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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      Was going to go into the office today (even though it's dead this week) but since we got a good 4-5 inches last night I decided to work at home again Big grin


      RR: Going out for a few miles after working.


      NRR: Yesterday work was SO quiet. I usually get probably 30-40 emails a day, I got MAYBE 5. And they were just usual weekly reports, nothing I actually had to respond to. If I went into the office, I'd imagine it would be a "poke my eyes out I'm so bored" kinda day. So thank you snow storm! Smile Last night DH was called into work at 8:30, and didn't get home until probably 3-4 AM. Poor guy! He must be so tired today.


      Good luck to RLTW today in her surgery!


      Have a great day girls!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        hi ladies! happy holidays!

        made it back from Indiana yesterday. M and I were just ahead (by about 10 to 30 minutes) the big blizzard that hit on Wednesday morning. Our flight made it out just as all others were cancelled. Talk about luck, the fates and God blessings that we made it! we were both sooo relieved.


        NRR: christmas was nice. Of course, there's the constant tension between my sisters and I for some reason. One of them just can't seem to like or support "anything" I do. So there was a lot of talk about the wedding and what I should be doing or not doing and how boring I was and how I should dress different, take different pictures with M....etc. Anyway, M sensed the stress as my one sister picked on him too. I hate it and I need to call her on it. I have before and it helped one year, but she's reverted. Just glad we made it home, and we're not still trapped there. the bickering would have continued.


        Back to work today. feeling ready for it. Now I just hope I can stay ahead of things... Today I have a massage tonight and an immigration appointment this morning. Hoping to get together with my friend L tonight too after my massage if the weather holds up. It's supposed to snow...


        RR: good 1 mile and 20 minutes of strength training today. yesterday was 3.5 miles. While in Indiana M and I consistently got our miles in... either a mile or I think 5.5 one day. Smile


        back soon for personals!


          MA: I guess it's just us for now! I love those quiet days at work. and today you work at home. love it! I was loving that yesterday... spread out on my bed were large drawing sheets and hulu playing in the back ground! Cool


          RLTW: good luck today! praying for you and sending some good healing vibes!




            Morning ladies!


            MA-wooo for snow. And it must be kinda nice to have a slow day at work and be able to enjoy the day more


            lizo-that is so lucky you and M got out in time before the snow. Sorry about the stress with your sister


            RLTW-good luck!!!


            RR: some speed work in a bit. 5 x800M


            NRR: had a very nice Christmas. Christmas Eve my mom made lasagne and we sat together to eat as a family which almost never happens since we are never all there anymore. Christmas Day, we went up to my aunt's house in the northern suburbs and had a nice time there. I got a blender and a toaster, so stoked about that! Today I am doing a little work, running, then watching a movie and getting dinner with a friend. And tomorrow is my birthday!


              Morning Ladies! I wish we had some snow here...all we have is grey skies and rain!


              MA- yesterday was definitely a poke your eyes out kind of day! I wish I could work from home on days like that! enjoy your miles today


              Lizo- sorry about the problems with your sisters! Weddings really bring out everyone's opinions! I don't understand why people insist on telling you how you should do things. I hope you can find a way to relax and enjoy! Glad you ahve been able to be consistent with your miles


              Taylor- good job on that speedwork! Are you training for something? Happy to hear that you had a nice Christmas together as a family! Lasagna is one of my faves!


              RR- something tonight. I am hoping to maybe get out a little early today since it is so slow here! If I can get out early , I can have some time to get a good run in.


              NRR- feeling kind of blah... I gotta find a way to get out of this funk! I need to do some grocery shopping and laundry tonight which probably won't help much ha ha!


                Happy Thursday, DIVAs!


                MAso great belly bow shot on FB, how adorbs!!  Glad you're getting out for some miles...our snow got rained away. Boo!!


                Lizo, I'm so sorry about your sister's negativity...wonder if figuring out where that comes from could end it for good? I'm sure it makes it uncomfortable for everyone ={. But greathob keeping up those miles, and woohoo for your travel timing!


                Taylor, I love functional presents, nothing better!!  Today sounds lovely, and happy early birthday!


                RLTW, good thoughts are yours today.


                So, I've kept up with the training plan except I didn't do the five with three at tempo on Christmas day, and did that yesterday.  Today is supposed to be 7 hilly miles with six 2:30 intervals in there, and I'm a little nervouce since they're very specific about not doing two hard workouts on consecutive days...oh well. We'll see what happens! I have to sort of do these at the gym on a tready, because I have a simple Garmin that only gives me my overall mile pace, not "real time" pace, so those 2:30 at 5k pace would be almost impossible to track.  Le sigh. Certainly not any real problems, plus DS 1 gets home today...and starts driving lessons tomorrow, eek!


                Have a lovely Thursday,  DIVAs!


                  RR: Did 45 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I felt really sluggish, didn't help that I had two leftover dunkin' donuts for breakfast... those didn't sit very well! My back has been really sore the last few days but I think the workout helped stretch it out.


                  NRR: My back has been sore since being in the car on Christmas, not sure if that caused it or if it would have happened anyway. I can tell I'm carrying P different than how I carried A and I'm just hoping I'm not doomed to have a constantly sore back for the next nine weeks! My motivation for working out isn't high at the moment but I can tell it did me good this morning, so hopefully I can keep going with it. DH woke up with a cold on Christmas morning and its steadily gotten worse. He kept me up for a little while last night with his snoring. I just hope I don't get it! Glad I only have to work two days until another long weekend! Saturday will be busy. My best friend is stopping by en route to her ILs and then my parents are coming up for dinner that night. Didn't mean to have both end up on the same day, but I don't think it'll be too hard because we're just going to order pizza for lunch. Still have to figure out what I'll cook for my parents though.


                  Thinking of RLTW today!!


                    woo! lots of snow out there. We've got maybe 2 inches on the ground and it's still falling. We might be getting 5 inches by the end of the day. icky streets... boo that!


                    immigration appointment went well. Glad that's over, and that I got there safe. have another meeting to get to at noon... will be traveling very carefully... darn slippery out there.


                    taylor: glad you had a great christmas and awesome presents!


                    dona: sorry about the blah feeling! hugs girl. hope you find something more fun than laundry and errands to do to supplement!


                    nai: eek about your DS starting driving lessons! lol.


                    monk: sorry your DH is sick! and crossing my fingers for you that you don't get it. sorry about the sore back! I hope you don't have to handle it too long. Sounds like you made it out on your vacay and back! thank goodness for safe travels.


                      Hola! Looks like little to no cold rain today, which means an outside run is possible! Whoohoo.


                      RR-Good ST last night. Either speed work today or a short trail run with DH if he's up for it.


                      NRR-I have a few hours of work to get done this week as well as some end-of-the-year to-do's. Donations and DH's work invoices. I'm set out to brighten DH's day today. I brought up a family tragedy since I was working through some feelings last night and I think it he's down about it now. Maybe a nice run in the woods will help.


                      RLTW-Sending you good surgery vibes today.


                      MA-Sorry that work is slow. Hopefully, DH gets a lot of rest today as well.


                      lizo-Sorry to hear about the tension with your sisters. Hopefully, your wedding planning will go smoother once you talk to your sister about it. Enjoy your massage.


                      Taylor-Glad your Christmas was nice. Hope your speedwork was good.


                      dona-Hope you find some fun in laundry and grocery shopping. It might be after the holiday food blahs.


                      Nai-I hope your run went well this morning. That sounds like a tough plan. Good luck to you and L as DS1 starts driving!


                      Monk-I hope you're feeling better as the day progresses. Enjoy the weekend with your best friend.


                        Good afternoon!


                        Never got in this morning to post.


                        RR - Did JM's kickbox fast fix, then went to the gym on my break and did 3 miles. It was ok, not my favorite to work out during lunch, but it worked. I didn't want to run this morning because of the icy sidewalks.


                        NRR - Not much. Quiet here at work this week. I had plans to have dinner with a friend, but she hasn't been responding to my texts, so who knows. I'll either do that if she gets back to me, or head on home and make spaghetti and meatballs and relax on the couch. I should clean my car and put laundry together, but realistically I probably won't Haha.


                        Sending hugs to all!