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Up early Monday PREGGOS (Read 284 times)


    Ha, as if I'm up monday morning on vacation at 6 am 


    ER: going to spin at the Ymca here, thanks grandpa for the passes!! I've enjoyed going to the gym everyday instead of walking outside aimlessly


    PR: ( not really actually) headed back to the MIL and BIL's today, we're doing christmas tonight because she wants us to enjoy our gifts while we're here (although I think it's to ensure we come back today. drama ) haha  

    Gotta make sure I hit up the coffee shop here before we go, I LOVE IT, they have a Juanita latte which is maple, cinn, and something else mixed in. it's amazing !

    Thanks for all the nice comments on my fb bump photo!!


    Have a good Monday!!

    MA runner girl

      Canada - Way too early for vacation!! I hope you enjoy spin. Have fun with the family, I hope it's drama free!


      RR: 6 miles yesterday! It is taking me longer and longer to get them done each week, but I'm glad to still be doing it. Tonight is a swim.


      PGR: 26w1d! Last week of the 2nd tri... whoa! Can't believe I'm closing in on 3 months till my due date... I'm feeling pretty good, though I notice that I'm getting much more tired at the end of long days. I spent all of Saturday on my feet and by 8pm my whole body was sore, including my belly!


      NPGR: Had a good, but busy weekend. Friday night DH and I went out to dinner and then got a good amount of xmas shopping done. Saturday he worked all day and I spent the day in the kitchen baking cookies. I baked 5 different kinds, including a double batch of sugar cookies. I finished around 9pm, and was exhausted! I didn't frost any, so on Sunday while DH worked in the morning I ran and then frosted the italian cookies and started on the sugar. I figure I'll finish this week by doing a little each night. Yesterday afternoon we headed to my parents house for the afternoon and had a yummy pork roast dinner with them and my brother and his family. My nephew is 8 months and the cutest thing! It was good to spend time with him Smile

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        38 weeks and 3 days


        PGR: Still pregnant!  I think little boy is very comfortable and just wants to stay put.  At work I was working on a child who clearly didn't appreciate our efforts to put in an IV and was screaming her head off--baby boy was kicking the heck out of my belly during the screaming--yes, my child can hear and doesn't like the screaming, maybe this will result in minimal screaming as he gets older?


        RR: Hoping for a 3 miler once I get up.  Yesterday my run was pretty uncomfortable.  I felt so sluggish which I'm not sure was due to being tired or all the BH I was having.  Hope today is more enjoyable, or maybe I can deliver a cute baby boy for my workout, haha!


        NPGR: My mom who is usually very organized surprised me.  I had a bunch of gifts sent to my parents' house and had included gift tags and emailed my mom who got what.  She called me yesterday and said she had opened the boxes and had no idea who got what since she deleted the emails on accident and must have opened all the packages at once since she was having some problems finding most gift receipts.  By the end of our conversation I think we got most of it straightened out, how strange.  I am picturing she and my dad opening all the gifts with paper flying everywhere, it makes me laugh.


        Jazz: Hope you enjoy your X-mas with minimal drama. I must not be on the same FB page, since I didn't see your updated bump, but I'm sure you look super cute.


        MArunner: Way to go on last week of 2nd tri.  Yummy to all your cookies.


          RR: Christmas shopping sufficed for my workout Saturday. Yesterday I made it 2 miles on the TM before giving up and then doing 20 minutes on the elliptical, then did a ton of stuff at home so today is a rest day.


          PGR: 29w3d. Its kinda surreal to think that I hit 30 weeks on Friday... wasn't it just last week I was counting down to the 20-week u/s? My energy really lags some days, Saturday it did especially. I don't remember really being THIS worn out last time, but I wasn't working at the time, I didn't already have a toddler, and it wasn't during the Christmas season. So I guess I'm using more energy. I'm feeling large and caught myself waddling on Friday. I decided with my exercise going down and food consumption going up for Christmas, now is a good time to stop weighing myself at home!


          NRR: Ugggh, so we've barely had an inch of snow so far this winter, and of course the first real storm is now predicted for Thursday when we were going to be traveling! So now DH and I are considering either leaving Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning/afternoon, or waiting until Friday. Either way has its inconveniences! We need to find out if we can extend our kennel reservation and if it will be OK with DH's parents if we get there a day early and we were planning on stopping to see my best friend on the way, so need to see if she can still do it. How annoying! If we go Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon, we're driving halfway and then getting a hotel. I'd prefer this because between me and A, its going to be better to break up the drive. Friday will have to be an all-day trip, which will take forever. Not to mention, I'm trying to work extra this week before we leave to conserve my vacation time for next year! Started a 7 this morning, an hour early, and working an hour to an hour and a half extra tonight.


          I got a new pair of shoes on Saturday with some birthday money! I usually rotate my old running shoes to every day when they're done running, but my last few have been too ripped up to use for every day, so the ones I was wearing were really super old and almost all the way ripped out. I had to try them on quick because DH was trying to keep A occupied in the store. I'm hoping I get used to them the next few days and that I didn't make a bad purchase! Its a pair of New Balance walking shoes, the issue is that they slip on my heels, so hopefully that will get better.


          Anyway, we did a majority of our Christmas shopping on Saturday and I wrapped presents yesterday. Then I made cookies and dinner, along with giving A a bath and putting her to bed, doing my laundry, yesterday was an active day! It was an active weekend! This week will be busy getting ready for our trip and working. Its working out well this week that DH is done with work, he's taking care of getting A to daycare and finishing up stuff we need to do for our trip.


            Good morning!


            Canada - hope spinning is good. The Juanitta latte sounds delish! Your pic is super cute...you are tiny.

            MA- 6 miles...that is so awesome! I thought about going a bit longer on Sunday, but I was so uncomfortable it was all I could do to just get through the usual... Way to go! Isn't the first tri until week 28? I never know the exact dates...

            Teri- Ha, funny about the screaming. Hope you are right at the LO is a perfect angel once born! Hang in there...almost time!

            Monk - Sounds like a busy weekend. Hopefully the storm is not what they are saying it will be!


            RR - walked 4.5 miles on Sat and ran 4.5 miles on Sunday. This AM did 5 miles on the elliptical  at the gym (see below). The elliptical always feels so much easier to me than running and I generally find it boring, but on the other hand...it is way more comfortable than running. I imagine I'll do more of it as time goes by, but hope to keep running for as long as possible.


            PGR - 25wks2days. Feeling large. My weight doesn't seem to be going up too much, but the belly is on the move. I bought a few more maternity items at a maternity consignment shop on the weekend. Getting sick of wearing the same stuff over and over again.


            NPGR- Our water heater broke last night. We called the landlord at 10 and she came over and was basically there all night. This mean we were up late and I knew bootcamp wake up call at 4:45 wasn't happening. But we had not hot showers, so I went to the gym, carrying all my breakfast stuff, work clothes, etc. to work out and shower. It was fine, though wish I could have done bootcamp. Hopefully they fix it today, because no hot water is just not cool!


            Have a good one.


              Good morning!


              CJazz - A spin sounds like a great switch-up, nice! And that latte sounds deeeelicious, enjoy your early Christmas tonight.


              MA - 6miles - amazing and awesome! Love your dedication to getting those cookies baked, would love to see a pic Smile  Congrats on almost being in the second tri.


              teri - crazy that the baby was going nuts with that kid screaming, have a great run today.


              Monk - enjoy running in the new shoes; I hope the travel plans work out well, it's always a bit nerve-wracking doing long trips in the Winter.


              Liz - I agree on the elliptical excitement, i throw in intervals to survive Smile  Fingers crossed the hot water gets fixed, ugh!




              PGR - 34w. Kinda feels like time is slowing dowwwwn. Overall I'm feeling good but I guess it's like a long hike, the "get home-itis" /anticipation starts making time pass slowly...tbh ate terribly over the weekend, ugh. Christmas parties on Fri and sat night left me feeling pretty gross yesterday. Had prenatal class on saturday which was excellent, DH and I both really enjoyed it. It was taught by a local doula through the community college and she had a real skill for teaching/being interesting.


              ER -  only had time for a 45min walk on saturday; yesterday DRAGGED my heavy keel through the water for 3km, the entire session was a real mental struggle, I think maybe it was my diet the preceding days which contributed... Good thing was LO moved within 5mins of me finishing which is a good thing for my swims. Did a 30min easy elliptical run in the evening. Have found my legs can be more prone to cramping lately so am upping my magnesium intake in the evening. Today elliptical and weights.


              NPGR - DH and I made a BIG D on saturday; after 2-3 days of anxious sleep and flipping between options we decided WE ARE NOT MOVING. yeah, we take a 3yr "though shalt not get a new posting" penalty but tbh that time will fly and we will be in a better space by then. The advantages to staying were just too huge and there were way too many unknowns at the new place which combined with the stress of the birth timing was just stressing us out. SUCH A RELIEF.


              NPGR2 - We have friends coming around tonight for a pre-Christmas dinner. I am making a flourless chocolate cake; a friend made one a couple of months ago and it was decadently chocolate-y delicious....Mmmmmm.

              MA runner girl

                Teri - PM Monk if you want to be in our FB group! That's a good sign that LO didn't like the screaming, or maybe he was jealous and wanted to do his own "screaming" to get attention Wink Glad you got the gifts straightened out, made me chuckle picturing that too.


                Monk - I'm with you, time is going so fast, it's very surreal. I feel tired a lot, and I can't imagine having to chase a 3 year old around! So no wonder you are worn out. I hope the snow doesn't derail your plans.


                Liz - Well, I think technically I'm in my 27th week, since I just passed 26w. So next Monday I'll be in my 28th week. Plus I think of it as 13 weeks = 3 months so I'll have 13 weeks left next week. I think that makes sense? LOL It is confusing! The elliptical is way too boring for me, wayyy worse than the treadmill and I hate that too! I hope you get your hot water heater fixed today, what a pain!

                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                  Morning all.


                  RR - Nothing. I'm getting so frustrated with not working out. I need to sign up for my gym membership, though I'm hesitant to do that this week since next week will be Christmas/restricted hours and then we're leaving the 27th for over a week. So should I hurry up and sign up to lose out a  week on a limited time membership or wait til we get back? Or I should do Jillian all week. Something. I'm going crazy and it's affecting my mood.


                  PGR - 13 weeks tomorrow. Had a pregnancy dream (well, post pregnancy, really) of what it might be like juggling 2 kids. But I guess in the end I only gained 19 lbs. Should be fun to see how it stacks up against reality.


                  NPGR - This weekend was rough for obvious reasons with the CT shootings and being extra emotional with pregnancy. I'm hoping this week is better. Today I have to bring DS to a dr. appointment I feel stupid for keeping since now he seems fine, but I'm telling myself it won't be a waste since we are going to FL and it'll be worth asking any extra questions since we'll be gone.


                  Canada - Glad you're finding fun things on vacay and it sounds like you're maintaining the drama with good humor. 


                  MA - Cookies! Glad your family visit went well and good job on the workouts.


                  Teri - It's fun to listen to your kid express their likes and dislikes huh. I used to say "DS has an opinion about that" when he'd be whacking me really hard.


                  Monk - Good luck with the traveling plans. I've been watching the weather report, along with deciding which days are the best to stock on gluten free snacks since next week is going to be a mess and we leave right after Christmas. Not the time to be fighting post-holiday traffic.


                  Liz - Hope your water heater gets fixed quickly. Sorry you had to miss bootcamp, but hopefully it's just a temporary annoyance.


                  Ozzy - Glad you made a decision that hopefully leads to less stress down the line. And flourless chocolate cake. Yum!

                  MA runner girl

                    Ozzy - Maybe I'll post a pic of the sugar cookies when I'm done frosting, they are pretty! I did not eat well this weekend either. It's so hard this time of year! I'm glad you are relieved to have made a decision to not move. Seems like you have plenty going on that adding moving to the mix would make things nuts!

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

                    MA runner girl

                      Schmetterling - I'd probably wait until January and sign up when you get home, but then again I'm frugal Wink Yay for the end of the first tri!!! I actually went to college with one of the teachers that was killed (I didn't know her but 2 friends did). I was extremely emotional all weekend as well. So sad.

                      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                        Canada - good luck with Christmas tonight!  That sounds like something my mom would do - schedule Christmas to control the schedule the most...


                        MA - Great job on the 6 miles and also the marathon cookie baking! I don't think I'm going to get any cookies made this year - boo. 


                        teri - I'm glad you were able to get the gifts straightened out with your mom!


                        monk - I hope you are able to get all your travel plans straightened out - having to deal with the weather is never fun.


                        Liz - Ugh on the broken water heater - that is NOT fun.  I hope it's fixed soon.


                        Ozzy - Glad you and DH were able to come to a decisino, and you're feeling such relief that it is the right one.


                        schmett - Sometimes the gyms have membership specials for the new year because of all the resolutions - maybe it might make sense to wait?


                        PGR: 17w6d - Can't believe how quickly I'm approaching the halfway point! I posted a pic on FB last night, but my bump totally popped on Thursday. And my weight keeps going up...ugh.


                        RR: Scheduled for vball tonight, but with the "only regular activity" and my continud SI joint pain I think I'm done playing. Plus I don't think DH would be too thrilled if I played - going to check out membership at the 24-hour fitness place by my work - at least I could hop on a TM or elliptical there.


                        NPGR: Holiday party with friends on Saturday was fun, but felt a little bit like we were at daycare - a few kids/toddlers running around screaming the entire time...makes it a bit hard to visit.  Stayed in a hotel Saturday night and slept terrible, then church Sunday am for my nephew's dedication.  I was exhausted Sunday, slept the entire hour and a half car ride home...probably the most fatigued I've been so far thi pg.  Whoops, guess that was partially PGR.


                          Ozzy - sounds like a relief to have made that decision! Congratulations.

                          MA - I'll take your word for it on the timing...making the end of the 2nd tri sooner for me than I thought! It is hard eating well at this time of year. On the weekend I was telling dh that I needed a strategy for dealing with holiday food once we get to his parents place. Maybe one sweet treat a day? The alternative would be to try to totally avoid, but don't think I can do it. Of course he thinks I'm way over thinking it, but I don't want to get back from our holiday trip and feel terrible about myself...not to mention feeling horrible while we're there.

                          Schmett - I'd do whatever you think will motivate you to workout. If you think you need to get to the gym (rather than be at home with the videos) may be worth the extra $$.

                          TN - congrats on popping...you look great!


                            CJ: How was the spin class? Enjoy that latte!


                            MA: FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS OF COOKIES?!? Nom nom nom


                            tinyteri: that's crazy how your LO reacted to the screaming kid. I do like the visual of your parents ripping open presents like 5 year olds Smile


                            monk: Yay for new running shoes! Hope you manage to work out the travel situation with the upcoming weather


                            Liz: I hear ya on the elliptical - more comfortable but so boring! I'm just impressed you have a wakeup call before 5am to do bootcamp. Whoa!


                            Ozzy: Yeah, I'm slowing down too. DH walks normal speed and I'm lumbering behind him... Happy you came to a decision about moving. I have a friend with a 6w old who is moving today. She's so stressed and exhausted.


                            Schmetterling: Are you renewing a gym membership or signing up for a new one? If it's a new one, I wonder if there will be new years deals for all those people who go to the gym for 2 months and then give up...


                            TNesq: I always feel that my NPGR are always PGR Smile Hope you manage to get some rest!




                            PGR: 35w1d. OMG. 35 weeks. I have 5 weeks to go! OMG. I'm attempting a perineal massage by suggestion of my doula.


                            PGR2: the pulled pelvic muscle is still there and felt horrible on Saturday. Really painful. Then someone in my prenatal class recommended Arnica, which is a homeopathic cream. Well, wouldn't you know it, DH had a muscle pain tube with Arnica in it already from when he sprained his ankle (it's called Taumeel). After a lot of research determining whether I could use it (I can), I gotta tell you - it's the BEST. I still have a little bit of pain but I'm not struggling to put my full weight on my right leg anymore. It's an expensive pain relief, but knowing I can use it while pregnant is making my life so much better. I'll be bringing the tube to the hospital, for sure.


                            ER: Will attempt to do the DVD today now that the muscle is feeling better.  Thinking of that run I signed up for in May. Wonder how quickly I'll be able to get out there and run a 10K!


                            NPGR: Had xmas lunch with parents yesterday. They have a kitchen filled with culinary tools,  but nothing useful. Broken spatulas from the '60s, tiny spoons, dozens of pots and pans... It was a bit of a challenge.


                              Schmett - hmm on the gym membership for a week...I'd be tempted to ride it out with DVDs til you are back and can get more value for $$...? My friend with a 3yr old and 1yr old (both boys) says she is amazed at how much time she DIDN'T realise she had with one child, that juggling two can be a bit tougher (although more because the older one is at the chaos toddler stage) but her schedule works quite well.


                              TN - yeah, wow, nearly halfway - awesome! So pleased for you. Loved your FB pic. Bummer on the no more volleyball but perhaps the gym won't be so bad just to get through the next few months.


                              YJPM - Your parents kitchen sounds like my parents; they have minimal plates and cutlery and all their chopping knives are BLUNT. But Dad says he likes it like that so Mum doesn't cut herself (her grip isn't as good anymore)...I'm going to start doing the perineal massage too, I just need to work out a good time as by the time i get to bed I can't be bothered, perhaps I need to do it first thing...great news on the effectiveness of arnica, phew for you. Only 2 weeks til you are officially full term Smile  (i'm looking forward to 37 weeks because then i know all will be fine if LO comes anytime after that).


                                PG: 20weeks!  Reality check!  Where did the time go???  I thought I felt some movement on Friday night while lying on the couch.  Felt like a couple bubbles popping.  Different feeling than gas bubbles but I haven’t felt it again.  Friday I skipped my run because I felt RLP for the first time.  Not really painful just slight discomfort of pressure on my lower abdomen.  Thursday u/s appt can’t get here fast enough!!!!


                                RR: Holiday 5k/toy drive had a great turnout.  Happy to see the running community come together for a good cause.  Tonight bodypump class.


                                NPGR: Kitchen looks fabulous!!!  But of course not 100% complete.  Dishwasher not connected.  So nice to have a home cooked meal finally!


                                I didn’t know there was a facebook group.  If I join the group does it appear in the newsfeed for everyone to see?  I havent made an official FB announcement.  I don’t know why it’s not a secret I just wanted to keep it private I guess.


                                Canada: I like spin class even better now that I’m PG.  Keep up the good work.


                                MA: yay for 6 miles!  I always run with my Garmin but I’m thinking of ditching it so I’m not concerned with time.  I generally run at the same places so I can ballpark the distance.


                                Tiny: You’re amazing for running this far along. 


                                Monk: I’m feeling the same way about hitting the half-way point. 


                                Liz: hope you have hot water soon!


                                Ozzy: holiday parties are helping with maintaining a decent PG diet.  Everywhere I turn there are goodies.  It must be a big relief not to move right now J


                                Schm: Your gym should have some type of promo special going on for New Years.  I hate jan/feb at the gym.  I know my classes are going to get full fast.


                                TN: Its crazy how it just “pops” out overnight!!!  I was happy to finally look PG instead of chubby.  A work acquaintance told me she thought I stopped running and gain a few pounds before I had an obvious baby pump.  Sounds kinda rude but she said it in a really funny way.


                                You: just set a realistic goal for your 10k and you’ll be fine.  Even if it means walking some or all of it.