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Working on Wednesday? Preggos (Read 257 times)

MA runner girl

    I really have to work right now!? Post!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Ran 3 lovely miles yesterday in the fresh fallen snow. It was the perfect Christmas morning run. Lately on my runs, the outsides of my lower legs are REALLY sore. I don't know what that's all about.. changing gait? extra weight? Today the inside of my left leg only is also sore... today I will probably just go for a walk to stretch things out.


      PGR: 27w3d. I finally slept pretty well last night after a few nights of not so great sleep. Other than that I feel pretty good, definitely growing rapidly! I'm sure all the food is not helping!


      NPGR: Had a lovely Christmas! DH spoiled me with some beautfiul diamond earrings. Smile Mostly just enjoyed spending time with family. I am so not in the working mode right now, thankfully I'm working at home today!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning all, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


        RR - Accomplishing my workout goals for this week. I feel so much better about myself than I did a few weeks ago when I was struggling with the "blah" feeling of the 1st tri. Did 20 minutes on the bike yesterday at my parents, today I have to get into the gym at some point.


        PGR - Officially into the 2nd tri, just turned 14 weeks yesterday.


        NPGR - Today is the last day of cleaning before we pack up and head out tomorrow. My to-do list looks daunting, but it'll be so nice to return to a clean house!


          Hope everyone had a great holiday!


          MA - Yay for good sleep and diamond earrings! I'm not in the mood to work, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't stay motivated enough to work from home today...


          Schmett - Great job getting all the workout goals in! Congrats on the 2nd tri.


          PGR: 19w1d. Time is flying! I can't wait for DH to feel the babies...he had his hand on my belly for a bit last night, and one of the babies was rolling around right underneath it, but he couldn't feel it. Sad


          RR: probably some weights at home this evening...not sure yet.  May bundle up and go for a walk - I feel like I need some fresh air.


          NPGR: Had a killer headache all Sunday, which really interfered with my cleaning/to-do list, but we scrambled and got everything done.  Looking forward to my brother, SIL and nieces visiting this next weekend - Christmas part two!!


            Good morning! We're so happy to be home! I hope you all had a great Christmas!


            RR: Ran my final preggo miles on Sunday when it was 60 degrees, about 3.25 miles. My whole body was sore until Monday night. I've been saying I feel like I could still run, but thats a lie, lol. My pelvis seems to hurt now all the time, running or not. I would have liked to run to 40 weeks, but I knew I wouldn't, so running to 30 weeks is awesome! I'd like to go to the gym today but I probably won't, the 6+ hour traveling yesterday took a hard toll on my body I think. My back and pelvis hurt really bad right now.


            PGR: 30w5d. So we made sure to stop every couple hours while we were traveling and I was glad because a few times my legs did feel funny and it was good to move. But when we got to my parents' house last night at the end of the trip, I got this really bad pain in my left shin. It was like shin splints but in just one shin. I've had this before after getting home from work, but not as bad as last night, I could barely walk or put weight on that leg for a good 15 minutes at least. When this happened before I had thought it was something to do with running so I'd never mentioned it to the doctor. I don't think it was a blood clot because that would be in the back in my calf, this was up front on my shin. Anyone ever had this happen? Once that ache when away, that entire leg hurt the rest of the night. Everything is feeling fine now, so unless it starts happening more frequently or lasting longer I will mention it to the doctor next week.


            PGR2: I'm feeling humongous. I posted my 30-week pic on FB, and even a day after taking that I feel like I got even bigger. My clothes aren't fitting the way they did just last week. I'll need to get some more long tank tops or something because my shirts are too short, I think its because I'm carrying lower or something. Weird though because I know I'm not as big as I got when A. I didn't want to buy anymore mat clothes, but I might have to.


            NRR: Umm, yeah, six days with the inlaws is too much for me and definitely too much for a 3-year-old. They have their quirks that really started irritating me by about Sunday. But considering other in-law stories I hear, I know I'm lucky. They're not bad at all and we get along well. We had a nice Christmas together and I got my new cookware that I picked out when they were here in November! A really enjoyed spending so much time with her grandparents and followed them around constantly, which they loved. We went to SIL's for Christmas Eve and that was good to get a change of scenery. A didn't mess with presents at all until just before it was time to actually open them, I think after staring at them for almost a week the wait was just too much and she tried opening one that wasn't hers. It was cute. We had a good trip home yesterday and were all happy to sleep in our own beds... in fact at almost 9, A is still sleeping! She didn't nap at all while we were gone... she's either going to sleep for a week now or she's never going to nap again. I'm SO glad I took today off work, I think there's not much I'd want to do LESS than go to work today (other than drive 7 hours again). Today we're giving A her presents from us (told her Santa was coming last night for her since we weren't here on Christmas Eve) and making a little Christmas dinner. There's tons of snow on the ground, SO glad we got to miss the storm that dumped it all!


              Hi Ladies,


              MA - I would LOVE to have more freshly fallen snow here so I could run (okay, walk) through it - it never sticks quite long enough! Weird on the outside leg pain, I know (even without running this pg) that I have to stretch my calves a lot more, for some reason they are always very tight (vs non-preg)? Diamond earrings?? NIce! And yay for a good night's sleep Smile


              Schmett - Congrats on reaching the 2nd tri - and on accomplishing the workout goals - safe travels!


              TN - Wow, nearly at half way Smile  Is the headache the result of pg? I had more headaches in the first half-ish. Can't recall if you had them pre-pg? Anyways, glad it's gone; enjoy getting out for some fresh air...




              PGR - 35w2d  LO squirming like crazy after i drank some water on first waking! yesterday was a bit quieter on the movement front, seems like LO has an almost rest day every 3 days Smile  Having to consciously think about my pelvic alignment when standing and walking, i find if I'm on auto my butt kinda sticks out all lazy duck-style Smile


              ER - Enjoyed my one hour elliptical/strength circuit routine last night, back to the pool after work today. unbelieveably my new maternity swimsuit is wearing out quickly - after just a MONTH of wear, agh! Can it hold together just one more month???


              NPGR - That homemeade pizza we had for Christmas brunch yesterday took a lot of effort to digest; I should freeze it and turn it into a camping survival food...


              NPGR2 - so you know that crochet bunny I am making for LO? Well, turns out it's a bit bigger than I thought - the legs alone are almost a half foot long! If it turns out acceptably I WILL post a pic on FB Smile eeek.


                Monk - so glad your trip went well; I agree you did awesome running til 30 wks. Not sure on the shin pain, never had anything like it? Enjoy your day off work Smile


                  Ok, I'm writing from my ancient phone so will see how it goes. Currently in the car headed to dallas to shop! I had wanted to just get up and go but the mil and bil wanted to travel together...aka behind us so we are finally leaving... Keep telling myself it is the last day here so just be kind.. But I really wanted to take a day and do what I want ...sigh. Ok .er. Did my 3k this am in the freezing wind! Must be getting me ready for home. Pr. Lots of growth and movement but nothing new.. Have an aPp the day after we get back so hope I gained enough weight for my ob this time! Ill do another post with personals !

                    Ma: hope your work goes fast! Sounds like a sweet run ypou had for christmas!and diamonds are always good. Schmet: glad you are feeling better! Nice to be over the first tri. Tn: won't be long now till dh can feel them! Monk: good job on listening to your body! Taking these last weeks a lot slower has made me feel a lot better.. No pelvis pain etc. I might stick to the 3k runs from here on in, despite my dreams of being super runner preggo. Ozzy: cute pic on fb! I get sore calves and cramps there too since being preggo... Not sure why but I think its normal.

                      PG: 21w2d. Gender reveal..... FAIL! I blurted to my MIL on Friday. So I had to tell my mom. Don't trust me with a secret....lol. It's a boy! But the cupcakes were delish. I took a pic and texted it to my girlfriends on Xmas so at least it was a surprise to someone. Over the holidays everyone had something to say about my expanding belly. Ugh it's the truth but I could live without everyone talking about it and its only going to get worse.


                      RR: 4mi on Xmas! Felt strong. Going to the gym today but disappointed my gym canceled the evening group exercise classes this week. Boo!


                      NPGR: hosting Xmas was a lot of work. Glad I did, it turned out really nice Smile but wish I had today off from work to sleep in and play with my new IPad Santa brought me. Me and DH discussed and we werent going to do presents.  I feel bad since he got me a really awesome gift and I didnt get him anything. I'll let him use it.....maybe...lol.


                      MA: good night sleep and diamond earrings sounds like a great Christmas!  I dont know whats up with my dog but he is snoring louder than DH and keeping me awake!


                      Sch: welcome to the 2nd tri!


                      Monk: be proud for running up to 30 weeks.  Thats a big accomplishment.


                      ozzy: bummer about the swimsuit.  Hope it last.


                      canada: have a safe trip home.


                        Back for personals before noon! Posted a pic on FB though it's not the greatest angle. I just look how I did when I was trying to lose the last 15 lbs of baby weight! :P


                        MA - Ooh diamond earrings! Sorry you have to work today but at least it is from home!


                        TN - Hope your headache goes away. Enjoy Christmas 2.0.


                        Monk - Glad you made it back safe. Did you go in one trip on the way back? Sounds like you had a nice time.


                        Ozzy - Aww on the bunny. My DS has this giant bear that he tackles to hug now at almost 15 months, so even if the bunny is bigger than you'd like, sometimes it's the big stuffed toys they like best.


                        Canada - Enjoy your last day in TX. Hope shopping goes well even though it's by committee.


                        Mann - Congrats on the boy!


                          Seriously, I do NOT want to work today...


                          monk - congrats on running to 30 weeks! That's an awesome accomplishment! I'm glad you had a good trip home.


                          Ozzy - Yes, please post a pic of the bunny! I am planning on making blankets for the twinkies, but am hesitant to start until I know sex, which means then it will be crunch time and I will be cramming to get them done Smile I've had headaches since puberty that are hormone-related, so pg is not helping things...plus I think I've been getting them during pg when I am sleep-deficient - I took 3 hour-long naps on Sunday (in an attempt to shake the headache) and still went to bed at the same time...


                          Canada - enjoy the shopping! Glad that you're feeling better and the pelvis pain has gone away.


                          Mann- congrats on the BOY! and haha on not being able to keep it secret - it's pretty big news!


                          schmett- That inbetween stage around 14 weeks is just not fun looks-wise- I just felt all bloated and chubby.


                          Forgot to include in my original post my weight gain to make everyone else feel skinny - twin weight gain at 19 weeks is 16 lbs (Ozzy, I am closing in on you, even though you are 15 weeks ahead of me Smile) So I'm fairly on target to hit the 24 lbs by 24 weeks guideline for twins, especially if I gain 3 lbs in  one week like I did a few weeks ago..


                            Manna - Congrats on expecting a boy!! Totally too funny on not keeping it a secret, I am atrocious like that tooWink  And to think my DH was annoyed I got him a CARD for Chrsitmas after agreeing to no presents - I wonder what he would have said about an iPad??? (actually I wouldn't mind one of those...) Well done on getting through hosting Christmas - next year you can put your feet up and let someone else do it.


                            TN - good luck catching up to me - I have a suggested diet involving icecream and chocolate that should do the trick Smile  You have a great frame to spread that out over anyway, I could do with a couple of extra vertical inches to spread things over. Interestingly I gained very little - maybe 3lbs - til 17 weeks; I realised last night it has been a very steady 1lb/week since then...be interesting to see if that does change with twins. I have also been wondering what it'll be like for you to feel TWO babes moving around at 35 weeks as today I cannot imagine more than one attempting to do what LO is doing inside today. Maybe yours will take turns Smile


                              Hi guys,


                              Greetings from snowy Mammoth Lakes, CA! After a few days in sunny southern CA where my husband's parents live, we came up here last night. Hard not to be able to ski!


                              RR - Got in one good, longer than usual run of almost 6 miles on the beach when we were in SoCal. Ran with DH and was suprised that I could keep up a decent pace - something like 8:40. When not preg, i usually am around 8-8:15 pace. That said, was pretty knocked out for the rest of the day. The next day, I went for a 6 mile walk, and then Christmas day a short run (maybe 3-4 miles?). This AM, I decided to try the snowshoes our after everyone else went out skiing...man, it was hard. Snow is so deep up here, plus we are at an altitude, so breathing is tough. DId it for about 45 minutes. Was dying to pee, but had some many layers plus the maternity belt on that it would have been a real challenge to go in the bushes...


                              PGR - 26wks4days. Got a prenatal massage gift certificate for the spa up here for tomorrow. Can't wait. And the massage appt entitles me to use the gym for the day, so I will go there and work out first.

                              NPGR - lots of family time! Especially since I am not out skiing...will be hanging with MIL and other non-skiers a lot.


                              MA - I get that outer shin pain too. I think it is a combo of extra weight/changing gait. I keep hoping that it'll go away as I get used to running with the weight, but I feel like I'd need to be running every day for that to happen. I think stretching the calves and maybe doing some foam rolling/stick stuff to loosen them up might help.

                              Schmett - I think your pic looks cute Smile Welcome to second tri. Yay. Nice job on the workouts.

                              TN - I'm sure dh will feel the babies soon. I feel like I often grab my h's hand to feel the baby, but of course she stops moving right then. But it is fun when he gets to feel a nice kick.

                              Monk - welcome back. Congrats on running to 30 wks. THat is a great accomplishment. Hope I get there too!

                              Ozzy- have a good swim. Must get myself a maternity suit. Where did you get yours?

                              Canada - have a nice shop! So sad that TX weather has turned out to be cold and snowy! You deserve some sunny, warm weather!

                              MannLuna- Yay for the boy and the iPad. I am terrible with secrets, too.


                              Okay, back to...lounging on the couch? Not sure how much I am supposed to chat with MIL? Can I just veg and read? Will post a snowy pic on FB.




                                Happy Boxing Day to fellow Canadians, and happy day-after-Christmas to everyone else!


                                MA: Running in freshly fallen snow sounds WONDERFUL. How wonderful to get diamond earrings! Hopefully your day at work is going quickly.


                                Schmetterling: Nice work on accomplishing your workout goals this week. Congrats on officially reaching the second tri!


                                TNesq: If your LOs are like my LO, your DH may never feel them. Smile my LO tends to freeze as soon as his hand goes on my belly.


                                Monk: So sorry to hear your back and pelvis hurt so much. When I pulled my muscle in my pelvis, I used a cream that's safe for us preggos called Traumeel. It's expensive, but it  was worth it for me - worked like a charm. Hope you feel better soon.


                                Ozzy: Good idea to think about your pelvic alignment. I always forget! We had homemade pizza last night too! Delicious! I can't believe your maternity swimsuits have been failing so badly. Ridiculous.


                                CJ: You'd better have lots of BBQ before your appointment to meet your weight gain requirements! Have fun shopping!


                                Mannaluna: Congrats on the boy! Yay! I too am horrible at keeping things secret like that.


                                Liz: Excellent pace! You'll probably slow down as the pregnancy progresses, but don't let that get you down. I'm uber impressed you went snowshoeing. it IS super hard! You're going to have legs of steel!




                                PGR: 36w3d She's running out of space because the kicks are turning into squirms. I'm still getting up every 3 hours - wide awake. I don't recommend looking up 'third trimester insomnia' because all of the articles talk about how I should be getting my rest now or how the interrupted sleep I'm getting now will be nothing compared to what will happen after she's born. Wow, that's useful. thanks?


                                ER: Managed to do the DVD yesterday and might fire it up again in an hour or so. We walked a lot this morning (and I had to ask DH to slow down about 10 times).


                                NPGR: Today is crazy sale day here in Canada, though I haven't picked up a thing. We went to a local baby store as they have a no-tax event, but they're not open today! Some stores stay closed (it's a stat holiday) while some open. We got nothing. Well, that's not true: DH bought a great jacket from lululemon on sale from their website. I couldn't find anything I wanted from their run collection that's on sale - I find their shorts either ride up or down on a run. I love all their other stuff though.