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IT'S ONLY TUESDAY DIVAS! (Read 17 times)


    It's gonna be a long week, here!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Today is burpees + abs + arms. Last night I did 3 on the TM.


      NRR: Big D is out of town this week so I'm a single mom. It also happens to be a busy week at work so I'm a little harried. Today I have to give a big presentation to my entire department. It's supposed to be casual but it never is. It's at 8:30 so I'm pretty concerned about just getting there on time since I have to do day care drop off and get myself to work with the buses. G is doing well, we skyped with Big D last night and he thought it was hilarious that Dad was in the screen. He's going through a clingy phase and has been getting jealous of the one younger baby at day care and it's sooo hard to get us ready in the morning and make dinner when he's hanging on to my leg.


      Sorry no time for personals today. I read yesterday's thread! Love to you all!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Morning ladies, bit of a rushed post from me as well. Sassy, good luck with that presentation!


        RR- nothing this morning. 5 miles yesterday. Recommitting to marathon training after 2 slacker weeks.


        NRR- nothing much. Going to pa for a few days. Driving my new Subaru! Can't wait. Other than that just going to generally recommit to making healthier life choices! Oh and i get to see my college roommate for dinner tonight, hooray!


        have a great day!


          Good morning!


          ER: Nothing today.


          NER: Got up earlier to get dinner in the crock pot for tonight. I'm going to freeze the leftovers to make freezer meal #9. I got two more freezer meals done last night. I also made the list of the rest of the stuff to put in the hospital bag. If I can work through today, P can come any time. My goal was to work through at least part of this week so with paid leave I can earn the last of the leave I had planned for. Nothing is making me think P wants to come out anytime real soon though. The snow forecast for late this week has been decreased so thats making me feel more comfortable. Not much else going on at the moment, gotta go get breakfast. Have a great day divas!


            Good Morning Ladies.


            Sassy. I loved G's valentines day shirt! Good luck with your presentation today.


            Monk, safe travels to PA in your new car. Enjoy dinner with your college roommate!


            Monk, great job with all the cooking! Hang in there lady.


            Lucy, I hope you are feeling better today.


            PO, where are you?




            TriR, rest day because Of NRR. ST ans spinning last night.


            NTriR, volunteering tonight so it's my long night. C and I are doing a detox for this week, fruits/veggies, juices and one meal ait night with in carbs. Last night we had fish and veggies. Then we made a juice with oranges, a lemon, apples, grapes, a pear, and kale. Soooo good!!!!!!!! Lets see what juice we make for breakfast this morning.


            Have a great day!!!!


              Happy Tuesday! I get Friday off this week, so at least it's almost half way...


              I've been avoiding being on here... so thought I'd pop in to say a quick hello at least.


              RR: Well, haven't been doing much besides minimum to keep some form of shape up. I have surgery a week from Thursday and then have to take another 2 weeks fully off, then I get to start making goals and running regularly again! Ran during work time last week with a friend since there are some showers in one of the buildings.


              NRR: Starting my masters tonight! I'm a little nervous, but semi-excited. Realized each class is 1/100th of the way to finishing, so I'll keep a countdown for each class I go to... (yes, I'm an enginerd). The entire masters is centered around group work, and that always makes me nervous! I'm volunteering for the 10K this weekend (big one that counts for some USATF records) to hand out medals since I don't want to run, so that should be fun.


              Sassy: I hope the week isn't too crazy. Great job keeping up the running while running as a solo mommy.


              OJ: Way to go on 5 miles, and on committing to marathon training again.


              Monk: Crock pot dinners always help out a lot. Wow, how many more weeks do you have?


              Have a great day ladies. I'll probably just check in periodically until I am back to running normally again.


                Hey Meli. I was going to send you some texts since I've been avoiding reading about anyone running so as to not get down on myself. I hope the detox goes well! We're starting to look at flights for May!!!!


                  hi ladies!


                  RR: 1.3 miles and 22 minutes of  strength training. I need to start working on my butt. any ideas???


                  NRR: was supposed to take a trip north for a project meeting, but the contractor can't get to the project site because of bad weather on their end. so yay!! 3 extra hours of productive time.  have lots of specifications to tie up, review, etc. from the interior designer and structural engineer.  then hopefully spend some time and review my specifications for the architecture side of things. planning to go to worthington tonight just to spend some time with M. I told him I probably would come out and climb on his lap. I suspect I will need a lot of hugs to get through this week. However, project is almost done so there's a light at the end of the tunnel.


                  sassy: good luck with the presentation! I bet you're feeling harried.  hope you get to daycare on time and it will go great!!


                  OJ: enjoy the drive in the new car! what did you get? or what kind of subaru?


                  monk: woo! you go girl. love how much preparation you're doing. so organized!


                  mel: good luck with the detox! sounds awesome actually.


                  po: good luck with starting classes! I like how you've divvied up classes.... 1/100.  don't worry aobut not being able to run normally. hope you're not too nervous about the surgery!


                  gotta hit the specs.


                    Good morning, ladies!


                    RR: Got in a nice 7 this a.m., with a slight headwind for most of it. Best chocolate milk EVER (as usual) right after. Possibly ST tonight.


                    NRR: Drank regular coffee yesterday for the first time in a LONG time and it felt very noisy inside my head. Add to that lots of potential work stuff in the future, and I got really wound up. I dreamed of working in Nevada last night. ??



                    Sassy - Good luck on the presentation!


                    PO - Hi!!  How cool to pass out the medals at the race. Ha - I love the 1/100th of the course thing. Group work might be challenging but it will be worth it.


                    Monk - Nice that you met your work milestone.


                    Mel - That detox sounds interesting. I could never get DBF to do something like that.


                    Jewel - Safe travels to PA!


                    Lizo - Do you get paid for the travel to the different sites?  Re: butt exercises - I do bridge lifts on the exercise ball. My feet are on the ball and I lift my butt in the air. hard to describe..will keep looking for a picture



                      Sassy-hope you and G can hang in there this week. So cute that G loves to skype with daddy


                      Jewel-I am with you on recommitting too on healthy eating. Good luck with that. Fun that you got a subaru. I don't have a car yet, but when I get one, I really want a Subaru


                      monk-wow you are one productive lady. Glad the decreased snow forecast is making you seem a little more at ease


                      meli-good luck with your detox


                      PO-well I am glad your surgery is in one week so that you can look forward to getting it done, recovering, then getting back into running. Good luck with your first class tonight


                      lizo-I like to do squats or anything with a resistance band where you can feel it in your butt. One of my favs is to put the band around a chair leg or something, loop it around my foot, then bring my foot out behind me.


                      RR: pool run today as it is icy and really cold outside


                      NRR: date night last night to China Town with DBF. Really yummy food, though the rest of this week needs to be cleaner eating as I had Chinese last night and pizza the night before


                        outwest=great job on your 7


                          BR (Burpee-related): I forgot to mention this earlier. Yesterday, I did my burpees after I got back from walking Fay. She's usually wound up after her walk and dinner, so she was playing with her toys and trying to get my attention. During my first set, she was flinging her rope toy around and hit me in the side. Then, during my second set, she was playing with her squeaky fox toy and slapped me across the butt with it! I started laughing so hard I had to stop for a bit. DBF just rolled his eyes. :P




                            RR: That's still a no...


                            NRR: I am glad I went to the doctor yesterday. I was running a fever when I got there. I have a sinus infection and an ear infection. Blah. They gave me antibiotics and I probably feel about...10% better this morning. It hasn't even been 24 hours of the abx yet though, so I'm hopeful for big improvements by tomorrow. This cold knocked me on my ass! It's making me super cranky.


                              Hello girls.


                              My last living grandparent passed away this morning in her sleep. Very peaceful. She was my fathers mother. She was almost 96 years old. I'm trying to talk to Mu attorney to see if I can travel since I don't have my travel card yet but my travel document was approved last Friday. She lived a wonderful life. Almost a century. Rest in peace grandma.