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      Wow! I am so glad for FB so I knew you girls had moved over to another site! I guess RW just couldn't get their act together and fix the spam issue. I will have to explore this site some more but I saw a running log too somewhere. Is anyone using it?


      I REALLY want to make an effort to post on here regularly - it might not happen right away but soon... especially since we will be moving back to D.C. in July and I will be in the (relatively) same time zone as all of you. I will lurk though, for sure! I love seeing all of the photos and news on FB too... lots of DIVAS have big events coming their way.


      Happy holidays to all of you!


        Good morning!


        RR: Trying a run this morning. I'm not sure how it will go since my back is sore and now my foot is randomly sore... my goal had been continuing to the end of the year, but now I'm hoping to make it a few more times til we travel next week.


        NRR: DH and I both went to sleep before 8:30 last night. Wow, that was nice! I pigged out at the Christmas party yesterday, I really need to stop that. I'm feeling very large lately and that pigging out doesn't help that! I think I need to start going to the chiropractor a bit more frequently. Hmmm, I got nothing else. I'm boring right now I guess. Have a great day divas.


          Hi Monk! I do keep up with your blog and I also think of you every time those *&!#&!! Redskins win a game. I know your husband (along with mine) is a big fan but UGH. Really?!? 


            Hey thai!!! I'm using the running log here (well, for the few more times I'll be running...). Its almost the same as the RWOL log if you've ever used that one. I have no complaints. Ugggh, I don't know if its worse when the Redskins are winning or losing! DH is like a kid on Christmas every day right now. I still keep up with your blog too. So happy to see you here!


              Hi Monk! Hi RunInThai! Great to hear from you! I've been reading your blog though! I am going to try the log on here Jan 1 - my old one is on RW and I can't import it for some reason even though I should be able to. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong!


              Morning girls!


              RR - Will go out for something in a few minutes. Still doing the streak, but just holding to a few miles per day thus far.


              NRR - Just working. Been working a lot and haven't been feeling so well, just generally blah about stuff, so I haven't gotten on to post. I am still catching up at work from being on vacation last week. Today is just work, and coming home to watch American horror story season 1 on Netflix. DBF and I are loving it! Anyone else watch it?


              Have a great day ladies. I'll try to get back on at work.

              MA runner girl

                Morning girls!


                RR: Nada yesterday. The rest did me good. Hoping for 3 miles before my midwife appt tonight.


                NRR: Feeling better this morning, though still tired. Guess that's just a part of life now! I finished addressing the Christmas cards last night so I just need to get stamps and they will be off. Tonight is my monthly midwife appt, hoping the weight gain is under control. Although next month I start going every 2 weeks... that's just crazy! I can't beleive I'm almost in the third trimester... less than 2 weeks until the countdown to my due date is below 3 months! Shocked


                I think all the sugar I've been eating is getting to me... I feel GROSS. Must be better about that...


                Thai - SO GOOD to see you! I can't believe your time in Thailand is up in July, that flew by! I hope you and your family have a great holiday!


                Monk - Mmmm that much sleep sounds so nice right now! I hope you have a good run this morning. I hear ya on the pigging out...


                Jewel - Good job keeping up with the streak! It's hard to be motivated this time of year. I hope you feel better soon and less blah! Hugs!


                Have a great day ladies.

                PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                  Happy Thursday! (My Friday this week!)


                  RR: Running tonight, and a cool front finally came in! It’s only a high of 70, and that means less humidity!


                  NRR: Just craziness of trying to close out my job role I’m currently in so I can start up in my new one in January. My only issue is the lack of planning behind everything. Blast my type A personality and needing to know every plan. I’ve been very patient through this entire process though. This weekend will be busy! We have holiday parties on Saturday and Sunday, and we need to ship all our gifts up north so they’ll make it for Christmas.


                  Thai! So glad to see you back! I’ll hopefully start the log in January.


                  Monk: I hope your foot is not an issue and is just a little niggle.


                  OJ: Great job keeping up the streak! I hope you can catch up on work and feel better!


                  Have a great day ladies!


                    MA: Wow, time is flying! I can't believe you're already that far along either! Have a great day!


                      Thai-hey there! Hope you are doing well lady!


                      monk-you have been doing an awesome job with running through your pregnancy so far, so don't worry if you have a bit of a set back


                      Jewel-I watch it, and I love it! such a great and creepy show


                      MA-hope your appt goes well tonight


                      PO-wooo for less humidity!


                      RR: 6 crappy miles this morning. Just wasn't feeling it


                      NRR: work then seeing The Hobbit tonight for midnight showing.


                        I'm happy to report I ran 3 miles this morning! I shortened my intervals, so that helped. I think my issue is that I have less lung capacity now, which makes sense since P has moved upward this week. Hopefully he drops early like how A did! Between that and acid reflux, breathing is just annoying for me right now.


                        No time for personals, but I just want to say MA... I'm surprised you're starting every other week appointments so early! Is there a particular reason for that? I don't start going every other week until 32 weeks, so mid-January.

                        MA runner girl

                          PO - I hope things get a little less crazy with the job move. What a tough time of year for that! Good luck getting all your gifts shipped out on time.


                          Taylor - Sorry about the crappy run, sucks but they happen! Hopefully that means the next one will be awesome. Have fun tonight! I'd fall asleep.


                          Monk - Well, I have today's appt, then another one in 4 weeks and then another 2 weeks after that and every 2 weeks going forward (until March and they go every week). So technically I guess it starts the end of January. I'm in a group program where we have a longer appt and meet with the midwife separately and then have a group discussion on different part of pregnancy/motherhood. So there are people due the beginning of March through the end of April (10 of us) so I think that's why it starts early, for those closer to your due date!

                          PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                            Good morning, ladies!


                            RR: Still nothing but I promise I will go run tomorrow. I also think I'll get to ST tonight.


                            NRR: I finally passed that report off yesterday afternoon!!  DBF and I went out to dinner, then we watched "A Christmas Story", and went to bed. I'm still a bit tired and cranky but it will pass. Now I have another report to work on that's due Wednesday, but I should be able to complete that during normal business hours. 


                            Thai - Wow!! I can't believe your time in Thailand is already up! It seems like you just got all your furniture! :P


                              Quick post... will try to catch up later while M naps...



                              RR: Today is supposed to be a rest, but I may do a few miles to keep me busy. 


                              NRR: DH is on travel and M is erupting more teeth. Its going to be hard, bc I definitely will not 'see' anyone for some time. I kinda worried bc the last time I became a hermit and kinda depressed.  So, I am trying to be a little more productive with my time... or at least where I can.  At least, I have T tomorrow morning so that a good thing with a long run. Anywhos... 


                              Have a good day! 


                                thai - hello!  welcome back, I just started posting again too with the switchover (GlassHalfFull here), I hope you've continued to enjoy your adventures with your move, sometimes I wished I kept up with people's blogs better because so many of you ladies have such interesting stuff to write about!


                                OJewel - count me out for American Horror Story, it seems to intense for me, but I've heard so many good things about it, too bad


                                PO - ok, I suppose I can handle my 30* morning if it helps your temps get down to 70*, but I miss my golfing-in-shorts weather from the last two weekends!  Smile


                                taylor - way to get through a tough run, enjoy the movie, looking forward to hearing how it is


                                owr - yay for getting that report done!  My dad loooooves "A Christmas Story", DH and I were just lamenting that we haven't really done anything Christmas-y yet (our tree remains undecorated in our living room, lame), so I think that sounds like a nice evening


                                MA - boo to feeling yucky again Sad  I've noticed that really sugary foods bother my stomach too, boo


                                monk - glad you figured out a new running scheme that is working and yay for a long night's sleep!



                                RR: went for a short run yesterday, took the dogs for a nice walk today, might do a little yoga before bed tonight


                                NRR: Uneventful week so far, but tonight we're going to a hockey game.  The home team is terrible this year, but going with friends from our softball team that we haven't seen lately so it should be fun.  Then we need to figure out how to make our FB announcement sometime soon because my extended family on one side is getting together for Christmas this weekend and though we won't be able to be there, we'd like to be able to "tell" them and FB is the most efficient way with 32 cousins.


                                Have a great day ladies!