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Working on Wednesday? Preggos (Read 257 times)


    wow, you can tell work is realllly busy today...not.


    Liz - I got my two maternity swimsuits from Thyme maternity in Canada - given their lack of endurance I now DON'T recommend them if you'll be swimming a lot. They were cheap which I thought was great but...perhaps if I'd spent the $$ on quality I wouldn't be eyeing off a 3rd suit...swimoutlet.com has some good swimsuits, there are even more available if you are in the US vs Canada. SOOOO jealous of your snowshoeing, agh!!! (deep breath, I just gotta hang in there a few more weeks....) Wouldn't mind having a single digit 8 in front of my running speed either Smile Nice work. Enjoy relaxing with the MIL - I'm sure she expects you to do your own thing and not amuse her the whole time!


    YJPM - I tend to avoid the Boxing Day sales as me and crowds don't cope well together...perhaps later in the week I might venture in, though there is some online shopping to be done...thanks for the info on "3rd tri insomnia" - haha. Every night I get good sleep (like last night) I wake up very grateful. I can handle peeing 3-4 times a night, it's the question of falling back to sleep that is the issue right? This time next week your LO will just be done baking...crazy huh??


    Tayraes - anyone seen or heard from her? hope all is okay.


      Hello Everyone!! Its been awhile since I've had a chance to post.... We decided to paint the entire office and so the last week and a half has been absolutely crazy!


      PR: 37 weeks 3 days!! I turned full term on Christmas Eve!!! YAY!!! I'm ready to be over this. I've been having irregular Braxton Hicks Contractions since Christmas Eve and had horrible pain in my tailbone. I guess that's the baby lowering. I haven't slept normally in about 2 weeks and just want to cry. I'm wide awake every morning at 2am and stay awake for quite awhile. I met with the pediatrician to establish  with them and talk about shots to get and when. I'm extremely uncomfortable and am ready for this little guy to make his debut... I go in tomorrow for my usual appointment to see how things are going.


      RR- Went for a 45minute snowshoe/ winter hike through the snow. It was cold out but it got the heart rate up.


      NPGR- Been painting the office at work and finally finished it today. Gotta bring in some stuff for the baby so that its here when I have to start to come back into work. Now we just have to re-clean the office from all the paint that had spilled on the floor and scrub the floor since we moved all the furniture around.


      YouJust- I hear you on the insomnia... Its absolutely horrific!! The midwives offered to give me Ambien but I'm having a hard time taking it. I figure if I get tired enough I will finally sleep.. Thats usually what happens.


      Canada- Sorry to hear that your in-laws are driving you nuts. The nice thing is that your almost ready to head out and go home. YAY!!


      MA- I wish I was working from home.. GGRR... It's really hard to get motivated to work on a day like today after all the family activities.


      Monk- Your looking awesome!! I saw the pictures you posted on facebook and you look really good at 30 weeks!


      Schmett- Its always an awesome feeling to go into the second trimester. Hopefully that blah feeling will go away sooner than later.


        Shopping success! LOFT had 50% off everything, so I got 4 sweaters for 70 bucks!

        I also went to norstrom rack which is my new fav. only got one shirt though .... felt bad for the family following me around!


        Ugh, let me know if any of you find a solution to your insomnia, does NOT sound cool, I only get it once in a while. I just had cereal with milk so am expecting tonight to be one of those, but since I'm getting up at 3 am to make our flight it's probably ok.. haha.


          Ozzy - It's my understanding that the recommendation for early weight gain with twins is because it's hard to meet the caloric needs when the babies are really needing to put on weight - sheer food volume and less stomach room.  It's supposed to correlate with lower pre-term birth rates for twins.  I'm really hoping for 37 weeks and no NICU time.


          Liz - I hope you're able to find a happy balance with visiting with MIL and having your own time - that can always be tricky on vacay, especially with ILs, I think.


          YJPM - I hope the insomnia goes away -but it seems pretty common on the third tri?  Anyway, insomnia sucks.


          tay - glad to hear everything is going well - hooray for full term.


          Canada - My night insomnia usually ends up being related to food, (or a really restless dog, ugh Smile) - 3 am is my normal nighttime pee break, so I'd probably do well with that flight time, haha.

          Laura G in Idaho

            I'm so lame!


            ER:  Didn't walk and do strength training yesterday, as I had planned.  But, I gave myself a pass, because it was Christmas.


            RR:  I was supposed to run 2 miles today, but the Yaktrax my husband bought are too big and so I have to wait for him to exchange them for a smaller size.  I've been fortunate up to this point that I have been able to run without needing any extra traction, but we got snow last night and all day today it's been coming down.  I could have done my run at the Y, on their indoor track, but running continuous circles is so boring and I tend towards injury because of the repeated tight turns.  I always feel like I'm going to fall off when I run on a treadmill, so that idea didn't appeal to me, either.  Tomorrow and Friday are planned rest days, in preparation for www.TheHotChocolateRun.net 5k which I am doing on Saturday.  So, other than Monday (when I ran 4 miles), I have pretty much blown the week as far as exercise.


            PGR:  I was out of breath most of the day, doing tons of laundry, walking up and down the stairs with loads of laundry, and doing kid clothing inventory.  I was wondering if I was just totally out of shape or if I'm just feeling the wonderful effects of pregnancy.  Smile  Even sitting here on the computer, I feel somewhat short of breath and need to take a deep breath every now and then and check my posture to allow more space for lung expansion.


            My little bit of advice to all the new moms:  When it comes to kid clothing, up to about age 1, stock baby's clothing supply with 14-21 outfits.  After age 1, 10-14 outfits is about right.  Between ages 2-3, you will want to stock 7-10 outfits.  After age 3, it's one outfit per day, and MAYBE you should stock one or two extras, just in case.  But listen to the experience of a mom who has many children...  more clothing allows you to get further behind on laundry.  It's best to limit the amount of laundry and do it every week (more often if you want to keep a smaller supply of clothing... I know lots of moms do that) than to allow it to stack up.  Don't own too much clothing for your children!  If someone drops off a giant bag of clothing to your house, be extremely picky.  Get rid of anything that is stained, threadbare, or has holes in it, and stick to your clothing limit.  You'll be glad you did.


            Even though we have clothing limits here, with our large family, it can appear to be quite overwhelming at times.  I allowed myself to get a few days behind, and have kids walking around in pjs asking for clean clothes, so no more slacking!  I love the idea one mom of many gave me:  every person has their own dirty hamper and their own clean basket.  Each person's laundry is done separately, on different days of the week to spread out the laundry monster chore.  The laundry from different members of the household NEVER mix, so you NEVER have to sort the laundry!  Smile  That's my style of laundry system!