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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      Well I'm having a rough morning, and I've only been up for 30 min...


      RR: 3 miles last night. OMG the outsides of my lower legs hurt so bad! It's all musclular, and I think it's because I took off 2 full days. I notice that on my second day in a row, it's not as bad... too bad it would probably be a bad idea to start streaking... Planning on 2 miles after work before my midwife appt.


      PGR: 29w4d. Sigh, I got on the scale to see the damage on my home scale... 10 pounds in 4 weeks Sad I don't wanna know what the dr scale says... I can't believe it, that's 24 pounds up (probably 27 or more at the dr). I was seriously shocked by that number. And then I vented to DH and he proceeded to yell at me that I'm fine and then throughout the morning tell me all the bad things I've been eating. Gee thanks hunny! I know it's just a number... but I'm feeling really anxious because I still have 10 weeks to go! I was hoping to stay under 35 but at the rate I've been gaining (6, 8 and 10 pounds between 4 week apts), I just feel like it's out of control. Sorry I just needed to vent Sad Also I was getting dressed and somehow pulled something in my back and now it's KILLING me. I was just at the chiro last night! I broke down and started crying... ugh.


      NPGR: It doesn't help that work is insanely stressful. I have 4 hours of meetings today too so I don't see much getting crossed off the to-do list.


      Sorry for the downer post. Hopefully the drive in will clear my head.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA: So sorry you're having such a rough day. Don't freak out too much over the weight. I completely sympathize with feeling huge and totally out of control of your body. It is such a hard thing. Just remember that  you're doing it for the baby and that the weight will come off faster than you put it on, especially since you've been so diligent at your exercising. Sending hugs your way! You need them I think!


        RR: Yay! I can actually say RR because I ran/walked yesterday. I did 3.4 miles total, with about 1.5 of it walking and the rest running. Felt ok, though towards the end the BH got kind of bad and I had to chill out a bit and walk the last portion. RLP was uncomfortable towards the end and SPD at the beginning. Sometimes pregnancy sucks...


        PGR: 31w. I'm having some SPD flare-up. It is unpleasant, especially at night. Any other moms who have dealt with such pain, feel free to tell me things that work for you, aside from the chiro. Cannot afford that. Do you have any particular exercises or stretches to deal with it. What are your sleeping methods? I've read that doing more pelvic tilts, abdominal exercises and kegels helps. I may have to buy a body pillow (just a normal one, not a preggo one) b/c the belly is getting heavy, and combined with the SPD it is getting hard to be comfortable at night.


        NPGR: Working most of today as is DH. The boys he tutors have no school today so he gets to take them to the movies, to get ice cream and a bunch of other great stuff the the parents are paying for. He gets paid really well, so it is awesome for him to have such a fun and easy job!




          RR - Went for a mile walk outside yesterday. The thermostat said warm, considering, but it was cold. DS napped in that somehow, but I was pretty happy to warm back up at home. Depending how today works out, I'd like to get back to the gym.


          PGR - Midwife appt was good, she said the twinges I'm feeling on either side of my belly button are my abdominals. Sigh. I really hate that feeling since it makes me nervous about diastasis recti. I had a normal separation of 1 finger width last time but subsequent pregnancies you never know. Blah! I'll ask my chiro next time I see her too.


          NPGR - Going out tonight for a moms night out type thing. Little nervous bc the place we're meeting has so-so reviews for service though the food is decent I guess. I guess I can always stick with chips and salsa right?


          MA - Sorry about the weight woes. If it makes you feel any better, Sasha's right, you've been doing a great job exercising AND weight gain usually tapers off towards the end of pregnancy. Hope you have a better morning/afternoon.


          Sasha - Stretching is good, supporting with a pillow is good. Though I hate to break it to you, SPD is what got me into the chiro at 36 weeks. Just keep doing what you're doing trying to be proactive and hopefully it brings relief.


          And Ozzy, from yesterday, I think you asked about probiotics? I just picked up DDS brand probiotics and they're free of pretty much everything allergen related so that's a plus.


            MA - sorry you're having a rough morning - I think that with the exercise and everything you've been doing, that there probably isn't much more you could do about that weight gain - Any chance you're "ahem" backed up or retaining water?  I freaked just two days ago by how much the scale was up, but I've lost 2 lbs in 2 days now.  Just keep being healthy.


            sasha - Boo to the SPD flareup. Rest helped mine (boo, I know) and avoiding lateral movement with my hips. And at night, mine usually hurt the worst when a separated my legs to turn from side to side (that's an awesome mental picture - it isn't as graphic as it sounds) - I found that keeping a small pillow between my knees to keep my legs together was most helpful in keeping the pain down.  I'm not sure if you're having the same type of pain Now, my pelvis just cracks in the middle of the night when I turn over - awesome.


            schmett- Glad your appt went well - I'm sure you'll be okay with the diastasis?


            PGR: 21w2d. Nothing much going on.


            RR: hoping for a walk today after work - we'll see. I think rain is predicted for today here? If it's raining, I think I'll break out one of my pg books and do some exercises from there.  Lame, I know.


            NPGR: I like my haircut, although my hairstylist was "promoted" so my haircuts cost more now! We scheduled out my next two appts, and the second one falls at the end of April - crazy to think i might have to cancel/adjust depending on babies! I think we're going to try and see Les Mis this weekend - DH wants to take DSD to it.  Anyone seen it and want to weigh in on whether it's appropriate for a 13-y-o?  We're okay with letting her watch more  grown up stuff if it has value, historic or otherwise.




              PGR: 32w6d. I dare say my back is feeling almost normal. I probably could work out, but I'll wait until at least the weekend because I did some normal chores last night, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen and laundry and was stiff after. It was more activity than I've done in almost a week. But of course my back is starting to feel normal, now I have some sciatic nerve pain. Lovely.


              NPGR: Tonight DH and I are going out to buy our Christmas presents. Since we didn't do them before Christmas and we know what we want, we're just going to buy them. So romantic, right? We're going to Best Buy so while we're there will look at stoves too. I don't know where we'll end up getting the stove though. Anyone ever bought an appliance online? Even if we bought it online, would probably just go through a store web site. I'm getting a new camera, may end up getting that online too, depending on what they have in the store.


              MA: I mentioned this on the other thread, but I can definitely relate to the back pain! And on the weight gain too. I was up 10 pounds between my last two appointments and it wasn't quite a month in between. It was the holidays though. I know its hard, but just try not to worry about it. I finally stopped weighing myself at home and I'm much happier now. No matter what we end up gaining, we've been exercising and doing well... that will make it easier to lose the weight later!


              sasha: I've had SPD off and on but its never been particularly bad. Yay for running!


              schmett: I've been a little concerned about diastasis too... but is there really anything you can do to prevent that?


              TN: Rain is expected here too. Apparently if it were 10 degrees cooler we'd get a foot of snow, but instead we're supposed to get an inch of rain. That ought to be nice on top of all that snow. Outside will become an ice rink and I get to be even more paranoid about slipping on the ice!


                monk - I purchased and remodeled a house in 2008, before DH and I got married.  I bought my stove, microvvave, dishwasher, and bathroom vanity and mirror from the home depot website - I knew what features I wanted for the applicances, the approximate price range I had, and I read all the reviews on the website. I have a home depot consumer credit card that I used for those big purchases and get the 0% interest and make payments to have it paid off about two months before the promo runs out. At the time I ordered the appliances, they had free delivery for any purchase over $299.  I had to set up a time to be there for everything to be delivered except for the mirror, but it works well because, at least when I had mine delivered, they bring it into the house for you, unpack it, have you inspect it to make sure nothing is wrong, and take all the cardboard/styrofoam away. The vanity mirror came UPS, and was in about a million pieces - but when I contacted their customer service, they sent out a new one immediately that came without a scratch.  They offered to put the stove in place for me right away, but my kitchen countertops weren't in yet, so I declined.


                  MA: I had hit 10 lb weight gains in 4 weeks during this pregnancy, so I completely understand your frustration. At that stage, I was convinced I'd have a 50+ lb weight gain by the time the pregnancy was over. It's true, though - the weight gain does taper off by the end. I'm over 35 lbs, but not close to 50. It's just a bump in the road.


                  Sasha: You can sometimes emulate a preggo pillow by using rolled blankets and extra pillows in your house. My yoga instructor showed us how to roll up a blanket to support under the belly, and one wedged at your back. That might help?


                  schmetterling: In my opinion, you can ALWAYS have chips and salsa Smile


                  TNesq: Good idea to book the hair appointments. I've managed only one haircut this entire pregnancy - mainly due to laziness and the fact that my hair looks AWESOME. ha.


                  Monk: Your DH and you sounds like me and my DH. We're not all that fussed about getting each other the gifts on the specific dates - just when things at at their cheapest. Ha.




                  PGR: 38w4d. Acid Reflux redux last night at 3:30. Propped myself up on the couch at around 5am and woke up at 8.  Oh, and good news - I qualify for mat leave benefits. For the full year! Very relieved. While it's not a large sum, it's SOMETHING. Very relieved.


                  ER: I'm utterly exhausted but will try to sneak in a nap and then do the DVD later.


                  NPGR: Having lunch tomorrow with a friend, so I'm looking forward to that. Very happily turned down a low paying job for March thanks to getting those benefits.

                  MA runner girl

                    Thank you girls so much. I appreciate the kind words. I know I need to stop stressing about it. It's good to hear that the gain typically slows down in the last few weeks... I can't imagine another 20+ pounds if I keep at this rate!!!! But I guess I will just let my body do what it will, and still try to be as healthy as I can. My boss just freaked me out because I told her about my back pain and she said she hopes it's not labor... Shocked Thanks boss! LOL I have an appt for 12:15 at the Chiropractor, thank goodness! I'm so grateful that she's taking me even though they aren't open until 3. Just have to get through one meeting now...


                    Sasha - Yay for a run! Great job! I'm sorry about the SPD pain.. I don't think I've had that so I can't help. I hope you get some relief soon.


                    Schmetterling - Chips and Salsa.. so it's mexican? mmm I love mexican! Have fun tonight, sounds like something I need right about now...


                    TN - Definitely not backed up... went 3 times yesterday, which is really unusual for me! (and is probably why my boss's comment freaked me out more!!!) But I've been SUPER gassy (sorry TMI) so maybe I am a little bloated. If it were raining, and I could only walk, not run I'd probably stay inside too! Don't blame you there.


                    Monk - Thanks for the encouragement. I know I stopped weighing myself at home, but I want to do it before I go to the dr since my appt are at 6pm so I know it's only going to be worse there! I don't weigh myself otherwise. I'm glad your back is almost 100%! Yay! Have fun xmas shopping tonight.


                    YJPM - Thanks for sharing... that makes me feel better! I'm SO GLAD you qualify for the mat benefits! What a relief that must be. I so wish the US had something like that... a year would be so nice! 6 weeks is just ridiculous (though I'm taking 3 months... half of that unpaid...)

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      Wow, everyone is up this morning! (or perhaps I slept a little later??)  Smile


                      MA - Good for you on the running; sorry to hear on the weight gain breakdown - weeks 24-30 were my boom time too...after that the scales clicked over at a more even pace but those 6 weeks were a little concerning. To me it sounds like you are right on track to stay within your goal as you body should settle to 1lb a week now and it seems like the last 2-3 weeks things slow waaay down...at the end of the day it's how you FEEL about your body and health and what it can still do (you are still running and moving even after a busy day at work, that counts bigtime in my books!!) - not what the scale says....not sure how much that will help but it sounds like you needed an emotional vent day and a good cry tends to help!!! hopefully you found some fun music or something to listen to on your drive to work and are feeling better (or work distracts you enough to make you feel better in a way).


                      Sasha - yay for a RR! I found my SPD has flared at different stages (and night-time feels the worst). I have found putting a pillow between my legs or so the outer leg is resting on top of it REALLY helpful (I just couldn't justify getting a body pillow either; obviously a thicker pillow is better). Also, no activities involving widening of the legs (um, yeah mine has been so bad that I had to put the kai-bosh on certain, uh, positions with DH, the after-pain was too much) - for me that has meant no breast-stroke kick at the pool and being careful with squats at the gym. oh, and no side-groin stretches and like TN said, learn to roll over as much as possible with legs together....your DH's day sounds like fun!


                      Schmett - chips and salsa sounds like a very reasonable backup plan Smile  Fingers crossed those abs don't move any further apart!


                      TN-  going to the hairdresser is always so nice right? In my case because at least someone is taking the effort to style my hair (because I'm not that is for sure!). I've heard good things about Les Mis but haven't seen it myself yet, hopefully DSD gets to enjoy it with you.


                      monk - sorry to hear about the back/sciatic pain; what a great idea, shopping for Christmas presents in the NY - less people and more bargains around, enjoy!


                      YJPM - SO HAPPY to hear you are getting the full EI maternity benefits, what great news!!




                      PGR - 37w3d. Didn't sleep great last night then thought maybe I had a sore throat introducing a cold coming on but suspect it was the over-effervescent magnesium drink i had before bed in an attempt to  have a normal BM - I was so painfully backed up yesterday (sorry if tmi but hey this is pg fun right?). Brain still ticking over things...DH and I are spending the day together, should be nice if we steer clear of the current elephant in the room.


                      ER - 2.5km swim and 20min water run yesterday - woohoo! Felt SO good just to do that again. Not sure about today? Probably a walk with DH as the weather is meant to be nice?


                      NPGR - Two days til my baby shower, that should give me an incentive to scrub the floors and clean right????


                        PG: nothing new.


                        RR: I wanted to run today but grabbed my cross trainers instead of my running shoes. Ughh.  I know myself if I go home after work to get my shoes I’m very likely not to leave…..lol.  Looks like spin class it is.


                        NPGR: had a nice dinner w/ my mom last night.  I usually see her once/twice a week but most the time I’m in and out.  So it was nice to just relax at her place and not be in a hurry.


                        MA: I feel your concern about the weight.  It’s hard not to be bothered by it but it is what it is. I’m 23w4d and up 17lb.  Dec didn’t help with the kitchen remodel and holidaysShocked I work out 5 days a week and it doesn’t help when people say oh you’re big for 5 months.  Yes I’m very aware of my size!  I’m also hoping not to go over the recommended 35 but might not happen.


                        Sash: hope you feel better


                        Schm: good luck getting to the gym


                        TN: I’m hoping to see Les Mis on Sunday.  Heard it was good but not sure about the content for a 13yo.  You can look up reviews online.


                        Monk: I bought my appliances from Home Depot but everything was in the store.  Free delivery and haul away of the old appliances.


                        Ozzy: enjoy your baby shower!

                        Laura G in Idaho

                          Thanks for the advice yesterday on the shin splints, Ozzy.  I am massaging, icing, wrapping, strengthening, stretching and praying it won't get worse.  I don't want to stop running.


                          Good morning all!


                          RR:  Yesterday I had a really good workout.  Ran 1 mi, did my strength training (with cardio bursts anytime I couldn't get to a machine I needed), and then ran another mile.  I had to move UP on my weight for my bicep curl!  Yay!  My hamstrings are getting stronger, too, but my ratio for quads/hams is going the opposite direction I desire.  Quads and hams need to be at a 3:2 ratio, respectively.  So, even though my hams can handle more, I've got to focus on getting my quads stronger.  I'll just try to add more reps on the quads until they get stronger, and then move up on the weight.


                          ER:  Planning a 30 min swim today.


                          PGR: 24w6d.  Slept in late today, and caught up on some much needed sleep.  I feel much better, but now I'm way behind on everything that goes into running a large family household.  I slept through my usual workout time, but plan on doing it this afternoon instead.  Hopefully that plan comes to fruition for me.  When I declared to hubby this morning that I was sleeping in, he sarcastically said, "Must be nice."  Well, I don't pull the pregnant card out very often, but sometimes the extra rest or food or emotions or whatever really IS because I'm pregnant.  He said in his very next breath, "Well, I guess you are pregnant, afterall."  So, he was jealous of my sleeping in when he had to go to work, but he gave me a pass.  Wink


                          NPGR:  My teenage sons have a religion class they take near the high school (our church provides 1 hr religion classes for high school age kids, and the kids get release-time from the public school to take the class), and this class runs on the same schedule as the public school.  So, even though we are homeschooling, we got the day off of seminary this morning for a snow day.  Yesterday's thaw refroze last night, and then more snow fell.  Not much snow, but the ice under the snow was making it very slick.  So that's what allowed me to sleep in this morning.  My sons didn't have to go to seminary.  Yay!


                          I'm super behind on everything here, so I will try to come back this evening for personals, if I can.


                            TN: Good info on Home Depot. We tend to gravitate toward Best Buy, but thats because we used to have a credit card for there. No credit cards anymore so I'll be shopping around for this.


                            yjpm: Well, we do usually do Christmas presents and stuff, but didn't this year because of how the money shook out and we decided to wait until he got his severance anyway. We both have bigger items we want, so we're just going to go buy them without wrapping or anything. YAY for the maternity benefits!


                            MA: Back pain wouldn't signify labor unless you had other labor symptoms with it I'd think... especially if this is a back pain you've had before. I've stopped even weighing myself before appointments too. I'm kind of in your boat, hoping it won't go over a certain amount. I was up 41 pounds a week ago... with now seven weeks to go I'm just going to let my body do what its going to do and hope I don't gain more than like 9 or 10 more.


                            ozzy: I'm sorry about the friction with DH. I hope you guys can come to a consensus on things. I've been a bit backed up and even though things are "working" now, don't feel like they're working all the way. Fun fun fun.


                            mann: Enjoy your spin class! I was hoping to do some spinning after I stopped running, but I think I'm getting to a spot where it'll just be walking and elliptical.


                            laura: I got some bad shin splints when I was running again after having A. I don't remember if I took a bunch of anti inflammatories or anything, but I did have a battery of stretches I got from someone on RW. What really helped me a lot was freezing water bottles and then rolling them up and down the shin for 20 mins, half an hour once or twice a day when I remembered. It had a nice massage effect with the ice. I'm jealous of your sleeping in too!


                              MA - if your back pain comes and goes, like, well, a contraction then it might be braxton hicks.  But since you stated that you pulled something, and if you are getting relief from the chiro, then it's likely not labor.  Heck if all labor back pain could be alleviated by chiros then they'd be more sought after than doulas or midwives!

                              MA runner girl

                                I know I'm not in labor lol I was just kidding (mostly). Smile I did get to the chiro, but my back doesn't feel ANY better. I'm sure being stuck in 2 hours of meetings did not help, and now I'm stuck working a little late because I was stuck in meetings and at the chiro so I couldn't get done what I needed today.... Sigh. This week can end anytime....

                                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15