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    Well, my Monday is off to a *wonderful* start, my alarm went off, and I turned it off instead of hitting snooze.  I woke up 45 min later, not late for work, but no way I was going to make it on time.  I also have a hangover.


    ER - SRD.  Physically I'm fine, mentally I am toast.


    RR - peak week for my 30K, I have 45 miles on the schedule and kind of stressing on how to fit it all in.


    TR - actually took a bath without screams.


    FR - ma po tofu, shanghai bok choy.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR: more rest to recover from my cold. My body is aching all over. I have an extra week built into my fm schedule so I am not stressing this but I hate not being well. I am a terrible sick person. But I am more cross because being sick means I can't see my coach or go to playgroups to see my friends.


      NRR: DH and I blasted through all the remaining things we have to sell on the second hand site - beds, car, table, couch etc. We have a trail of people coming round already and the ads went on at 9pm last night (it is 7.50am). Stuff moves so quickly here.


      BR: slept like a log. I love that kid. Feeling much better. hasn't puked since last flight yesterday. Almost back on regular solids.


      FR: chicken breasts, spinach and brown rice.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


        zorbs - Ugh on your Monday being off to a bad start...Glad you weren't late for work though.  Glad B didn't scream for his bath last night.  Don't stress too much on the 45 miles...I am sure you will fit it in.


        Bermy - Glad DS is feeling better...now you need to feel better.  Enjoy your last few days in Bermy. I know that moving is stressful especially when you are leaving everything you know behind.  Due to DH's job we have moved twice.  Each time I had to give up my job and my friends.  I still hold on to a little resentment toward that but I know it was the best for our family.  I hope you are able to get feel better quickly so you can enjoy time with all of your friends.  Hugs!!

        RR - Ended up doing 12 on Friday, 4 Saturday and 6 yesterday.  Had to cut Sat and Sun runs short because I just wasn't feeling great.  Oh well.  It is a new week and I am hoping this is better.  Hoping for 5-6 today.


        TR - Was in to everything yesterday.  Was really testing the limits yesterday by doing everything he knows he is not allowed to do.  Redirecting that child does not work...he is so focused and determined he will continue to do what he wants.  Hmmm...guess he is my boy!  Cried this morning when I left him at daycare...that rarely happens any more so it broke my heart.  Loves to point and DH and I and say dada, mama, dada, mama.  LOL.  He can say so many words and now he is putting them together.  He was talking to my dad via Facetime Saturday and he say "bye bye AmPa!"


        NRR - DH was supposed to be gone this week but his trip got cancelled because of a 2 day meeting he has here.  So he was home last week, this week, and will be home next week.  I honestly don't remember the last time he was home 3 weeks in a row.  Although he is home he has late night meetings this week so he isn't really available to help.  Oh well.


        FR - Made a one-pot soup"ish" meal on Saturday and some asian coleslaw yesterday and both were such huge portions we will be eating leftovers all week.  HA.  Did put a beef roast and carrots in the freezer for one day this week.


          Bermy- rest up and feel better soon!

          Zorbs- great job pacing yesterday! Hooray for a scream-ffree bath!


          RR: easy run today, 6-7 miles.


          TR: sitting on grandpas lap right now, reading books. Too cute.


          NRR: PT client cancelled this morning, so I got to roll over and go back to sleep

           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



            Jen- hope you're feeling better today! Yay for DH not traveling for a few weeks.

             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



              RR - Ha ha, I can barely walk today. Here's my race report from my half yesterday:


              The -6C (21F) temperature was okay in itself, but the -14C (6F) windchill really sucked. What sucked even more was that I got in the corral and discovered that the 1:40 pace bunny that I'd planned to run with was nowhere to be found! A no show, apparently? After some initial panic, I decided it didn't matter, since I had only heard a couple days before that there was supposed to be a 1:40:00 pace bunny, so it's not like it was a long-term plan to run with him/her. The first 2k or so was pretty crowded but then it thinned out and I got into a really good pace. I hit the 10k mark at 47:09 (which is over 2 minutes faster than my 10k PR, ha ha) and ran one 5k segment in 22:52. I saw Zorbs and her pace group on my way back after the turn around. I was around the 15k mark and was on pace to finish sub-1:40 at that point, so was really excited. I was thinking "Yes! Less than half an hour to go!" And then, the wheels fell off. My legs were sooo tired and my hamstrings were screaming at me. 17-20.6k were slow and painful. Some guy was running beside me when we had about 500m to go and we were whining about how tired we were and didn't know if we could manage a finishing kick. But then he said "Come on, let's do it!" and we both managed to pick up the pace and finish strong. Well, maybe strong-ish. Anyway, I guess I didn't stop my watch right away, because I was happy to learn my chip time was even faster than I thought and I finished in 1:41:03!


              TR - She was so tired last night you'd have thought she ran the half, too, rather than sleeping in her stroller the whole time!


              FR - Not sure, need to go to grocery shop.


              NRR - Nothing active, that's for sure. I am SO sore from my race.




              zorbs - Hangover + oversleeping = a bad start to Monday. I hope your day gets better. It was fun to meet you yesterday! It's too bad we weren't parked near you or you could have met my ghetto car Smile


              Bermy - Aw, I hope you are feeling better soon. Being sick sucks and being sick when you have so much stuff you need to get done is awful.


              Jen - You got some good weekend mileage in, even though you had to cut the runs short. I hope you're feeling better today. DS on Facetime must be so cute!


              rg - Yay for a bonus day of sleeping in! Even better when that happens on a Monday.

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




                RR - something on the TM.. maybe 4ish... long run of 9 this past Saturday.. beginning to think I won't be running with C again before I go back to work...


                BR - she WALKED this weekend!!  And we got it on video!  She only takes 6 or 7 steps before she grabs onto something but it's still exciting.  DH and I were jumping up and down like little kids the first time she did it.  Trying not to be a debbie downer, but I'm still a bit concerned she hasn't figured out how to sit up from a laying down position... like great that she can walk, but despite everything we do with her to get her sit up, she's not doing it...


                NRR - really hitting me that I'm going back to work in 3 weeks.  I think the thing I'll miss the most (besides being home with C) is getting up at 7am!  I have to start work at 7am, which means if I want to run beforehand, it'll be a 5am wake up call or earlier...



                zorbs - great job on the half!  Hope your hangover goes away soon..


                bermy - hope you feel better soon too... not fun being sick but glad TR slept well for you!


                jen - nice job on the runs!  Your 3 days of running is how much I run in one week LOL...


                rg - glad you got to sleep a little extra!


                ernie - way to go in the half!!!  I don't think I'll ever run a half that fast..


                  RR:  Srd.  This weekend I had really great runs!  6.5 mi on Saturday and then 16mi Sunday with 12 mi at MP.  I decided not to take the stroller so H could get a good nao before the zoo and I could try for the MP.  Unfortunately I decided to take the dog with me and she did great until about mile 8.  After that she didn't want to run at MP so some miles were MP and some miles were MP +10-15 sec.  But overall, my legs felt good holding MP.  Last train up I didn't quite feel this way so I am thinking I have gotten faster.


                  BR:  Had so much fun at the zoo yesterday.  He loves animals!  We ended up getting a membership so now we can go often.


                  NRR:  This weekend was such gorgeous weather, I am sad to go back to school.  I had so much fun with H.


                  zorbs:  Great job on pacing yesterday!  Did you find it hard to keep a steady pace?  enjoy your rest day.


                  bermy:  I am so sorry you are sick!  Sounds rotten.  How many more days in Bermy until you officially move?  Glad your stuff is selling easily.


                  Uh oh, little man in crying.  Be back for more personals!

                  5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                    RR:  A very much needed and deserved RD.  24 miles, 4 days.  Did my 11 on Saturday and 4 recovery yesterday.  My legs are tired!


                    TR:  His sleep sucks right now.  He is waking up way too early and not napping long enough.  (And its not just me being greedy.)  Regardless, we had a really good weekend.  He was awesome at swim lessons, didn't cry once!


                    NRR:  More snow.  Again.  DH is all worked up about it already.  I am just hoping for another snow day!  Ha!  Busy week at work with stuff going on every night afterward.  We are off on Friday!  Woo Hoo!


                    FR:  I have figured out that as much as I crave greasy foods, my body doesn't like it as much as my mind think it will.  I made homemade Kit Kat Bars yesterday and they were delicious!


                    PGR:  I worry.  A lot.  I think that is natural.  I worry that if something did happen DH would blame me and my running.  Can't wait for 12 week scan on the 21st.  Just show me (or let me hear) the heartbeat and I will be good.



                    zorbs - Yay for a screamless bathtime!  Was it at least good booze that gave you a hangover?


                    bermy - Glad to hear you were able to sell things so quickly.  I hope you start feeling better soon!


                    jen - Gotta love the boys who do everything they shouldn't!  Smile  Glad DH is around a little more right now.  I hope you get a great run in today despite not feeling well over the weekend.


                    rg - Glad you got some extra sleep.


                    ernie - Great job with your race!  Stretch and rest end enjoy the post race feeling.


                    cx2 -  Woo Hoo to C walking!  Yay!  How does she get up from laying down?  J always rolled on to his belly and got up that way.  I honestly think he still does....I'll have to watch.


                    shelby - Glad you had fun at the zoo.  We got a membership last spring and love having it.  It gives us a reason/excuse to get down there more frequently!

                    Upcoming Races: 

                    Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                      jen:  So sorry you are still feeling bad.  Did you ever get checked out?  have you taken a test just to check?


                      mer:  I think that is completely natural.  I worried like crazy the whole time!


                      cx2;  Yay for a walker!  I am sure she will figure out the sitting in no time.

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        mer - that's great mileage!  I'd need a rest day after all that too ... ha... I'm the same way with greasy foods (and i'm not pg)... I want it, have it, and then regret it..  C has never been able to sit up from laying down.  The closest I've seen is her up on all fours like she's going to crawl.


                        shelby - the zoo sounds like fun.. I haven't been to a zoo in years and can't wait to take C to one!


                          rg - Glad R is having fun with grandpa. Have a great run today.  Glad you got to sleep in!!


                          ernie - Great job on your race and keeping the pace despite no pace bunny.  Glad you were able to keep going despite the dead legs.  Enjoy the rest...you deserve it.  Hope S gets some good sleep!


                          CTimes - Yay for walking!  I would just ask the doctor about her not being able to sit up from a laying position.  Enjoy your last 3 weeks of no work.  It'll be nice to get back to a routine and some adult interaction but I am sure you'll miss 7 a.m. wake ups and C!!  I only got 11 weeks off...I am jealous of your 1 year.


                          shelby - Great job on the runs and keeping MP for 10 miles...woot!  That has to feel good after some tough runs previously.  Glad DS had fun at the zoo and you guys have passes to go back.  Good luck with school...only a few more months...you can do it.


                          Mer - Sounds like a rough few days in your house with DH getting worked up about the snow and J not sleeping great.  I hope you get a snow day tomorrow.  That would be awesome.  Only 1-3 inches predicted for us.  We have the ACT (Juniors) tomorrow so they are the only ones with school tomorrow.  Well and the teachers of course.  Enjoy your rest...nice mileage over 4 days.


                            ugh, just lost my post and I want to cry.  It's one of those days.


                            RR - had planned on 6 but I don't know that I'll do it.  Maybe an easy 3.  I think I need to go get some ART done on my knee.  I was all happy it hasn't been bothering me the last couple months but this last week it has.  Stupid knee.  I have a session with the personal trainer this morning and then I'm meeting a friend to play a little tennis, which probably won't help my knee although I played 2 matches this weekend and it felt fine.


                            BR - has this little rocket toy that he sits on and scoots around the house with and yesterday he was standing on it with his arms out like he was flying.  The kid has great balance!


                            KR - my oldest has arts night tonight.  She has some artwork that is going to be featured and then the 4th grade gifted program she's in puts on this big production.  We are all going except L, a woman on my tennis team is going to take him out to dinner which will be nice because I doubt he'd be able to sit and watch very long!


                            FR - no clue, might take out something from the freezer.  I still have a few meals left in there.


                            NRR - need to start thinking about what to pack for the beach next week!  It doesn't look like it's going to be overly hot, so far they are saying low 70s but after this cold spell it'll feel good.


                            zorbs - I hope the day gets better!  Good luck getting the miles in this week, at least it's peak week!


                            bermy - I'm sorry you are sick while having to move.  I'm generally a grumpy sick person because it's so hard to care for kids and do all my normal family/house stuff while I'm not feeling well. Good luck selling off all your stuff!  I'm glad DS is feeling better!


                            jen - great running over the weekend!  Are you training for anything?  L has started crying when I drop him off at MMO too, ever since Christmas.  I hate it.  Hmm, maybe I will have my mom drop him off today Smile


                            rg - yay for getting more sleep!  I pressed snooze on my alarm a couple extra times this morning, it's so nice to have my mom here to help get the kids up.


                            ernie - you did awesome at your half!  You are so speedy!  Enjoy resting up!  I have never been that sore from a race (well, other than my one marathon I ran undertrained) so I always wonder if I should have tried to run faster!


                            cx2 - yay for walking!!  Bummer you have to go back to work soon.  do you get finished earlier since you start at 7?


                            shelby - that's great you had such good runs this weekend!  When I used to take my dog with me I'd get so frustrated with her slowness after a while, ha.  That's awesome yours can go so long with you though!


                            mer - has he ever said anything about your running?  As long as you are listening to your body you should be fine!  That's some good running, especially being in the 1st tri!  Homemade kit kat bars?  I'm intrigued...


                              rr: got in 5 yesterday outside. it was so slushy/icy/snowy. blech. srd today.


                              br: dh said last night that he doesn't remember the girls doing so many cute things when they were c's age. c then proceeded to do about 15 cute things in a row.


                              tr: dd2 insisted on wearing skinny jenas and a black shirt today. dh told her she looked like a model.


                              nrr: haircuts all around tonight!


                              fr: no clue. dh is gone tonight at an NBA game so likely leftovers for the rest of us.


                              fr/qotd: i have some bananas that need to be baked and i'm sick of the 3 recipes i have for banana bread/muffins. anyone have any good banana recipes?!


                              zorbs: great job as a bunny yesterday! did you have many people following you?


                              bermy: feel better soon! good luck getting rid of all of your stuff!


                              jen: yup, you run more in 2 days than i do for the entire week... hope you feel better soon and yay for dh being home another week even if he does have late meetings. when is your spring break?!


                              rg: yay for sleeping in! how long are your parents in town?


                              ernie: fantastic job on your half!!


                              cx2: are you going back to work full time? yay for walking!


                              shelby: great mileage this week! how fun about the zoo. we have a membership too, but now we're about an hour 15 minutes away from it so not sure how often we will get there any more.


                              mer: yup, dh and i talked about the snow this morning. his mom is gone so he will have to do hers too. ugh. does dh enjoy plowing?




                                RR:  4 miles on tap, probably afterwork on the TM


                                TR:  Ugh, he's driving me nutzo.  Just go to bed at a normal hour!


                                FR:  Probably take out, I am feeling lazy today.


                                NRR:  Grated my finger yesterday while grating carrots.  Hurts like no other.  Ack!