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Push Yourself WEDNESDAYS (DAILIES) (Read 21 times)


Cupcake Connoisseur

    DO IT

    Mar 4 - One City Marathon - 26.2

    May 19 - Fargo Marathon - 26.2

    October 7 - Twin Cities - 26.2

    November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

      Good morning Lizzie!  Hi to all. I’m heading out to see the moon.


      Cupcake Connoisseur

        9.2 speed work miles for me. I did 9x Yasso 800's. Had to bust out the layers..18 degrees.


        Kick @ss run today. I spent a long time last night foam rolling my calves and it seemed to help A LOT. They were pretty tight after Body Pump. I nailed the intervals today (I pushed myself Wink ). The first two were around 4:30 and 4:20 but the last 7 were right on target - 4:15, 4:18, 4:12. VERY happy with that. Not that those interval times are a "sure tell" of what my marathon time will be, but made me feel like I was on track. Surprised me because I am still tired from last week! LOL. My watch told me I did a new 10K record. Interesting since I did a warm-up mile and slowed down quite a bit in-between intervals. Oh well, great run.


        As much as I want to go to Aruba..the airfare is just UNBELIEVABLE. I have to snap myself back to reality. The airbnb is cheap...I gotta keep searching.


        Busy day today. Last day of the month which means AUDITS. Blah. I would rather take a nap instead.



        Sandy - Thought of you this morning about your hands getting hot. I had hand warmers but had to toss them because my hands were sweating!


        Diane – That is actually a good idea – I may try the Ensure.


        Kilmisters – Ah yes, running in those yucky conditions just make you a better runner Smile You don’t like tacos?! Nice run before practice. I can’t say anything bad about immature and inappropriate jokes..that is me 24/7.  Good luck in the meeting! Crazy that you don’t have raccoons!


        Lisa – Its good to hear from you! Congrats on the race and glad you had a great time with Karen Smile Loved reading your advice to Diane. Interesting story about the MM. I like his outlook. As for Maine…I am looking for something a bit more tropical Smile


        Tessa – I am not sure if Aruba has a marathon. I will have to look! Nice job on that lunchtime run yesterday Smile I KNOW! I can’t believe it is almost February either!! I did not know raccoons were related to bears! Interesting. Bears are cuter.


        Run4kupcakes – Nice run yesterday!! 2 hour delay? I am surprised we didn’t have one…


        Diana – Smart to rest. I hope you aren’t getting sick. It sounds like the flu is pretty awful this year. Then again..don’t they say that every year? Interesting that your calves would get achy from flats! I find it the opposite. What insoles do you use??? You enjoyed painting?! Want to come paint mine?! Smile You are going to Hawaii?!??! I am so jealous!!


        Carol – Nice job on the run yesterday! Did you buy anything at Chip and Joanna’s store? Don’t they have a restaurant or bakery now too?



        Happy Wednesday!

        Mar 4 - One City Marathon - 26.2

        May 19 - Fargo Marathon - 26.2

        October 7 - Twin Cities - 26.2

        November 10 - Richmond - 26.2


        Cupcake Connoisseur

          Hi Margaret!! I didn't notice a difference with the moon except that it was really bright?!?! I didn't understand all the hype..maybe it was too early and I didn't notice. LOL.

          Mar 4 - One City Marathon - 26.2

          May 19 - Fargo Marathon - 26.2

          October 7 - Twin Cities - 26.2

          November 10 - Richmond - 26.2


          Mighty Mouse

            Moon. We don’t see as much moon here since it is eternally cloudy. Dang. 


            Tuesday the snow was only about 2 inches and was plowed decently so we went to the gym. I got in 50 running minutes.

            Today I shall run but don’t know where. I suspect the park will be icy even if the temperature rises. Somehow inside.

            Safe and happy runs, All!  


              I didn't. Back was really stiff and sore.  I rolled over.


              I want to paint the inside of the house.  The whole house.  I actually like to paint, once I get going.  We need to schedule a painting week, and put it on the calendar. o! OOO!!! I will have him take one door off the hinges and put it outside under the patio so we can paint one interior door at a time!! thank you for the idea!


              Have a great day!!


                Lizzie - Aruba would be amazing, but, you are right the airfare kills the budget!  Bonaire is right next door (our scuba diving heaven), and is the same way!  Didn’t buy anything...they have all kinds of food trucks, and a cupcake bakery there.


                Judy - Ugh, on the clouds!  I saw some of the moon early yestersay, them it clouded up here!


                Margaret - Hope you got a great glimpse of the moon!


                Meeting RB for a run this morning.  Having a nagging pain in the top of my foot....not sure what this is about.  Started hurting during the 3M half.




                  KAT!  I got an email with a discount code for BB of 20%!  What do you think?


                  I'm afraid Lizzie today I'm not doing much of anything but drinking coffee here at work.  I'm tired and have decided that the whatever class should only be one night a week....since I did Monday already I'm taking a break tonight and going to cook some dinner when I get home since It won't be close to 7.  Next week Mon will be my rest day.


                  Darn it I missed the moon. One of the dogs had a huge accident last night and we were up at midnight cleaning up.


                  Sue I hate painting...I'm not good at it and get paint EVERYWHERE....DH isn't much better but he's more patient than I am.


                  LOL Carol, I don't watch much TV and the only time I see HGTV is if I'm in the gym using the bike as it's on the TV hanging on the wall.  So I was like Chip who?


                  Tessa I'm like you and the TV...if ours blew up I would care less. DH likes to watch it but I'd rather read.  There's a few things on Netflix I like, Stranger Things, Longmire, The Blacklist, and the Series of Unfortunate Events.

                  Prairie Spirit 50k Mar 24 - DNF @ 24 miles

                  Flint Hills Trail Marathon Apr 21

                    6mi this morning in about 3 inches of snow.  Felt like 10mi it was so difficult to run in.  It wasn’t expected (I don’t think) and no plows were out yet.  At least it was about 28* so not too cold.  Will HAVE to be on that dang dreadmill tomorrow.  2* with windchills in the minus teens.  Saturday long run is supposed to be snowing and 10*, windchill about 0*.  Tolerable though not pleasant.  Yes, I’m obsessed with the weather because it makes me cranky.  Saw the moon through a thin layer of clouds.  Saw the beginning of the partial eclipse but because it was behind the clouds didn’t see the “blood” haha


                    Carol – Fargo marathon May 19th.  Well, hopefully the frigid air stays north of you!  By Feb this nasty nasty stuff is supposed to be gone.


                    Diana – yeah, I know, need good clothing.  Which I do but, like you said it’s the WIND that just hurts your face.  Awwww you are sweet hoping I can make my dream come true and get the heck outta dodge next year.  Wow, yikes on the body aches.  Sounds like you dodged the flu bullet?  Sure hope so.  It sounds nasty.  Oh, man, have an AWESOME time in Hawaii!  Which island?


                    HCK – wow, that did NOT sound like a fun night at the casino.  Hope you recovered on Monday.  Bummer you didn’t get to sleep in yesterday.  Nice workout!


                    Tessa – did you really make it all of Jan with no alcohol??  Dang, color me impressed.  I gave up haha.  Thanks for the google map, too!  Made a lot of sense.  Do you share your driveway?  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like that around here but maybe there is.


                    MMR – haha sounds like an inoculation – oh, cuz probably it is.  Hi Lisa!!  Glad you had such a fun time in TX!  Safe travels back north.


                    Elina – yes the “work is dumb and gramma is grumpy” t-shirt is PERFECT for me more often than not.  Ha!  How did K sleep last night?  Sounds like  a fun practice.  Oh!  I didn’t realize that you work in SAP though not surprised.  In a previous life, I used to train end-users on how to use.  Mostly in the OTC realm, not so much finance.  Good luck with your meeting today!!


                    Sue – painting inside or outside or, heaven forbid, both??


                    Lizzie – so I booked a flight to RIC on Sunday and staying until March.  Sound good??  LOL – totally kidding though I wish I wasn’t.  Oh good, glad it’s not a 20miler on Friday  And then your last peak week??  Wow, this training cycle has gone fast.  Well, maybe not for you hee hee.  I’m SOOOO excited for your next race!!  Aruba!!  OMG I want to go so bad.  I’ve been to Curacao and it was freaking awesome.


                    Karen – super glad you are feeling better!  How many weeks out are you for your next marathon?  Oh yeah, and I think you said you typically do a 12 week cycle?  But, what is your maintenance mileage at per week?


                    Lizzie2 – killer KILLER run this morning!  Dang, you CRUSHED it.  Again!  SO HAPPY the foam rolling helped your calves.  Yeah, my hands will sometimes sweat in my mittens, too.  Ha ha.  Today I just wore the cheapie gloves and they were fine.  Bummer that Aruba was just a fleeting idea.  You’ll find something!!  Didn’t you go to the beach in OBX or somewhere like that last year about that time?  Is that an option?


                    Hi Judy!


                    Diane – whatcha cookin for dinner?  Ewwww on the dog accident.


                    Longest.  Week.  EVER!  How is it only Wednesday??  Let’s hope it goes FAST

                    5/19/2018 Fargo Marathon


                      Pork loin with sweet potatoes Sandy...want some?  It's pre spiced with olive oil and garlic.

                      Prairie Spirit 50k Mar 24 - DNF @ 24 miles

                      Flint Hills Trail Marathon Apr 21

                        Two miles with a coffee shop finish line. Daughter doesn't have a coffee maker. Mom needs coffee.

                        Better than nothing that's for sure.


                        Oh! I emailed the RD at TROT asking how to use my race voucher from Franklin Mountain for Brazos Bend marathon.  I also have a friend who is going to register for the full using that 20% discount.


                        Lizzie- WTG on the intervals! What's the tropical BS.. there will be water, trees and sun in Maine.  And all of us! LOL


                        Judy-I missed the moon here but that was due to sleep. Last night it was HUGE though!


                        Carol-those 3m half's are tricky no wonder your foot hurts. Hope it improves... maybe some 3M bandages on it?


                        Diane-I am in for Brazos Bend marathon distance.


                        Tessa-I still don't have a tv in my new place. No plans to get one either.


                        Sandy-I'm still down in Texas.  With DD through Friday then up to Dallas for the weekend and party there with other friends. WTG getting out in the snow!


                        AZ2MN-can't remember name! sorry. Katie and I had to bow out of Franklin due to her kids school class trip and I wasn't going to go on my own. Hope you feel better quickly!


                        HalfCrazy-nice run yesterday despite late start!



                        Jan 27 Piney Woods 50k TX

                        Feb 24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ

                        April 21 Big Turtle 50k KY

                        April 28 The Trail 50k MI

                        May 28 Pinelands 50k ME

                        July 14 Missoula 26.2 MT

                        Aug 25 North Country 26.2 MI

                        Sept 7 RunWoodstock 100k MI (it sounded like a good idea at the time)

                        Sept 22 Dances With Dirt 100k relay Hell

                        Dec 8 Brazos Bend 26.2 TX


                        Let me know if you see a good trail race in one of these states....I still need one there: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North and South Carolinas, North and South Dakotas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming. 

                          Diane - YES!  What time is dinner?  haha.  I don't love pork but, hey, super not picky if someone else is cookin!!


                          Lisa - NO COFFEE MAKER at the residents??  What the?!  Haha - good way to get out there for a couple miles for SURE.  Nice job!  How are you feeling from the race.  You party animal, you!  And, I'm jealous you are still in TX as there is no SNOW there.  Enjoy for me too, k?  Thanks!  

                          5/19/2018 Fargo Marathon


                            OMG Lisa...I did it...registered for the 50 miles.  I'm so glad you'll be there!  I can't wait to meet Kat and anyone else coming.  Thank you for your post yesterday...I look up to you and treasure your wisdom.


                            Hi Judy.

                            Prairie Spirit 50k Mar 24 - DNF @ 24 miles

                            Flint Hills Trail Marathon Apr 21


                              Diana we are doing the Brazos Bend in Dec.  As much as I like hilly I'm afraid of cut offs with my first 50 miler on more technical terrain.  To prepare I'm doing quite a few 50k's on rail/trail courses but will still use my hilly roads for training so I can get different muscle groups ready.

                              Prairie Spirit 50k Mar 24 - DNF @ 24 miles

                              Flint Hills Trail Marathon Apr 21


                                Sandy....I seem weather obsessed too, but despise this winter weather like you do.


                                Nice run this morning Lizzie.  Like Judy, I was unable to see the moon this morning due to perpetual cloudiness in Northern Ohio, i really don't believe there is a sun any longer.


                                I will admit that I am a TV junkie.  Not sure I would know what to do without one.  I still do read a lot though, so there's that.


                                Lisa.....sounds like you are enjoying Texas.


                                Diane...yuck on the dog accident.


                                2 miles on TM this morning and then legs with trainer, I need a nap.


                                Today is my Friday, sort of, I work Saturday so I get Friday off and I took Thursday also!





                                6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15