slack? Sorry about DH's response, too. I don't think that helped any.


            Sassy glad you had a great run and a great night w G at dinner. Sounds awesome!!


            so for your doggie girls need some advice: our pup is 13 older (a yorkie) and he's been having accidents inside the house now (#2) and eating his poop. gross. This morning he woke up at 5am I put him outside and he didn't do anything (he's spoiled and sleeps in bed with us) so I left him downstairs. I woke up at 7am and there was poop everywhere. We had to hose down kitchen carpets, bathe him and scrub the floors. He's gotten into the habit of not using peepads also. What bothers us the most of when he eats his poop. I know he might not be able to control his bowel movements but why would he eat his poop? Any advice???


              Sassy - Thank you! I know I need to stop stressing... it's hard! So my coworker and I both bring oatmeal packets for a midmorning snack. And I usually put enough water so it's pretty thick, I hate when it's too thin too... but she puts like a cup of water and half a cup of milk... it's SOOOO gross looking!! lol


              That sounds disgusting!


              OWR - ah I should have done microwave! I used our hot pot to boil the water so I didnt' even think of that!


              Oh well, I survived.


              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                MA: Gaining weight is good... it equates that your baby is growing, your placenta is functioning, you are giving your baby a nice protective sac to live in. You are working out  and being mindful about what you eat. (Not sitting and eating a gallon of ice cream bc your pregnant, etc).  The last trimester you will retain water. You will need that water for delivery it's the way your body prepares itself. Some woman show it more than others its just the way it is.  I can tell you this... when I was preggos with M, I gain 55lbs, I left the hospital (2 days after delivery, down 35lbs). M was 7lbs. Within 2 weeks I was back into normal jeans and normal weight. I am now 10lbs lighter than I was before I was pregnant. My body is shaped differently now.  So be happy and healthy. Enjoy the pregnancy. You are growing a baby that will change your life.


                Another note: DH didnt get how I felt until M was here. Its different for them bc they dont go through the actual pregnancy and hormone thing.


                  Hi ladies! ALMOST FRIDAY!


                  RR: A very slow 5K last night on my new treadmill! Woohoo! Two nights of skating (Mon/Tues) left me very sore so I didn't have much fun running but sometimes marathon training isn't fun! Tonight will be a bike ride (weather permitting) or some XT. I'm so glad I have this TM because it means I have no excuse for skipping runs!


                  NRR: Wedding plans in full effect! The honeymoon is booked, the wedding venue is tentatively booked, and a wedding officiant is on standby once everything falls into place! Just have to make the travel arrangements and we'll be set! SO EXCITING! I've never gotten to plan a "real" wedding before and I love that DF is so involved but so laid back about it too - we're not like two Bridezillas competing or anything. Haha. She doesn't like jewelry so she's getting a tattoo ring and she said she wants it already so the world knows she's taken! Blush Oh and I'm joining Weight Watchers this weekend - it probably isn't that noticeable but I've gained some and it's getting a little out of hand! I need to start being accountable again. I lost 17 lbs last time and I'd like to lose about that much this time around. I want to look awesome on 9/13!


                  GSD: Crazy weather! I know what you mean about needing to run the dog! Mine needs to be able to run free somewhere too but without the stress of other dogs!

                  MA: Sorry to hear about your stressful situation! Hope you can see the chiro!

                  PO: Congrats on the new challenge - I'm sure you're up to it!!!

                  OWR: So cute about Fay and the kisses!

                  Monk: I'm glad you're feeling better!  It seems to be back pain month - DF is having some pretty bad back pain too, she's on heavy pain meds and muscle relaxers and off work for the whole week! It's affecting her sciatic nerve and her leg, too. Sad

                  KLM: I'm not a huge cauliflower fan but your soup sounds great!!!! I have the same issue with getting up (I am up between 4-4:30 on weekdays) and no matter what time I go to bed I'm still wiped out! I don't think I even get 7 hours of sleep most weeknights.

                  Sassy: G sounds adorable! So glad you had an awesome tempo run!

                  Meli: I am trying to get tone and trimmed up myself! Let's support each other!

                  Blu: Love that motivation on the TM!!!


                  Have an awesome day!

                  San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                  Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                    I have been SO busy this week!


                    RR: I did 3 yesterday but it was raining and lightning today so I slept in. Will do 3 tomorrow. It's killing me to be building up so slowly again!


                    NRR: I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off this week trying to get everything put together for my photography business. I still have so much to do and feel like I"m running out of time. ARGH. I had to do a radio ad that came free with my booth purchase. I posted it on the DIVA's facebook page if anyone has any input, I'd really appreciate it! I'm stressing out a lot though. In order to get a sales tax permit in my state, I have to file a $500 bond which wouldnt be a big deal except our roof started leaking last night!!! Now I have to wait and see if we can afford the 500. I'm freaking out a little.


                    Got a few min for personals:


                    MA- Sometimes pregnant bodies gain weight at their own rate and there's nothing you can do to control it. I know it seems like your body is out of control but you're doing everything you can to be healthy and that's all that matters. Don't stress about it, your body is doing what it can to grow a healthy baby. I hope your back feels better soon.


                    gsd- So glad to hear that M is doing better.


                    PO- Good luck with the new work load. I know you can handle this.


                    owr- Does Fay run on a leash? Try keeping her at your side instead of letting her lead in front of you. My dogs know better than to get right in front of me. I know someone who broke their leg because their dog tripped them on a run, be careful.


                    monk- I'm so glad your back is feeling better! Have fun Christmas shopping.


                    klm- If you find the answer to getting out of bed easily in the mornings, let me know. I have the same problem.


                    Sassy- you have sooo made me want Mexican food now!!


                    mel- Fingers crossed your travel docs get processed in time! have you asked your vet about the problems you're having with your dog? I have no experience with the poop eating issue but could it be a nutritional deficiency?


                    Blu- That's awesome about you're treadmill "partner" last night. Let's all hope we're like that as we age.


                    athena- How exciting that the wedding is falling together! I don't envy you though, wedding planning is something I'm glad I only have to do once in a lifetime.


                      Hi girls!  Just wanted to pop in quickly...Nick won his first wrestling match last night, 10 to 1!!! But I frigging MISSED it b/c I got lost on the way there (it was over an hour away)...boo!  But anyway, I'm just back from a lovely runch and wanted to pop in...


                      MA, Nick's father used to tease me and call me "fatty fatty two by four".  He thought it was hysterical...men are clueless.  GSD said it very succinctly, and seriously - you are TINY.  I'm 5'2" and put on 45 pounds with every pregnancy, you look strong and fit and most importantly, you are HEALTHY and growing a whole 'nother person!!


                      OK I've got to jet, hope to be back in later!  Flybys waves and kisses!!

                      MA runner girl

                        Thank you girls so much. Love the support I get from you all. In my head I know that I shouldn't stress about it, it's all for good reasons. But then my hormones kick in and I freak out thinking it's somehow my fault... those cookies I ate, or that ice cream I had. But I am active, and I'm not eating an entire gallon of ice cream, or a dozen cookies, at once. So I should just relax. Now tell my homones that... HA!

                        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                          OMG I think I just had the worst lunch ever. Our roof started leaking last night and then stopped so I didnt really worry about it because I"m stupid and DH is out of town. SO I went home at lunch to find my bed was SOAKING wet. I had to take the furniture out of my room, drill holes in my bedroom celing and then I attempted to get the ladder out and go on the roof but I wasnt strong enough to get the ladder up so I gave up after the ladder fell on my head. Then I realized that we live in a two story house so all i had to do was go to the second floor and look out over the roof through the window (lightbulb moment)! I felt so stupid. During all of this my mom calls to tell me that the cat we got when I was in high school is having to be put down this afternoon. And to top it all off the mailman put a package of pictures that I ordered for my bridal fair booth on our doorstep in the rain and they are RUINED. Can this day please end?????