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    Listening to some tunes while running...


    Karen-but it is nice when that nail that has been lifting comes off.  I had one do that yesterday too.  Of course, not in a compression sleeve. that is funny that you were imagining a stress fracture.I did alternate 4.0 with 6% with 5.0% and 6.0 with -2% yesterday.  Need to forget distance and go for the type of workout.




    Mighty Mouse

      Tuesday was a good day. I started warming up on the track and saw Fast Buddy. He has had PF problems and is now on the mend. We did a mile to start out and see how his foot felt. After he left, I finished the 55 minutes track run, then did cardio for about 25 minutes when I got home.

      Today will be track run, then cardio DVD.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        LisaMMR - Sounds like a good w/o!  Let's see what winter wonderland we end up with today!


        KarenAG - Glad it was only a "toenail"......


        Judy - Nice workouts!


        Had swim class last night....got my arse kicked...it was fun, but wow....interesting that you can work up a sweat in a pool LOL!


        Off to work.




        Fire Jumper

          Quck check in - back for personals later....


          I got my 2 miles in on the TM yesterday.  Pushed it a bit and did some fast sprints, and then did some partner core activities with a friend.  It was a fun, sweaty workout.  Oh, wait... I mean... I glistened profusely, bordering on a full-out shimmer.  Southern girls do not "sweat,"  heaven forbid.


          Hopefully will get 3 in today on the indoor track.


          5K's and Obstacle Runs

          Goal for 2013:  10K


          Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


          Bad Ass

            Morning!  My 6 last night went well.  Had to go to the chiro and he adjusted my neck in 5 different places, which explains the migraine.  8 miles tonight.


            Anonymous (from yesterday), funny story.  Glad you found the culprit.


            Lisa, I always listen to tunes while running.  Enjoy!


            judyruns, sounds like a great start to the day.  Hope it continues.


            Carol, I think swimming burns a lot of calories so keep it up!



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami!


              Karen - May all our pains be so easily remedied!


              Damaris - I felt your relief! My neck is such a mess and I can imagine the improvement once you got "cracked." Stay safe prepping for LA.


              Lisa - Are you measuring incline? Does anyone know how you do that out on the roads?


              I saw someone ask about Linda; I think she posted about a HM on Beginners' so she must have run this past weekend.


              Carol- I'm not sure I even have a bathing suit whose elastic would hold up anymore; I find them in the back of my drawer and they kind of "crunch" and fall apart. Or they lose their shape and look four sizes bigger. I admire anyone who gets in the water on a regular basis.


              Hi Julie & Judy!


              I'm showered and dressed this am so no run until later if I can squeeze it in. I have some deadlines coming up and would have to dig down in the dirty laundry basket for something to wear anyway, so will probably wait until tomorrow after doing some laundry.


              Another bright sunrise here; hope it's the same for you!



              LC Runs

                Hey Ladies Smile


                Sorry I've been MIA, just hard to post when you can't run.  Knee is much better, but I need to let it heal a few more days.  I did do some weights and 15 minutes on the stairclimber Sunday which didn't seem to aggravate it.  Stiffness is pretty much gone, just some lingering twinges.


                Ironically, I ran into a running friend Friday night, who is also an NP, she asked about my running and I told her my knee issue, she just had the same thing!  Diagnosed it as bursitis and recommended at least a week off, icing etc...So, I am following the advice.  Am signed up for a 4 miler on St Patty's Day so I am sure hoping it's better soon.  Figures, I just got some new running pants and zip up top and want to try them out....arrrgghhhh.


                Ok, enough whining, I know it could be worse.


                Hope everyone is well, as usual, I am too far behind to catch up with what's going on Blush

                Bad Ass

                  Carolyn, yeah, the relief was priceless!  Hope you kick those deadlines to the curb.


                  LC Runs, hope the knee gets back to 100% ASAP.



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                  Run to live; live to run

                    Rest day today.  On the way to Orlando.  Raining like crazy still in Charleston.  Wettest Feb in recorded weather for the area.


                    Hi Lisa and Judy


                    Carol getting arse kicked hmmm and swimming.....


                    Julie haha.  I'm southern but I sweat.  Plan and simple.


                    Karen poor toenail


                    Carolyn I hope your neck is doing okay.


                    Hope Linda checks in.  Wonder how she is doing after that treatment to reduce the fat  in her stomach that she had a few months ago


                    Laura hope the knee gets better and better.




                      Post and run, will try to be back later for personals.


                      The day I've been expecting for some years arrived yesterday. DH had a hypoglycemic episode while driving and DS was in the car. Nobody hurt, thank goodness, no serious damage done except to one street sign, but a bad incident and it will likely have some long lasting effects.

                      I got a call from DS at about 3:45 yesterday afternoon. DH picked DS up from school at 3:30 and as soon as DS got in the van he noticed that DH was driving erratically, making no sense when he talked, and something was seriously wrong. DS said that he thought at first that his dad was drunk, then remembered that DH rarely drinks, never before driving, and when he does it's only one beer or glass of wine. (I'm the family sot.) DH swerved all over the road, took some wrong turns, and wound up at the end of a cul de sac trying to drive through the fence at the end of the street. Sign was toast, fence fought the van to a draw. Van was up on curb with tires spinning. At this point DS got out and the owner of the home at the end of the street stepped out to investigate the noise. He asked DS what was going on and DS explained that his dad is diabetic and was likely having an episode. Owner called 911, then turned off the van and took DH's keys, bless him. Other passersby stopped, tried to give DH water and a candy bar, DH was incoherent and unresponsive and DS called me to let me know what was going on.

                      Sheriffs arrived, ambulance arrived, paramedics confirmed very low blood sugar (39), sheriff kindly parked the van properly against the curb after asking DS if he had a license, which he does not, and sent DH and DS off to hospital. DS could have walked a mile to the main road and taken the bus home, had he had bus fare, but he was shaken and I advised him to go with his dad and I'd meet him at the hospital. They told me he was not being taken to our local hospital, which was full, or the nearest other hospital, which was also full, but to the closest facility that was accepting patients -- the county hospital in Sylmar.

                      I dashed out, caught a bus, and got to the hospital at about 5:30. Oh my word. They said Monday is their busiest day and I believe it. The emergency waiting room was wall to wall people. Long line to check in. Finally got told where in the massive ER to go and found DH in an exam room (it pays to arrive by ambulance) with DS, having just been served milk and crackers. And then started a long evening. Doctor came in, told us his blood sugar was very low (yes we know), asked when he'd last seen his PCP (4 years!), and talked to DH about the importance of seeing his PCP regularly. Turned out that DH had taken DS to school in the morning, come home and gone back to bed, woken up and realized that he needed to go get DS, and had not checked his blood sugar or eaten anything before leaving. This was a bad error in judgment and it could have had horrendous consequences -- the cul de sac he was stuck in is right by an elementary school. Fortunately DS stays after school to work in the library so by the time DH got there the kids had already cleared the area.

                      I asked how long it would be at 7 PM and was told "two to four hours" so I took DS home, made myself a sandwich, and headed back down to the hospital. No change. DH was hooked up to monitors and had to be unhooked every time he needed the restroom, and that was about every 30 minutes. They did find him a brown bag dinner after I asked about food. And in a comment on our times, someone in the billing department came in to inquire about how we intended to pay and his demeanour changed noticeably when I handed him both my Aetna card and DH's Medicare card. "Ah! Paying patient! Primary and secondary insurance! Have a seat, make yourself comfortable...let me take a photocopy of that nice little card you have there..." I suspect that at the county facility this isn't that common a sight, not least because most patients with insurance opt for one of the other hospitals in the area. We certainly would have opted for a different facility if we'd had the choice.

                      A few more checks but no information on what was going on, I listened in on some of the conversation at the nurses' station and found that there were no beds available in the hospital itself so they couldn't admit anyone -- one poor woman in another exam room had been waiting for over a day for a bed. And so of course that meant the ER was backed up because they couldn't see any of the less-urgent patients until they cleared out the emergencies. We were waiting on lab test results and finally at 11:45 they said "one more blood sugar check and if it's OK you can go home" and apparently it was because DH was cleared to go at 12:30. Oh, and during the time he was hooked up to the monitors I found out what his blood pressure was. Holy high systolic. 220/90 when he was brought in, 215/80 when he was allowed to go. He really needs to see a doctor.

                      And I have confiscated his car keys until he does see a doctor. He doesn't like the previous PCP, not a problem, I would guess the PCP didn't like him either, but he needs to see a doctor he can work with. He was upset because I wouldn't stop by where the van was and let him drive it home. I don't want him getting behind the wheel, and the doctor wasn't happy about him driving with blood sugar not under control. He was fretting because he didn't want it parked in a strange neighbourhood overnight.

                      So I drove DH home, saw him into bed, changed into running gear, and set out to retrieve the van. There are very few people on the streets between 1:30 and 2:25 AM. Ran the 4.25 to the van, saw no obvious damage, drove it home, and finally collapsed into bed at 3 AM. I'm afraid I stood running neighbour up this morning. I had texted her to let her know what was going on, so she figured I was still asleep.

                      Functioning on 90 minutes sleep plus a doze on the bus ride in. Caffeine is my friend today. And DS is going to be riding the bus for a while, even if I do give DH back the car keys I don't think DS wants to get in a car with him. We also need to get DS over to the DMV for a learner's permit.

                      I would like a nice, quiet, uneventful day today, please.


                        Oh my great goodness, Tessa!  What a day you had.  Glad everything turned out alright in the end, it could have been terribly worse as you mentioned.  Hopefully, this will get DH on the ball!  Blood sugar is nothing to mess around with.  Hope you have a much peaceful day today, take it easy!





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                        Anonymous Guest

                          Oh my gosh Tessa! Is it wrong that I want to grab your DH and shake some sense into him? I mean, I'm sorry he has health issues, but we all get to the point where we have health issues, and he needs to suck it up and deal with it. Maybe I'll feel differently when I'm older and in that kind of situation, but right now - hopefully this shook him up enough that he'll see a PCP? Poor DS and poor you. What a long and horrible night for you all. (If I'm out of line above, I'm sorry.) I hope you have an early night tonight and can catch up on some sleep or at least relax.

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                            Oh my Tessa!!!!!!  Hope it all works out!  You may have to man handle drag him to the doctors.  Wow




                              I don't know about dragging him to the doctor's, but I know I'm going to have to DRIVE him to the doctor's...possession is 9/10 of the law and I possess both sets of car keys. Wink


                              And blood sugar is nothing to mess around with, Ginny, you're right, however he's been a diabetic for 30 years and I have somewhat of a handle on that. The blood pressure came out of left field.


                              Karen, you're not out of line, and you've met him so you know how stubborn he can be. However, I'm not sure he can make this into somebody else's fault. This was his doing and I suspect deep down he knows it.


                                tooth has been killing me all day again today.  Dentist put me on antibiotics yesterday, but no pain medication, I have called the office twice and they still have not called me back, which makes no difference now because I do not have a car tonight.  Of course, when I was at the dentist the darn tooth didn't hurt at all, not even after a cleaning!  Sorry, I am just getting exasperated now and tired of this ache in my head!


                                I was going to go home and do my WT DVD tonight, but don't think so now.  I think I will drink some wine and read the new James Patterson Alex Cross book!  That ought to take my mind of it!





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