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      Morning all.


      RR - My pancake breakfast 5k was yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I was dreading, temperature wise and running wise. This was by far the coldest race I'd run and in the end I think I dressed just right. The race perk was a pair of fleece gloves with the running club's logo on it, so that was appreciated more than the usual baggie of flyers, pens, etc. My chiro ran it too and came in 1st place overall women's finisher. I was just happy to say I ran the whole thing. That wasn't my original goal but I'm glad it worked out that way. My pace dropped 2 mins/mile from the races I was in this summer, but I was happy to see with the times I had a few months ago, I would've placed for a top 3 finisher in my age group. Next year when I'm in the 30-34 bracket, not so much. Their times were all 25's. But we'll see, every race is different.


      The running high lasted awhile and I was feeling pretty proud of myself til the muscle soreness kicked in. I think with my center of gravity shifting I'm feeling it more in my glutes and oh how last night. I was shuffling by last night and getting out of bed last night was a choreographed maneuver, but I'm feeling a tiny bit better today. I think that's my last road race of the pregnancy if this is how I'm going to feel afterwards, but maybe if I dial down the mileage to 2 miles tops per run I'll avoid the soreness.


      PGR - 18w tomorrow.


      NPGR - I have to clean the house today and do 18 million loads of laundry (a slight exaggeration). This should be fun with my limited range of motion. :P


      Hope everyone had a good weekend.

      MA runner girl

        Good morning!


        RR: 6 miles yesterday! They went pretty well. I actually ran the first 4 miles without a walk break, which felt awesome, but then mile 5 was really rough. I think baby boy moved his position so he was pressing on something that caused a lot of pain, so that mile was rough, then mile 6 the pain went away and I was able to run it under 11:00, which never happens anymore! So overall I'm happy with the run. I finished the week with 15 miles, so happy about that! Today I'm hoping to make it to the gym for a swim. I have a hard time motivating myself to go to the gym on days off, so here's hoping I can get my butt in gear!


        PGR: 31w1d. Yesterday was really the first day I felt like my belly was impeding on my movement. Like bending down to pick things up, getting up out of chairs, etc seems tougher. It may have been from my run though, since I feel better today. Last night baby was moving SO much it was rippling my whole stomach, it was so fun to watch! DH and I just stared at my belly for a while. Smile


        ETA: PGR2: Can't believe I forgot to say this... I noticed someone got the BOB off my registry yesterday! WOOO! I'm sooo excited, but also a little shocked as I did not think I would get that!! My shower is in 3 weeks Smile


        NPGR: Had a great weekend! I'm glad I have today off though, I need a restful day. Saturday I had lunch with a friend and then later DH and I went to my brother and SIL's house for game night. It was a super fun night, but we didn't get home until almost 2am! Way too late for me these days. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my family. My parents had my nephew for the day so I went there and we hung out with him for a bit. He's 9 months and so freakin cute! He is very animated and giggles at everything! He is also into everything and very close to taking his first steps. We also went to BRU and ordered our crib and dresser (they are buying for us, so nice!!!) and then to my grandparents to visit. It was a fun, but exhausting day, esp since I had run 6 miles in the morning. Today I don't have much planned other than meal planning, grocery shopping and making black bean soup for dinner. So hopefully time for lots of relaxing too!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

        MA runner girl

          Schmetterling - Great job with the 5k! Sounds like you exceeded your expectations! When I was around your point, I found that while running by myself felt so tough, races and running with others felt great as I could stop thinking about my body so much. I wish I still had people to run with, all my friends that live close enough are winter running wimps! LOL

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Good morning!


            Schmett - nice work on the 5km! And fleece gloves just for participating? Generous Smile  Enjoy staggering around doing housework ...


            MA - Wow, 6miles is just awesome, you rock. Sounds like your weekend was just what you needed, minus the 2am close the one night (yawwwwn) Smile


            YJPM - news???




            PGR - 39w.  Still don't have the GBS re-test result back because for some reason the "file" was removed from my electronic results account, aggh! So will call the m/ws today to find out. Have a 2hr breastfeeding clinic tonight. In good news I had a great night of sleep Saturday, it was sooo nice to wake at 7.30 yesterday morning knowing I had actually slept well! I think it was the backrub DH gave me as i fell to sleep that did it....  Smile  Have had more than a couple of strangers stop me and say I look "ready to pop any day now"...uh, yep. I'm ready, just waiting...


            ER - On Saturday walked the trails for 75min...yowie! My RLP and SPD came back big time that night and I was a little whiny...but i want to keep trying to walk more each day to teach LO about the direction of "gravity" (ha). yesterday a 2.5km swim and 15min water run felt pretty good (though slow), today the gym for cardio/strength.


            NPGR - My version of nesting aka cooking: made a double recipe of meatballs, beef broth, beef and vegetable soup, cornbread and shepherds pie, and an egg/vegetable casserole over the weekend to go in the freezer...really MUST try and finish crochet bunny today (been putting off re-doing the face) and post in my "change of name for passport" papers (was going to go to the consulate in person but now is not a time to be making appointments with anyone official!)....

            MA runner girl

              Ozzy - I hope you get the test results back, I know how anxious you are about that so I can't imagine you not knowing yet! Great job keeping up the activity. I keep half jokingly saying that when I'm at your point I will be running as much as possible to help get baby out Smile

              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                I second Ozzy - anxiously awaiting news from YJPM...


                schmett - yum, now I want pancakes. Smile  Great job running the whole race, especially in the cold temps!


                MA- great job on the mileage, as always! Woohoo for the BOB - that's great! Sounds like you had a busy weekend.


                Ozzy - I hope you get your results back soon, and your diet efforts weren't in vain. Awesome job on the cooking/freezer stocking.


                PGR: 21w6d. OB appt tomorrow.  I had my first killer pg calf cramp Saturday night - I've had a few minor ones before, but this one had my sitting up in bed whining in pain because I couldn't get it to release - my calf is still sore this morning. I think that horrendous cramp coupled with my terrible cystic acne outbreak (hello, I look like a teenager) means my water consumption is not adequate - need to really start sucking it down.  I also have lost weight since my last OB appt - I can't figure this preggo weight gain thing out. I have had mad cravings for oreo blizzards/mcflurry/concrete mixers - basically any oreo/ice cream concoction, so hopefully that will help?


                PGR2: DH and I stopped at BRU to test out car seats in our vehicles on Saturday - I had hoped to get by with my existing vehicle for a while (I'll be primary baby transporter) but the infant seats do NOT fit in the vehicle, unless we moved the seats way up, which is not really possible with our long legs. Ugh. They do just barely fit in DH's vehicle, although I'm a little concerned the middle seat wouldn't pass inspection because it touches DH's seat?  I think that's a no no?


                RR: Took the dog for a quick walk Friday after work/before bball practice, then Saturday my exercise was mostly standing up and sitting down over and over again during 3 games of basketball for our tournament Smile


                NPGR: Work has been crazy busy, and still trying to finish our organization at home - got a bunch of stuff packed up to go to goodwill this weekend.


                  Whoops, I'm a liar - I'm 22w6d.  Smile

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    Schmett:  way to go on your race!


                    MA:  I'm so happy someone got your BOB for you.  That's awesome!  And I'm super impressed by your 6 mile runs!


                    Ozzy:  You'll be glad you did all that cooking.  New mommy-hood doesn't leave a lot of time to fix real food.  It'll be nice to have something stashed away.


                    TN:  Sounds like a mini-van might be a better option than a car, but for most people, getting a new vehicle isn't exactly in the budget.  I hope you'll find a way.  Leg cramps can be brought on by mineral deficiencies.  Are you getting enough calcium and magnesium?




                    NPGR:  On Saturday, I attended the funeral for a 10 month old baby in my church congregation.  At the age of 5 months, a tumor was discovered on his neck.  For the last 5 months, his family lived by his bedside while he underwent chemotherapy.  He was about to begin radiation treatment because the tumor was very aggressive and coming right back after the chemo, and he caught a cold.  His immune system wasn't strong enough to fight it, and so his lungs filled with fluid, and he was unable to continue breathing.  He was surrounded by his family as he passed.  His mother held him while he took his last breaths.  At the funeral, the speaker spent a great deal of time praising the child's mother.  She was his entire world, and he felt safe with her there.  They were inseparable.  She denied her own needs so that she could be by his bedside.  He had a tracheotomy and was unable to breastfeed, so she pumped the entire time for 5 months.  Truly, unless you are a mother, you cannot begin to comprehend the motherlove that a woman has for her child.  Having lost a baby myself, at age 19 months (Elliott, July 21,2009 - March 14, 2011), the news hit me really hard when he passed.  Emotionally, I've been a bit of a wreck all week last week, since I heard the news.  I felt it was very important to attend the funeral and show support for this family.  Besides, I had signed up to cook 2 hams for the family's meal afterwards, so I was committed to attending.  I thought I was past the body ache and fever of the flu that I have, and that I would be alright to attend.  I didn't linger afterwards, but left straight away and drove to my son's cemetery.  I spent some time there, in a futile attempt to clear the ice and snow from his marker.  I was angry that all I had to take care of was this damn marker (not the nicest word for a woman of faith to use, but I used it), and not my baby boy anymore, and so I yelled at that marker for having ice stuck to it.  Obviously, the activity of attending the funeral and then being out in sub-freezing temperatures at my son's cemetery was too much for my body.  All of yesterday I was back in bed, feeling worse than I did on Saturday.  The body ache and fever and chills returned.  To top that off, our furnace kept quitting and it was only 55*F inside the house when I woke up yesterday.  A quick call to my HVAC friend and I was able to fix the problem myself, but it required going outside in single-digit temps to fix the problem.  Well, I had to go outside anyway to take care of livestock.  By the time I fixed the furnace and took care of livestock, I was DONE for the day.  Nothing like being physically sick and an emotional wreck at the same time, right?  Sorry for the downer.


                    PGR:  26w3d.  I think I may try to call for that midwife appointment again today.


                    RR&ER:  Ha ha ha ha!!  I hope I'm not losing too much fitness while I take time off for the flu.  I have races on my calendar to keep me motivated, and now I'm wondering if I'll be ready.


                      TN - yeah...I would hope a good healthy dose of ice cream and oreos should help things out for weight gain, nice problem to have Smile !! I found after 20 weeks that I needed to take a calcium/magnesium supplement to help my restless, crampy legs sleep...has worked a treat the whole way through, i always know when I miss taking it though!


                      Laura - So sorry to her about the loss of your friends child at such a young age  - and to hear of your own loss too, absolutely devastating and unimaginable. Sounds like you really need some time out to rest and heal emotionally and physically...I hope you can find some time to do that.


                      Modifying my post...my GBS re-test came back negative - yahooooooo!!!!  Big grin Like I said, I will still use Hibiclens for labor...but at least now I don't have to stress about going to hospital in the midst of "active" labor!




                        MA: Congrats on BOB! I really liked mine... unfortunately sold it before I got pregnant as my 1st did not like being in it so much. Enjoy! And wow, 6 miles!


                        I am impressed with all of you with your running/exercise!!!


                        ER: I walked Saturday, 30 minutes, needed some exercise but my previous injury was acting up d/t tightness with travels we had done recently. Hopefully I can get it to loosen up a bit.


                        RR: Did my 2min run/30 sec walk intervals (10) yesterday....some tightness and little pain at the end but better than the last time I did the intervals a week ago -- could only do 5 then.  Hopefully I can build up soon. Need to get on my PT exercises


                        PGR: 14w1d. The nausea and heartburn are back...I spoke to soon Sad  But, I do have more energy so that is good. Taking it a day at a time. I actually did not eat and/or hydrate enough yesterday after the run and felt pretty awful in the evening and had lots of blood pressure drops on standing. Today I'm loading up on the fluids and eating more.


                        NPGR: less than a week until my class is done...then I can focus on other things I want to do Smile  planning on breaking out my sewing machine and seeing if I can re-teach myself how to use it.... we'll see. Would love to make some easy skirts so I don't have to buy maternity clothes Smile  


                        Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!




                          Laura G: so so sorry to read about your friend and your loss! What a emotional weekend. I hope you are feeling better and taking care of yourself!!


                          Ozzyoi: congrats on your results!

                          Laura G in Idaho

                            Ozzy:  Wonderful news about the GBS -  Yay!


                            Vegan:  Nice job on the run/walk intervals.  I've made it one of my rules not to workout unless my hydration is good, using urine color as a guide.  Since I love to workout, it gives me lots of motivation to drink enough water.  Have fun on the sewing.  I used to sew, in a former life... ha ha!


                            We are still sub-freezing here.  My poor chickens have frostbite on their combs.  A few very unlucky ones are molting and haven't regrown their feathers yet.  Poor dears.  The forecast said we'd have some relief on Tuesday, then they changed their minds and put the high at 19*F.  Wednesday was supposed to be a high of 35*F, and they've changed that prediction to 20*F.  They keep building my hopes up and then dashing them away!   Thursday through Sunday are all supposed to have highs above freezing, but we'll see how the forecast changes as time wears on.


                            Running/exercise is my anti-depressant.  I'll be so glad to get back to it when I'm done with the flu.  It'll help me, as it always does, to avoid sinking (or jumping) into the pit.


                              MA - That is great you're getting the BOB. I don't have one, but all I've heard are rave reviews from people who do. And you'll definitely use it! Did you register for another smaller store/travel stroller or are you going to use that for everything? I think you lived your weekend to the fullest, enjoy your rest day!


                              Ozzy - Huzzah! on negative results. That is great. I'm glad that is one less thing for you to worry about. And you're in the home stretch. I would squat to teach that kid a thing or two about gravity. Wink


                              TN - Haha, your post made me want oreos. I've been bad and eating gluten, pancakes included, so I need to stop that before my body hates me. Regarding carseats, if the carseat touches the front seat rear facing and that's wrong (?!), I really don't know what to say bc our carseats do that. They're huge! I know there's a relative scale of smaller more compact carseats and those that are larger, but sigh sigh sigh. I now understand why people have SUVs and minivans with one kid. It's the gear!


                              Laura - Sorry to hear about your weekend and the family's and your losses. I saw your post on FB and hope this week brings a lot of healing for your physical and emotional health. I'm glad you were able to get the heat fixed, talk about the cherry on top of a crummy cupcake. We're at 9 degrees today for a high, so I empathize with your chickens.


                              VM - Congrats on your exercise progress. Jersey skirts are pretty forgiving, though I'm kind of a sewing novice with clothing so I don't know how much of a pain it is to work with jersey.

                              MA runner girl

                                Ozzy - GREAT news! Yay! So happy for you.


                                Laura - Oh dear, I'm so sorry for you loss. I cannot imagine the pain that must have caused/is still causing. Take care of yourself, physically and emotionally! Hugs.


                                TN - Ugh on the calf cramp! I read somewhere that when you get them at night, or even feel it coming on, to stand right up/get out of bed and stretch it. I tried this a few weeks ago when I felt one coming on and it went away!


                                schmetterling - We did not register for another stroller. Maybe we will get one later if we don't end up liking the BOB for everyday use, but for now I'm planning on using that for everything. It's so expensive that I want to get as much use out of it as possible!


                                Vegan - Great job getting out there for another run/walk. Sounds like you are making progress! I hope the nausea is temporary, and was just a result of not eating enough.


                                Ok ok I really need to get to the gym! At least I got the grocery shopping done this morning...

                                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15